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Product Description:

Gypsum board, also known as Drywall/Plaster board, is a panel used typically in interior construction to form a wall or ceiling. The panel has a gypsum core and is faced with heavy paper on both sides, one side specially treated for finishing. Also Known As:Gyp Board, Gypsum Board, Drywall, Sheetrock, Wall Board.

Product Applications:

Mainly used in those places with highg-rade decorationwhere strict acoustic environment is crucial,  

 such as theater, concert hall, museum, library, hearing room, gallery, auction house, gymnasium, 

lecture hall, multifunctional hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, piano practice room, 

conference room, studio, recording room, KTV room, bar, industrial workshop, machine room, etc

Product Advantages:

1) Environmental, dust and moisture resistant, easy to clean.

2) Commercial & good for decorative, popular designed patterns for your choosing.

3) Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected

4) Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts.

Main Product Features:










Product Specifications:

PVC Gypsum Board 595x595x7.5mm Sound Absorption


•Q: How to calculate product transportation cost?

A:  According to the  products weight or volume, according to the logistics company quotation.

•Q: Do you provide free sample? And how many days it will take?

A: Yes, we can provide free sample, of course it is better if you would like to pay the courier charge.

•Q: What's our price?

A: We provide resonable quotation.


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Q:I have removed long strip lights from my kitchen and it has left damaged artex/bare plasterboard.?
ok considered the %. what you have there's a capacitor, it style of feels to me that once you undid the terminals for the incoming furnish it dropped out, this is with the help of the fact its linked around the L & N of the provision connector strip. it rather is going to artwork without it, its commonly used function is to offer up radio interference.
Q:Can I mount a 40 inch TV onto a plasterboard wall?
It depends on what's behind the plasterboard, and if the TV is designed to be hung up like this. We wanted to do this with our flatscreen TV, so we got a mount to put it up like that. But the back of the TV didn't seem to have solid points to attach to. I called the manufacturer, and they said that if I tried to hang that model, it WOULD VOID THE WARRANTY. There was no safe way to hang that particular model. So - if you do have a TV that can be mounted on the wall, you need to find out what's behind the plasterboard. I have never been to the UK, so I don't know their building methods, so this may or may not be useful for you. If the house was built with standard wood framing, you need to find the studs. Go to a hardware store or home improvement store, and buy a stud finder. I've linked to one manufacturer below, but there are many. Once you find one, drill into the wall to be sure you are located on the stud. If you don't get wood or sawdust, but only plaster, you're in the wrong spot. Another way is to look at where electrical outlets are mounted. Those are usually nailed to the studs, so if you look on a vertical line just to the left or right of the outlets, you should find one. From that point, follow the directions on the rack or mount that you purchased.
Q:What is the difference between plasterboard/wallboard/ baseboard?
or you can get some drywall base boards go on the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor plaster board is for patching a broken ceiling u can use drywall to its all basically the same thing but drywall is the cheapest for sure
Q:Drywall / Plasterboard. I have just put up a plaster board ceiling and noticed that i put the sheets upside?
you really got it wrong dont normally do the lights until after you plaster ..get some 3/8 boards and long nails and overboard ..removing lights first ..measure light positions and refit after plastering
Q:Waterproof practices of light steel keel gypsum board partition wall
Mainly to the wall with the ground part of the transfer of real seed, pay attention to consider the contraction.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling paint process
Q:Gypsum board of smallpox how to do
Open mold cutting
Q:How have a good gypsum board wall open
How do you get I also want to open the window in the gypsum board wall, but the fear of the wall does not work, ask!
Q:Can you tile straight onto plasterboard?
If it's flat and clean, no dust just put the mastic on. Mastic is petro based and will self seal. You can't go with tiles over 6x6.
Q:On the gypsum ceiling of the drilling, repair, load bearing
1, can not be fixed in the gypsum board load-bearing items. 2, it is best to find woodworking method to find the keel position, to choose a fixed point. 3, if not a heavy item, but it can not find the location of the keel. You can drill a hole in the gypsum board, with a wire tied to the root of the long sticks like the electrode, the electrode and wire together into the gypsum board hole. Jitter wire, so that the electrode across the gypsum board. So that you can use wire to fix some of the weight is not a big item.

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