Polystyrene xps foam board/sheet/plate extrusion line

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Polystyrene xps foam board/sheet/plate extrusion line

 XPS foamed sheet, also named as Polystyrene Extrusion Plastic Sheet (XPS for short) has a perfect closed-pore alveolate structure. Its density, water absorption, coefficient of heat conducting and the coefficient of steam pervasion are all lower than those of other sheet heat insulating materials and they have the characteristics of strong intensity, light material, airtight, anticorrosion, ageing resistance, low cost, etc. It has been widely used in the fields of heat preservation in the construction industry and the highway, railway, airport, square of the heat preservation and household fitment. It is the generally acknowledged and the best heat insulator in the market at present.

Part One: Quick Details for XPS production line

First, PS solid granules are fed into the primary extruder, heated and melted into viscous fluid, which is injected foaming agent (HFC, carbon dioxide, butane are optional) at the secondary extruder.

Then, under careful controlled heating and pressure, the fluid is forced through a die head where forming and shaping occurs.

Finally, the rigid foam board is cut and trimmed into required dimensions.

PART Two: XPS Production machine

1. Capacity Range: 180 - 500cubic meter per day

2. Thickness: 20 - 100mm

3. Width: 600mm,900mm,1200mm

4. Material: new GPPS, recycled EPS material, recycled PS, GPPS material

5. Vesicant: Freon:F22, F142, F143; CO2; Vacuum

6. Type: Freon type with density from 28 -40kg/m3

             CO2 type with density from 25-33kg/m3

             Vacuum type with density from 26 --31kg/m3

7. XPS prevails in insulation, moisture proof, compresive strength, durability and convenient installation.

8. We also can afford some second-hand working equipments in China market. It's more

   economical and convenient for new investors.

PART Three: Main Configuration

→ Feeding and mixing system

→ Primary single screw extruder

→ Electric controlling system

→ Hydraulic mesh exchanger (with linker)

→ Foaming agent injection system

→ Secondary single screw extruder

→ Static mixer

→ Die head

→ Calibrator

→ Multi roll haul-off machine

→ Cooling brackets

→ Primary haul-off machine

→ Longitudinal cutter

→ Secondary haul-off machine

→ Longitudinal L-sulcule notching

→ Cross cutter

→ Conveyor

→ Cross L-sulcule notching

→ Online stacking and POF packing system

→ Recycling granulation system

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Q:What are the features of the mechanical cutting tools for engineering plastics 20
Angle of feed, generally use 60 degrees bevel angle, the amount of cutting does not exceed 1MM. Also, adjust the cutting speed.
Q:Are the fragrance of poisonous substances poisonous in plastic products?
Poisonous, smelling, and dying so fast, so many people with mechanical hand out, we repair the manufacture of mechanical hand
Q:Do waste plastics recycling processing, the state subsidies, and now the prospects are good?
Moreover, the after-sale service of the manufacturer is very good. So it works very well. I recommend you to Shandong Qufu (Confucius's hometown) to look at the side of field visit, actually there's a purchase as clear as noonday, Shengxin machinery Bao Aiqing is the manager of a professional, give you a ball 897026688 and ask what questions or ask professional better.
Q:What are the machines needed for plastic processing???! Ten
If the company more money, can choose Japan's machinery, Niigata, Japan steel, Toshiba, machinery, precision parts also voltage better, don't choose oil press, less stable.To save some domestic, Haitian machine is OK, the price is relatively moderate.
Q:Plastic food bags processing machines where there is ~ how much is the price, I know
You mean the production of food bags? A machine or a sealing machine? Vacuum packaging machinery, food packaging bags, I can provide you with!
Q:What are the requirements for processing PET waste plastic bottles processing plant?
Then don't do it. Baidu can't support you in such a big deal. Because big bosses rarely disclose business experience on Baidu - find a reliable master or technician and learn from it
Q:What kind of equipment and personnel do you need to open a plastic sandals processing factory?
The production of plastic sandals is the use of injection molding machine, injection molding machine in general to choose 500g-1000g, matching plastic crusher, drying machine, injection molding machine that usually adopts water cooling mold, also need cooling water system.
Q:I'd like to open a waste plastics processing plant. What should I pay attention to? What machines are greener? Can you find 5T every day?
The first point is to do a good job with the EPAThe machine is simple, go to AlibabaThe material depends on where you are, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and so onBaidu susu168 Cixi Yuyao Waste Plastics Group 20941784
Q:Can you make plastic bottle equipment for high profile?
There are two kinds of plastic bottles: injection, blow and blow.Injection blowing is the two step, that is, injecting the bottle embryo first and then blowing it into a bottle. The machine mainly has the injection molding machine and the bottle blowing machine and the auxiliary machine and the corresponding mold.
Q:What machines do we need to process Plastic semi-finished products?
Small production equipment price corresponding -300 HuaSu Fei Yang machine,I was prepared to PET mineral water bottles by color sorting (bottle, cover ring, trademark, water drop), production processes: sorting - crushing (grinding) - Cleaning - drying - bagging, processing in such a manner as to sell 7! No difference, the corresponding price and production equipment prices are 10000 yuan distinction, processed products sold to the product factory, --1PET mineral water bottles, broken pieces (crushed) and PP material broken fragments (crushed) can be done with the same machine!

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