EPS Foamed Sheet (KT Plate) Production Line

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EPS Foamed Sheet (KT Plate) Production Line

We are specializing in plastic machinery and plastic machine and extruder and plastic extruder.

EPS foamed sheet is a kind of new-type packing materials with the features of shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, damp proofing, safety, sanitation and good plasticity. It is used widely in the wrappings of food, fruit, electronic product, daily necessities, hardware product, toy, etc.

EPS Foamed Sheet KT Plate Production Line produces qualified PS foam sheet by physical gas foaming method with several additives.

CE APPROVED EPS Foamed Sheet KT Plate Production Line (PSP-100/130)

Automatic screen changing system with hydraulic system,keeping continuous production

Automatic feeding material
Screw designed for optimum melts conditions and distribution of blowing agent, and ensures a homogeneous foam structure and well-closed surfaces.

Main Technical parameters

 Foam rate
 Width of product
 Cutting method
Single cutter
Double cutter
 Thickness of product
 Cooling method
Cooled by wind and water
 Installed power
 Total weight

CE APPROVED EPS Foamed Sheet KT Plate Production Line (PSP-100/130)

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Q:Environmental impact of foam plastics reprocessing
When people are exposed to vinyl chloride, there will be a wrist, finger edema, skin sclerosis and other symptoms may also occur splenomegaly and liver injury disease. In our country, the ultra-thin plastic bags we use almost all come from the reuse of waste plastics. They are produced by small businesses or family workshops. The raw materials used in these factories are waste plastic barrels, pots, disposable syringes, etc.. Production, first used machinery to crush the raw material of plastic particles, plastic particles and then placed in a pool cleaning (called disinfection), check out the sun, and then the mechanical pressure it film, made of a variety of plastic bags. Every meal, many people use plastic bags of food, they do not know this behavior, not only harmful to the environment, but also harm their own bodies.Make the soil environment worse, and seriously affect the growth of crops. The degradation time of plastic products used in China usually takes at least 200 years. Waste plastic, plastic bags in the field long residue in Tanaka, will affect the absorption of water and nutrient of crops, inhibit the growth and development of crops, resulting in crop production. If the animal eats plastic film, it can cause the digestive tract disease and even death of the livestock.
Q:Plastic parts, hardware processing, mechanical sheet metal manufacturing processing,
Management system certification is basically looking at the enterprise's own needs, nor is it mandatory, but if you are here, if useful in the car, you have to do TS certification
Q:What are the machines needed for plastic processing???! Ten
If the company more money, can choose Japan's machinery, Niigata, Japan steel, Toshiba, machinery, precision parts also voltage better, don't choose oil press, less stable.To save some domestic, Haitian machine is OK, the price is relatively moderate.
Q:Is there a unit for processing plastic products in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan?
Ji'nan high tech Development Zone, Xin Ruichang machinery mold factory specialized in processing all kinds of plastic products, the company covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, hundreds of employees, the company has owned injection molding workshop, mold manufacturing workshop, foam tooling workshop, assembly workshop covers an area of 10000 acres, the company currently has 3300 tons, 1800 tons, 1300 tons, 1000 tons other large and small injection molding machine more than 20 Taiwan, a maximum of 30000 grams of plastic products production and processing,
Q:What kind of machinery does it take to open a workshop type plastic product factory? How much is the investment?
You have to say what kind of products you want to make, such as extrusion or injection molding, which are different and different in price.
Q:What kind of machine is needed for the production of plastic products?
Seventy thousand or eighty thousand an injection molding machine, a crushing machine, a drying machine forty thousand or fifty thousand, workshop, rent, labor, water and electricity to ten thousand months Duoliangwanyi, mold materials, another operator, of course cost large scale is low.
Q:What mechanical products do you use to make this plastic product?! The more detailed, the better!
injection molding machineDesign and manufacture moulds are required
Q:I would like to open a waste plastics processing granules factory, to those techniques and attention. What are the processes?
Two, how to purchase, buy what kind of machine?.1, with a machine, double screw feed2 、 the gear box is better, the gears inside must be treated by heat treatment, and the bearings can be adjusted3, gear box, screw, barrel and die and wear parts to the strength of life, to ensure that more than 1 years4. The main parts should be made of standard material5, reducer and motor purchase, professional manufacturers, production kits, do not buy granulator manufacturers to assemble their own6, to have power distribution cabinet7, the equipment is the most critical screw and barrel, good quality8, washing machine must be continuous production, without stopping water change, cleaning pool, otherwise the efficiency is very low9, heating to subsection, paragraph heating to uniform control10, there should be a matching waste plastic cleaning machine, the use of recycled water, do not waste water11, electricity saving, not more than 300 degrees per ton12, the machine's length diameter ratio can not exceed 20 (in 16:1 - 20:1 is appropriate), that is to say, the screw length is 16 to 20 times the diameter of the screw13, the model may not be small 100, the greater the output14, should have double exhaust15, the heating power of the flange (die head) of the granulator is very important, and it should be designed according to 2.5W per square centimeter (sectional area)
Q:The difference between plasticization and processability of plastics in extrusion process
I. Introduction of extruderIn the screw extruder is under the action of the molten plastic extrusion through fixed shape extrusion, water cooling after cutting in the traction machine under the same section is mainly used for a variety of products. A large number of continuous production, such as tube, rod, profile, also can be used for plastic modification and granulation. The basic mechanism of extrusion is very simple a screw in the cylinder to rotate and move forward the plastic. The screw is actually a ramp or slope that is wound around the center layer. The aim is to increase the pressure to overcome the greater resistance. Is an extruder, there are 3 kinds of resistance to overcome: solid particles (feed) on the cylinder wall friction and screw rotation before laps (feed) the mutual friction between them; melt in the cylinder wall adhesion; melt pushed forward when the resistance of the internal logistics.
Q:The plastic bottle processing plant needs those machines
Blow molding machine. Where are you? I'm thinking of buying machines, too

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