Flexible Ratchet Combination Wrench 6-32MM Hand Tools

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$1.00 - 6.45 / pcs
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200 PCS
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100000 PCS/month

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Product Description:

Flexible Ratchet Combination Wrench 6-32MM Hand Tools


Material:CR-V, 40cr

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 6,7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,27,30,32 mm

Packing:AS your request


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Q:Volkswagen Polo wrench and suggest how to remove oil?
Volkswagen Polo appeared wrench and appeared oil, this is prompted that the car should be maintained, as soon as possible to the store maintenance, maintenance.
Q:Does the car show a small wrench? Is it the indication of maintenance? How to make it disappear?
There is no indication of maintenance on the instrument panel. A wrench like condition indicates that the car is out of order and not in need of maintenance.There are many reasons for the trouble:Unreasonable operations will prompt;Mechanical failure in the form process;More because of random problems, in general, do not pay special attention to, if you care about, you can go to overhaul.
Q:Which is the best oil filter wrench?
Choose a good oil filter brand model, long-term use, so you can buy a matching oil filter sleeve, change the oil is very convenient. Since the bottom shapes of the different filters are different, compare the selected sleeves.
Q:How many types of torque wrenches are there? How do you distinguish them?
Torque wrench according to the general category, it should be: electric torque wrench, manual torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench. Electric torque wrenches, as the name suggests.
Q:How to install the wire screw sleeve?
For bottoming holes, choose 3.1 of the M4 and 4.2 of the drill bit for M3. (as a reference, increase or decrease by 0.1 as appropriate). For quick installation, choose electric or pneumatic screw wrench
Q:How do you read scale values for torque wrenches?
It's a strange question!!! There are many kinds, and if it is the simplest digital display, it can be displayed directly. If it is a dial, it can be read directly. Of course, if I think the most accurate words you need to click the wrench, a preset torque, so when reaching the cracking torque, rang, you get the required torque, ha ha!!! If ok, don't forget to meet me!
Q:How to change the type of adjustable spanner?
The utility model is also called a live wrench, and is a tool for screwing or loosening an angle screw or nut. Electrician commonly used 200, 250, three 300mm, the use should be based on the size of the nut matching.
Q:Oil box wrench type
An opening or a sleeve hole of a clamping bolt or a nut is usually arranged at one end or both ends of the handle part, and the screw bolt or nut can be screwed when an external force is applied to the handle in the direction of rotation of the thread.
Q:The process of making an ordinary open-ended wrench requires material and heat treatment
The blank after the rough machining after quenching, good milling opening angle of 780 DEG C after heating, in salt water (local spanner mouth) quenching, tempering 250 DEG ~350 deg. This will ensure that the wrench has a certain degree of hardness, wear and tear does not hurt the nut, wrench the rest of the parts have a certain toughness, can withstand torsion load. (machining process omitted)
Q:Why are the 12 and 18 inch spanners very different?
There is probably the difference in the production process, according to the degree of difficulty, perhaps the price will vary greatly.

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