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paper-faced gypsum board panel standard

a.competitive prices


c.fire rate is B1


paper-faced gypsum board/wall panel standard size

1 .firep roof: The fire rating of the gypsum ceiling board is B1.

2 .safe : The raw materials is environment-friendly materials. Our products are the ideal green building materials.

3 .artistic: Elegant in appearance, it can be used in schools, hospitals, conference rooms and so on

4 .long service life: We put the glass fiber inside, it can make gypsum ceiling deformation, high strength, wear resistance.

5 .convenient:Our products can be used in a complex environment and easy to clean.

6 .sell well: Our factory is a manufacturer of building materials with a history of more than ten years. Our products sell well both at home and abroad.  

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Origin: Shandong china

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Q:Gypsum board a lot of types, which is better?
Natural environmental protection is better
Q:Gypsum board ceiling generally need high?
Reasonable shelving height at least to control between two meters six to seven, but also take into account the floor and floor tiles height, and so on the height of the whole room without special circumstances should be controlled in the same frame, the ground can have a certain Drop.
Q:Cut the ceiling gypsum board to pay attention to what?
First of all, your mind to adjust, there is no difficulty can baffle you, give you painstakingly you see as your will temper Let you enhance patience, increase the sense of responsibility, to work hard, dry line of love and his party, you will get unexpected gains. Do a good job of interpersonal relationships, is a blessing, slowly you are used. You bring a wallpaper knife, pawl saw, petal screwdriver, if the gypsum board with joinery, it is necessary to bring hand saws and pliers.
Q:Is plasterboard another name for drywall?
Yes, but Drywall or Gypsum Wall Board are the most common names. Most contractors and people in consturction business just call it Drywall. If you want to sound like you know what you are talking about you should say Drywall.
Q:Where can I buy plasterboard?
Try a commercial drywall or masonry supplier
Q:advice on removing plasterboard from around old fireplace?
rip out the old boards, and replace with heat proof sheetrock.
Q:Gypsum board firewall fire 1 hour rock wool requirements
Hello there! Gypsum board fire wall is composed of light steel keel skeleton, fire gypsum board, fire rock wool, etc., the most important part of the fire or fire gypsum board, so fireproof gypsum board fire performance directly determines the fire wall fire performance, fire Paper gypsum board of the national standard is the fire stability of not less than 20 minutes, based on the data of various manufacturers of fire board bath fire stability is different, as far as I know, Bayer's fire paper gypsum board to do very good , It can meet the fire stability of 60 minutes, in fact, in the actual test has reached 120 minutes, which has far exceeded the national standard, but also win foreign brands, is the pride of the people. Bayer's fire board partition system fire time is very long, of course, can also be based on fire protection requirements to do a longer fire time firewall, the technology is more mature, for example, double-sided double board can reach more than 4 hours. So the middle of the quality requirements of rock wool is not so high.
Q:How to install the expansion screw on the gypsum board
1. First clear that gypsum board can not play expansion bolts, expansion bolts can only be installed on the hard wall. 2. In the gypsum board on the ordinary screw screw is not enough, plus wood keel is possible but the wood keel must be installed in the gypsum board before the installation and not keel and gypsum board strong keel to be firmly connected together so wooden keel will kick in 3. If the load is not very large, then this can of course be based on your actual situation, in short, do not recommend doing so and must be done before the reservation. 4. Gypsum board can only attack the pitch 1-1.5MM above the screw, carrying is not too big, it is best to use a nut on the gypsum board in a piece of system out. 5. Gypsum board to find the back of the wardrobe or vertical plate position, in the first with a small drill bit drilling, fixed with screws. But the accuracy is a bit difficult, that is, the amount of accurate, it is best to ask a little professional carpentry to do, grasp will be a little bit. 6. Gypsum board should be fixed with self-tapping screws, peripheral screw spacing should not be large 100mm. The spacing is suitable at 15 cm, with the tapping screw is correct.
Q:How do I securely fix a semi pedistal sink to plasterboard?
If the wall is drylined this is the plasterboard is caught onto the blocks with blobs of adhesive, then the hollow between the plasterboard itself and the breeze block is maybe to be decrease than 0.5 an inch. Drill rapidly interior the path of the p.b and into the blocks then use the variety of long fixing plugs and screws used for fixing doorframes to partitions. a similar style of fixings could be utilized if the wall is battened although care would desire to then betaken to no longer tear a hollow interior the p.b. once you tighten the screws.
Q:What is the drawback of the gypsum board?
Moisture resistance is poor, and sometimes easy to crack, will see the rust inside the nails, so pay attention to moisture, decorative row of nails must use stainless steel.

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