Professional Nail Clipper/Cutter Set for Perfect Fingernails & Toenails

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Product Description:

Professional Nail Clipper/Cutter Set for Perfect Fingernails & Toenails

Product Description:

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Professional nail clipper/cutter set for perfect fingernails & toenails

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Professional Nail Clipper/Cutter Set for Perfect Fingernails & Toenails

Our service:

1) personal care products or nail care products and items such as nail clippers, manicure set , tweezers, nail scissors, cuticle nipper, eyelash curler, razor etc beauty tools and implement. 

2) the kitchen tools such as fruit knives, bottle openers, scissors, kitchen knives .knife or fork. 

3) The daily metal products or outdoor goods such multifunctional knives, pocket knives key chains , electric torches,

4) They also use for promotion gift. Welcome to visit our company.


Professional Nail Clipper/Cutter Set for Perfect Fingernails & Toenails

Product Advantages:

Be chic, not shabby with our Nail Cutter Clipper

Fashionable designs and could be customized

Tips are hand-filed and perfectly aligned to grab the hair everytime

Premium quality with amazing price


Clean after each use.   


We keep developing new products while maintaining competitive price to help our customers to enlarge their sales. And we are dedicated to keeping strict quality standards of all our products to guarantee a higher quality than our competitors.


We look forward to establishing stable and long-term business relationship with your company in the near future.

Professional Nail Clipper/Cutter Set for Perfect Fingernails & Toenails

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Q:Gillette 3 speed front breakthrough how to use a manual razor
Indeed, a small scar on my chin, before every time you want to be very careful and often scratch now, not afraid of the effect of blade gap and each before will have beard to stay in the blade, blade, 3 layer now improved designThere is absolutely no such thing. In order to shave more comfortable, this investment is still worthwhile.Now, tell me about the shaving trilogy and enjoy the perfect shaving process.
Q:How long is the skin incision
The barb hands increased, but in fact it is the skin is too dry, the cuticle cracks caused by a long time, if not healed, it is the lack of vitamin C.
Q:How do you cut your kitchen knife to your finger?
Foot and shin bleeding - and this situation requires the third to assist. Patient supine, foot pad slightly high, the rescuer with two thumb on patients with Google, waist, perineum between vessels. The use of the tourniquet, the above finger pressure method can not be implemented for a long time, but if the handle is released, the blood will continue to flow. It is better to use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding before receiving medical treatment. This method is closer to the heart from the wound site of blood vessels, with a handkerchief or a rubber tube tied, then stick to tighten, you can stop the bleeding. But if the tourniquet continues to use for more than two hours, the part of the joint that is unable to circulate can cause tissue necrosis. Therefore, every twenty to forty minutes, must be released once. Another method is that the doctor uses sterilized gauze to squeeze into the wound and press it. If the filling method of gauze is correct, it can stop bleeding. If there is no sterile gauze, also as far as possible replace with clean cloth. Other considerations, when the wound fester, not only is not easy to cure, but also will be very ugly after the cure, but after the bleeding, with hydrogen peroxide around the wound disinfection, and there is no need to smear the wound. As for mercurochrome, or do not use the appropriate. In addition, the wound into a foreign body, in order to avoid purulent, or do not arbitrarily remove better, should ask a doctor to help. Plaster, gauze, bandage, preferably not directly attached to the wound.
Q:What is the scalpel made of?
Relatively cheap is NiCr13., intermediate is 2Cr13, in fact, the material itself is not as good as the front of the NiCr13, but the need for heat treatment skills. Advanced is 7C27Mo2, this material heat treatment is quite complex, domestic can do basically not
Q:What does the electric shaver stand when it is pushed?
Although the electric shaver is easy to use, there is a defect: it is difficult to shave when the beard is more than 2 millimeters in length. Then you need to use an electric shaver and a push up things (electric clippers), prior to the longer part of the cut, and then the electric shaver part carefully trimmed to repair, clean and beautiful.
Q:Wood carving tool which brand is good, where to buy
Import knife: there are three Japanese brands: Sakura about 17 yuan / only; a QTS of about 22 yuan / only about 25 yuan; GOLSOU / ESION; about 30 yuan / person, that support domestic products, boycott. Quality is not necessarily better than domestic products, where some netizens say cherry blossoms are not so good. Need help, questioning, online
Q:Which shaver is good for use?
As for the three head and the reciprocating shaver, it is suitable for people with bushy beards, such as whiskers. At the same time, the noise of the reciprocating shaver is very loud and the vibration is strong. Most people are not easy to bear, while the rotary shaver is relatively quiet and comfortable. Now that the building.
Q:What is the best hardness of a knife?
In fact, due to the limitation of the iron and steel materials, is not what "standing" knife in real life. Now generally useful swords, hardness is between HRC 50-60 (HRC is a measure of material hardness unit), more than HRC60 of the tool although hard, but too brittle, it is easy to cut into hard when the crash. So no matter what Longquan sword, katana, Rambo knife, Swiss Army knife, the hardness will not exceed HRC 60But the Strider knife seems to be the exception, the company adopts special knife thick steel plate, some also used the "edge" technique (only one side cutter edge, can ensure the blade thickness), by increasing the thickness of the way to solve the problem of insufficient toughness tool. Therefore, Strider's knife hardness can reach more than HRC 62
Q:How can an electric shaver shave off its beard?
Now the shaver are slow speed, before that it blows a little cleaner, but I heard this slow on the beard is good I do not know is not true, so I changed when the slow moving, when pressure a little heavier or scraping clean
Q:What is the meaning of NC in the processing of light knife
The surface roughness of the knife is that some products need to be very good, but you do not change the parameters directly, again finishing, the surface roughness is better, is the knife. Also called a light knife

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