EPE Foamed Sheet/Film Production Line

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EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

we can produce foam net (fruit net, bottle net etc.) net mat, pipe, rob and sheet by changing mould head. It is used in packaging, construction-roof insulation, anti-vibration in roofs, walls, tunnels, refrigeration protective cover and highways, and decorative materials.
1) Shock absorbable
2) Resilience, non-abrasive surface, waterproof, extremely low moisture absorption
3) Thermal insulation
4) Flexible and easy handling, easy laminating
5) Easy punching
6) Strong chemical resistance, non-hazardous

EPE Foam Sheet/Film Production Line   :

The raw material of EPE foam sheet extrusion line is high pressure polyethylene; it is fed into the extruder with the L/D 55:1 by automatic loading equipment. The talcum powder is fed into the unloading equipment through the Italy double screw. And then enter into screw to plasticize. The anti-shrinking agent is injected into spiral tube by GMS pump to mix with raw materials. The function is to prevent the products shrinking. The liquid butane will be injected into the screw tube through the high pressure butane pump to foam. After cooling by the screw tube, the plasticized blend materials will extrude out from the nose. After the product reaching the length customer requires, the meter counter will alarm automatically. And then change the roll, weigh, pack and enter into warehouse.

Main Technical Parameters of EPE Foam Sheet Extruder Line:




FCFPM- 120









Screw speed:



Foaming Ratio:


Product width:







Product thickness:







Cooling Method

Air-cooled, water-cooled

Installed Power





















The latest EPE Foamed Sheet/Film Production Line (TY-EPE105)
1) Cushioning and packaging materials for electronic equipment, potteries and
2) Construction-roof insulation, expansion joints, anti-vibration in roofs, walls,tunnels,
bridges and highways
3) Insulation of window, air conditioner ducting, industrial chillers, cold storage,
refrigerated vans, industrial refrigerators and water pipes
4) Education materials, decorative materials
5) Sports mats, such as wrestling, judo, gym and exercise mats
6) Body protective materials, such as helmets, leg and thigh guards, arm, elbow and
shoulder pads, life saving jackets, and gloves

The latest EPE Foamed Sheet/Film Production Line (TY-EPE105)The latest EPE Foamed Sheet/Film Production Line (TY-EPE105)

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(two) technical guidelines for the purchase of advanced waste plastics granulator;First, the characteristics of advanced waste plastics recycling machine:1 、 high efficiency and energy saving (high output, electricity saving);2, environmental protection (supporting cleaning machine, using recycled water, no sewage);3, the quality of vulnerable parts (especially screw) (after nitriding or 45 steel quenching and tempering, strength treatment);4, specific requirements:The power consumption per ton of granulation shall not exceed 300 degreesBring water productionDrainage and exhaustThe automatic non-stop screen changing (preferably two)The produced particles have a high degree of finish and compactnessThe mechanical properties, leading screw designThe application of HDPE (high density polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene), PC (polycarbonate), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, regeneration granulation, granulation, powder granulation PET and ABS all kinds of plastic.The customer service service.Single screw mixing head equidistant designThe double screw feed, coal (gas) dual power11, material: 38CrMnAl, at least 45# steel quenched and tempered screw12, accidental protection device "cross slider.""13, a number of wet dual-use, longer on the machine. But the general water making machine barrel length not less than 2 meters, otherwise easily was born (refers to electricity)14, models should be 120, 180 and 150, the ratio of length to diameter in 16:1 - 20:1 is appropriate
Q:I plant mainly produces plastic products,
Can be deducted from the value-added tax invoices on value-added tax deductible, in addition to the purchase of equipment costs, if there are qualified transport documents, you can also by freight * 7% deduction of input tax
Q:I would like to ask you how to produce plastic products, the need for mold, but also the need for large machinery, thank you all
Plastic products according to the process can be divided into blow molding, plastic suction, extrusion, injection molding, etc.. Mineral water bottles are blown, the advertising light box characters are plastic, plastic injection of the most widely used, daily necessities, industrial production, most of which are injection molding products.No matter which process is needed, the mold needs to be produced. Their processing equipment is different, the most common is the injection molding machine. Then, some auxiliary equipments are needed for injection molding, such as mould temperature machine, cooling tower, air compressor and so on.

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