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Product Description:

Gypsum board, also known as Drywall/Plaster board, is a panel used typically in interior construction to form a wall or ceiling. The panel has a gypsum core and is faced with heavy paper on both sides, one side specially treated for finishing. Also Known As:Gyp Board, Gypsum Board, Drywall, Sheetrock, Wall Board.

Product Applications:

Mainly used in those places with highg-rade decorationwhere strict acoustic environment is crucial,  

 such as theater, concert hall, museum, library, hearing room, gallery, auction house, gymnasium, 

lecture hall, multifunctional hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, piano practice room, 

conference room, studio, recording room, KTV room, bar, industrial workshop, machine room, etc

Product Advantages:

1) Environmental, dust and moisture resistant, easy to clean.

2) Commercial & good for decorative, popular designed patterns for your choosing.

3) Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected

4) Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts.

Main Product Features:










Product Specifications:

PVC Gypsum Board 595x595x7.5mm Sound Absorption


•Q: How to calculate product transportation cost?

A:  According to the  products weight or volume, according to the logistics company quotation.

•Q: Do you provide free sample? And how many days it will take?

A: Yes, we can provide free sample, of course it is better if you would like to pay the courier charge.

•Q: What's our price?

A: We provide resonable quotation.


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Q:I need a 3/16 drill bit to drill through both the plasterboard and 2x4 wood stud inside. Would this bit work?
dry wall, plasterboard, wall board, sheet rock, all names for the same thing. Any drill will work on wallboard, or just drive a nail through, that will make a fine hole. Why 3 inches, that is too long? Warning, there could be wires or plumbing inside the wall. That is why you should not drill in more than an inch. Wallboard is less than an inch. If you hit a stud (and that will be obvious) 1 inch into the 2x4 will be plenty for a screw and will hold anything. Also, some new construction uses steel studs, which need special screws. Again, it will be obvious if you hit one of these. .
Q:Can gypsum board be nailed?
Can be, but it is best to use the first nail with a green nail like a foil set off, with the air pump to play the kind of row nails! If you use fast wire or nails is easy to fall off.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling and mineral wool board ceiling construction of different
1, pavement units, gypsum board is usually 1220 * 2440mm specifications, according to the need for cutting, mineral wool board is usually 600 * 600, according to the need for assembly. 2, use, gypsum board is the most commonly used ceiling materials, according to the need to choose waterproof gypsum board, fire gypsum board, mineral wool board is mainly used for sound absorption, used for office buildings with corridors, office area. 3, the cost, according to the area gypsum board unit price is lower than the mineral wool board
Q:What are the specifications of the light steel keel and gypsum board for the partition wall?
Do the wall commonly used light steel keel specifications, generally 75mm, 100mm of the two, this specification is to determine the wall thickness of the wall, and its length is generally 3m, 4m.
Q:Can the integrated ceiling lamp be installed on the gypsum board ceiling?
Can not be directly installed in the above ,,, to be installed on the keel ,,
Q:Cut the ceiling gypsum board to pay attention to what?
To pull the line, according to size, cutting, to be straight Can not shake
Q:Mounting an LCD TV to a plasterboard wall?
I GUARANTEE this works. Just do what us old-timers did (I still do). Take an Electric Razor and run it along the wall (with the cutting side pointed to the ceiling). When you hear a louder hum, than what you had, you have found the stud. Test the location with a nail or screw. Another method, and far more accurate, is to drill a small hole in the wall. Take a hanger and push both ways until you find the stud. Mark those locations and test with a nail or screw. Once you have located them successfully, simply patch whatever small hole(s) you have and attach to the stud. Or, you can simply screw a 2x6 on each stud and mount the tv anywhere between. Just paint the board to match your walls, and attach it over your pilot holes (if you wish) and you will be happy.
Q:can you tile ceramic tiles on plasterboard?
Yes you can. First clean the area with TSP and then a coat of water-based primer.
Q:wallboard and plasterboard studding?
Light gauge steel studs are used extensively to frame the interiors of office buildings. Heavier gauge studs are used when structural stability is specified. Steel framing is faster, lighter, less expensive and more fire resistant than wood.
Q:Silicon calcium board with gypsum board is the same thing?
LZ first clear what is "calcium silicate board" or "silicon calcium board", which is two different things. Calcium silicate board - cement as the main raw material. Silicon calcium board - gypsum as the main raw material. Gypsum board: can be divided into paper gypsum board, decorative gypsum board (that is, silicon calcium board), plant fiber reinforced composite gypsum board and other types. In general, silicon calcium board is a class of gypsum board. The largest gypsum board on the market is the gypsum board, which adds a layer of paper to the surface of the plaster, which reduces the risk of cracking from the plaster itself. The plasterboard has a complete line. Strength is not high. Silicon calcium board is no surface paper, but in the plate inside the glass fiber reinforced materials, all the calcium calcium board is a composite material, and the paper gypsum board is not a composite material. Calcium calcium board than the gypsum board light, and strength High, but the silicon calcium board is not a complete pipeline, the basic or manual operation, which led to the size of the silicon calcium board factory uneven, the product quality gap is huge. Please LZ according to the above to determine whether the calcium calcium board, 8 of the calcium and calcium plate and three of the gypsum board are in the low-end products .8 block calcium calcium board ex-factory price is 3-4 yuan.

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