Custom Design Any Shape Silicone Nail Clipper

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Custom Design Any Shape Silicone Sail Clipper


fancy side high quality carborn steel nail cutter 
1.High quality and competitive price 
2.Offer OEM service 
3.prompt ship




Custom design


Any color


2D / 3D


Gifts, Decoration, Advertising, Accessory


5000 pcs, Small quantity and Mix order are welcome


Nontoxic and eco-friendly anti-static, non-stick scraps and dust

Artwork format



OEM and ODM services provided Perfectly fit for every button

Place of origin


Sample time

5 -7 days


Poly bag, Paper box, Metal box, Plastic box, Blister box(optional) 1PC/ OPP +insert card, Delicate packaging




L/C,  T/T,  Western Union,  Paypal ,  cash


passed each product we have 100% inspected 5 times before shipping. 

Custom Design Any Shape Silicone Nail Clipper

Custom Design Any Shape Silicone Nail Clipper

Why choose us:

1. We have/pass more Certification,

2. We have 16 Years of Silicone Production Experience.

3. we are direct manufacturer, high quality and competitive prices.

4. We also accept mixed order.

5. we accept OEM or ODM design.


Custom Design Any Shape Silicone Nail Clipper

Our service:

Custom Design Any Shape Silicone Nail Clipper

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3) Individual surface finish checking


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Custom Design Any Shape Silicone Nail Clipper

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