Plastic Coated Zinc Alloy Utility Knife High Quality

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Item specifice:

Model No.: 431022 Case: plastic coated zinc alloy color: yellow&green

Product Description:

High quality plastic coated zinc alloy utility knife

  1. Material:plastic coated zinc alloy

  2. Handle:plastic handle

  3. Color:green &yellow



1. Customer have to bear samples charge and courier cost.

2. Samples time: please check with service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1.The case is plastic coated zinc alloy

2. Good quality 

3.Plastic handle,comfortable to use

Package and size:

4310228 section968.3440*325*325

Pictures of pictures:

Plastic Coated Zinc Alloy Utility Knife High Quality

Plastic Coated Zinc Alloy Utility Knife High Quality

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Q:What is the difference between a CNC lathe and a conventional knife?
The machine tool with NC machine can fully reflect the high efficiency of NC lathe. High precision, etc.,If you do with an ordinary knife, it will be difficult to reflect the above two points.
Q:How can a war fight make diamond knives?
Place the iron knife in the center of the square, then place a diamond on the top of the iron knife, and then place the two diamonds on each side of the iron knife. The diamond knife is finished.
Q:The difference between an ultrasonic knife, Germagi, and radio frequency
Ultrasonic knife: 4.5mm probe directly acts on the deep layer of the muscle layer of the skin, precisely positioning, energy focused on one point, so that the muscle layer of the largest extent of the contraction. The 3.0mm probe focuses energy directly into the dermis 3.0mm, and there is no energy decay during the process.Germagi: when acting on the skin, the energy is transmitted through the epidermis to the deeper dermis, which is from the outside to the inside because it is heated in large areas rather than focused, so the energy is constantly attenuated during conduction.Radio frequency wrinkle is a probe to touch the skin, the radio wave energy transmitted to the skin deep. This deep balanced heating can promote the skin structure and subcutaneous tissue to stretch immediately, and there is no energy decay during the process.
Q:Bicycle 30 knife reverse brake and 40 knife reverse brake difference
Bicycle terminology, "knife" means the knife ring (a type of rim). "Brake" means reverse brake drum.
Q:How do you get a robot with just a knife?
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Q:War Within Three Kingdoms, what is a chrysanthemum knife? Is it an ancient Dao? Is the ancient Dao useless for Lu Xun?
Chrysanthemum knife is ancient ingot knife, this is right, as for Lu Xun there is no effect?. Lu Xun's skills are even battalion, no hand card when you can touch one, but there are 2 conditions can be no hand card, let the ancient ingot knife into effect: 1. Lu Xun does not launch skills even battalion. This skill is locked in the net, not selected, but must be launched, but in some stand-alone versions of War Within Three Kingdoms (such as Helios, War Within Three Kingdoms), this skill allows the player to choose whether or not to start;
Q:Is the 3 mm CNC cutter the same as the slotting cutter? How much depth can the cutter cut?
The maximum cutting diameter of the cutter is determined by the design of the handle, but even a very small cutter can generally cut off the bar of 12mm at least. But the slot knife is different according to the groove depth, so there are many kinds of blades, and the groove knife which reaches 5mm groove is deep groove processing.
Q:What does "R" in the unit "F" mean?
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Q:How about a ceramic knife?
Easy to clean: especially suitable for processing raw fish, fruit and vegetable salad, cooked food, sliced duck, cut egg, cut bread, cut sausage, cut potatoes and other ingredients, clean and sanitary, can be thin paper, thin silk. After cutting the onion to stimulate the taste of food with a ceramic knife, only need to rinse, no residual odor, then other food does not taste.
Q:Some people know supersonic knife?
Ultrasonic knife called Ulthera polar sonic lift from the United Kingdom, a skin, skin, wrinkles, shaping to achieve three perfect effect.

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