PPR PE Steel Cooper Plastic Composite Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

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PPR PE Steel Cooper Plastic Composite Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

The pipe has been reinforced by wrapping the high strength steel wire in the middle layer of the pipe, is used to reinforce pe pipe, which is highly cost saving and high quality, widely used in water supply,.suitable for conveying high pressure or combustible gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid sludge, also mainly used in machinery, chemical industry, building ,irrigation and vacuum pump.

The pipes have the strong point of pressure and corrosion resistance and antistatic. It is used to convey the pressure or corrosive gas and liquid, vent impure liquid. It is widely used in such areas as mechanical engineering, chemical industry, architecture, agriculture irrigation, vacuum device and dust collector soft pipe.

Steel Plastic Composite Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

1. The extruder adopts bimetal barrel and screw which have high intensity and abrasive resistance, the output is two times higher than other ordinary machine.

2. The water cooling calibrating mandrel with special structure can assure the production with high speed and stability.

3. The ultra-long vacuum calibrating tank and cooling bath can fulfill the requirement of high speed production.

4. The completely automatic wire winding machine is equipped with frequency controller for running steadily.

5. The haul-off machine adopts independent servo drive system which can assure the belt running synchronously and steadily.

6. The cutting machine adopts hydraulic feed device with low knife impact force to assure the stability. The chipless cutting can make the section smooth and level.

7. The control system adopts BMC-TOUCH from B&R Austria to realize the completely automatic control. The control system adopts both touch screen and keyboard which make the operation convenient and reliable.

8. The machine is equipped with automatic sealing machine which can accomplish the sealing and edge rubbing at the same time.

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Q:Are the fragrance of poisonous substances poisonous in plastic products?
Poisonous, smelling, and dying so fast, so many people with mechanical hand out, we repair the manufacture of mechanical hand
Q:What kind of oil is commonly added in the reducer of plastic processing machinery? Five
Gear oil should be added, and the old one may be flooded or originally not gear oil.Regular is ok.
Q:Plastic parts, hardware processing, mechanical sheet metal manufacturing processing,
Management system certification is basically looking at the enterprise's own needs, nor is it mandatory, but if you are here, if useful in the car, you have to do TS certification
Q:Is there a unit for processing plastic products in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan?
has a great competitive advantage in the city of Ji'nan, 5 sets of CNC machining center, CNC lathe 2 units, the company is Chinese FAW heavy truck, China, supporting services Joyoung electric lights, Lent, Qingdao's foreign trade and other well-known enterprises, and repeatedly won the title of excellent supplier,
Q:I'd like to open a plastic bag factory. How much do I need to buy the equipment?
It depends on what plastic bags you need to make, and the size and size of the big plastic bags are also crucial. I make plastic bags.
Q:What machine does the pattern design of this mass produced plastic product use?
Hello, let me answer the question for you: you can open your mobile phone, Baidu, and then enter your current location, and then enter the address you want to query. The Baidu maps will automatically navigate the nearest route for you.
Q:Is there any pollution in the plastic factory? 20
Plastic products factory work on the human body will be a number of pollution, direct pollution, there are indirect pollution, but still depends on what material and what post.Plastic products generally include plastic batching, molding, machining, bonding, finishing and assembly. The latter four processes are carried out after the plastic has been molded into products or semi-finished products. It is also called plastic two times processing.Plastics burn easily and produce poisonous gases when they burn. For example, toluene combustion produces a small amount of polystyrene, this substance can cause blindness, vomiting and other symptoms of inhalation, PVC combustion will produce toxic gases, hydrogen chloride in combustion, is a high temperature environment, will lead to plastic decomposition of toxic components, such as benzene etc..In December 31, 2007, the general office of the State Council issued a notice on limiting the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags, which was called "plastic restriction order" by the masses". The reason is that plastic shopping bags, while providing convenience to consumers, have caused serious waste of energy, resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and recycling. As we all know, coupled with the large volume of waste plastic foam, garbage recycling channels are not smooth and other reasons, the pollution problems can not be underestimated. But because of the low cost of plastic foam and easy to use, some well-known online shopping shops still continue to use.
Q:What plastic has good machinability? Just get on the lathe.
PSU plastic, this plastic can be machined. The factory where I practiced has used detailed parameters. You can check it online
Q:I would like to ask you how to produce plastic products, the need for mold, but also the need for large machinery, thank you all
Depending on what you do, different products have different requirements. Plastic products are injection molding, extrusion, injection blowing, extrusion and blowing equipment.
Q:Want to buy an injection molding machine to do some plastic products, equipment about how much money ah? What needs to be prepared?
The machine depends on whether you buy new or second-hand. Second hand 120T is 780 thousand better. There are also 340 thousand... Plus the surrounding facilities. Crusher, mixer, cooling tower. Freezing water machine. These are tens of thousands of pumps.. Get ready. 200 thousand is enough.. But it depends on what you do.. If the material is expensive, you have to figure it out

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