Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

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Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

cutter knife

(1)3 blades inside 

(2)width18mm cutter

(3)Positive blade auto lock
(4)ABS case

Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

1. Raw material metallurgical analysis apparatus
2. Rockwell hardness test machine
3. Brinell hardness test machine
4. Digital torque test machine
5. Fatigue strength test machine
6. Abrasion resistance testing machine
7. Digital accuracy test machine
8 .Knife blade sharpness abrasion resistance

Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife










Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife


Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

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Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

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Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife
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Q:What kind of glass knife can make thick glass?
The cutting wheel angle is usually 150 degrees, the pressure should be greater, while the cutting plate wheel 135-140 degrees, the pressure can not be too large. The plate cutter wheel cut sheet, or under the knife when the glass crushed, without breaking apart or cut.
Q:Gillette 3 speed front breakthrough how to use a manual razor
Indeed, a small scar on my chin, before every time you want to be very careful and often scratch now, not afraid of the effect of blade gap and each before will have beard to stay in the blade, blade, 3 layer now improved designThere is absolutely no such thing. In order to shave more comfortable, this investment is still worthwhile.Now, tell me about the shaving trilogy and enjoy the perfect shaving process.
Q:Can the battery (charge) of the shaver be changed?
They will not find the electrical repair shop, it is easy to change, and their own hands is also very simple, take apart the shell, remove the battery, in accordance with the same type of battery and capacity, voltage, to the electronic market to buy a pack back.
Q:Shaver has rechargeable, battery type, dry type, power type, what is the difference?
Charging is a few hours on the power, you can take it with you, ah, out of the door is very convenient, but it may be more expensive. Battery, that is, the battery, the dry power and power is almost the same, must be plugged in power before they can be used.
Q:440 steel knives do?
440 martensitic stainless steel, 440 is not a single imagine something, 440 tail number A, B, C, D, E, F, each tail number of the ingredients are not the same, only suitable for the production of 440C, commonly used tool, 440C was originally developed for the production of stainless steel knife, knife after America carpenter for handmade knives, steel Village carbon is about 1%, the chromium content of about 13%~18%, heat hardness of about 58. Now the domestic production of 440C steel, but there is a clear gap between China and foreign countries, such as the United States, Japan foreign plate plate plate is best, followed by South Korea, once again is Taiwan plate, and finally the domestic foreign plate, sheet of chromium was significantly higher than the domestic, the smoothness of the plate than the domestic high, domestic plate with gray point.
Q:What's wrong with the engraving machine without cutting the knife?
1 first check the engraving machine knife pressure, and then check the lettering machine trolley to the main line. It's best to measure the power supply. Determine the front of the normal, you can determine the motherboard problem. Pickup lettering machine sales, accessories, services, personal profiles
Q:How do you remove the rust from the knife?
With the cut onion, just cut down the potato or turnip skin dipped in a little salt, hard grinding rust place, can easily remove the rust. 2, as for rust, with the incision of ginger coated iron pan or kitchen knife, or the remaining tea residue loaded in gauze, rub iron pot, will wash clean iron immersed in thick Taomi Shui dry, can effectively rust.
Q:There is a switch on the back of the electric razor. Push it up. A jagged object will pop out. What's that?
Now some of the advanced electric shaver trimmer with small, mainly for small corrections for long hair or temples, expand the scope of use of electric shaver. This member is equivalent to a small electric hair clipper, only its power is much smaller, only a slight and small range pruning.
Q:Through cross screwdriver or screwdriver?
A screwdriver is a rotating screws to force the tools in place to twist, usually with a thin wedge head, the screw head can be inserted into the slot or recess -- Beijing Tianjin Hebei Jinyu and Shaanxi dialect called "screwdriver", Anhui, and Hubei, known as the "driver", the Midwest known as "the knife", the Yangtze River Delta region known as the "screwdriver". The main word (minus) and cross (plus two). There are also commonly used six corner screwdriver, including six corners and six corners outside two.
Q:How do you remove the transparent offset from the fruit knife?
At the same time, we can also use heating to make transparent offset printing soft, use the tool can be a hair dryer.4, at the time of cleaning, whether to use light water or vinegar, must let these supplies completely soaked double glue mark, can be effective and effective removal!

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