Plastic profile machine/PVC profile making machine/Profile making machine

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Plastic profile machine/PVC profile making machine/Profile making machine


pvc profile making machine   Capacity of main frame can ba optionally chosen from 60-700kgs/hour.  Plastic PVC windowsill board production line's haul-off unit has applied unique lift technique of our company. Plastic PVC windowsill board production line work is stable, Plastic PVC windowsill board production line reliability is good, Plastic PVC windowsill board production line pulling force is large.

 PVC Windowsill Profile machine consist of twin screw extruder, vacuum shaping table, drawing machine, plastic cutter and pilling frame, and also coordinated with different profile break-section and mould to produce PVC door and window profiles, foamed special shaped materials, decoration panel material, profile and multi-hole wire plastic products .

pvc profile making machine   Features:

pvc profile making machine  

1.Use for PVC door & window profile material, wide door plate, window plate, etc.

2.Accoding to different sectional surface and molds, with different extruder to guarantee the quality.

3.High capacity and stable working

4.Reasonable design, conduct cutting with fixed length, provided of powder and dust suction device.

5.Easy to control.

pvc profile making machine    technical parameter





Power of drive motor





Screw diameter





No.of screw




Rotational speed




Nm torsional moment of screw




Capacity PVC powder





Central height(mm)




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Q:Laizhou plastic processing plastic machinery and equipment, which is more reliable, relatively good?
In contrast to many manufacturers of plastic processing equipment, more important is environmental protection, there is calm in the future, if you want to buy the equipment you can go to Laizhou city to take a look at the field, there are a lot of home doing well,
Q:I want to open a plastic particle processing plant,
Good to do, there is money, what is good to do, grasp the source of raw materials ah, finished marketing ah!
Q:How much does it cost to process disposable plastic bags?
The package of blow molding machine, cutting machine, switchboard, mixing machine totaling about 120 thousand
Q:I'd like to open a waste plastics processing plant. What should I pay attention to? What machines are greener? Can you find 5T every day?
Raw material blowing factory is estimated to have a lot of it. You can go to Tongcheng to see, plastic town ah...
Q:Is there any pollution in the processing of plastic raw materials?
Yes, we have.The plastic itself contains chemicals, in the production process, will react with other substances, produce some odor and so on, so in the production environment must be ventilated, and will produce gas in the process of mechanical production, in production and after the residue, waste water and so on, these are the production of pollution.
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Additives mainly in the following categories:OneAntioxidantsAntioxidantUnsaturated double bonds in plastics are absorbed by oxygen atoms, heat and lightCaused by breaking, resulting in free radicals, which cause a chain reaction, so that the molecular chain scission or formation of chain cross-linking,Resulting in lower or weaker strength of plastic products. The function of antioxidants is to delay the oxidation of plasticsBreak down and prolong the life of plastic products. The antioxidants used in the plastics industry can be divided into functions: (One)Inhibitors of oxidative chain reactions, such as alkylphenolAlkylPhenolButyl tolueneButylatedHydroxytolueneAbbreviationBHT) aromatic aminesAromaticAmines) phenyl - -B-Resistant amine(Phenyl-B-Naphthylamine), were of Kun (AlkylQuinoneAlkenyl bisphenol A(AlkyleneBisphenolAlkyl phenol sulfideAlkylPhenolthioetherSalicylic acidBenzene fingerPhenylSalicylateAnd so on) etc.. (

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