PE/PP Plastic Thick Plates(Sheets) Extruded Production Line, sheet & board extrusion line sheet & board making machine

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PE/PP Plastic Thick Plates(Sheets) Extruded Production Line, sheet & board extrusion line sheet & board making machine

·PE,PP plastic thick plates extruded production line is a new product made by our company absorbing foreign and advanced technique and latest technology.

·The equipment is mainly used in the products of PE or PP thicker plastic plates(sheets).

·Plates thickness:2-40mm

·Plates width:750-1800mm

·About all parts of the equipment is adopted known brand products.Our company had experiences and technologies made plastic plates(sheets),so it has the easy operation,and the products made by us has characteristics of low cost. Clean outside,little error,antiseptic,insulation and othere merits.

·Whats more,if you make a better change for it,it can be made LDPE or HDPE plastic foaming plates(sheets).

Main Machine Provided

Single Screw Extruder

Valid Screw Length(L/D)

30 : 1

Screw Rotating Speed(r/min)

60 - 90

Main Moto Power




Width of Pressure x Diameter

1800 x ф 490

Rotational Speed of Pressure

0.15 – 3

Drawing Speed

0.15 – 3

Drawing Power


Cutting Power


Dverall Dimension of The Line

45 x 3.5 x 4.25

Equipment consists list


single screw extruder

One unit


Measuring pump

One units


Hydraulic mesh changing system

One unit


Material stream distributors

One set


“T” shaped mould

One set


Three roller calender

One unit


Transmission and side cutting

One set


Haul off machine

One unit


Cut off machine

One unit


Stack stander

One set


Extruder vacuum feeding machine





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Q:Plastic machinery plastic pellet production process _ particles recycled plastics particles
1 、 polystyrene foam particle thermal insulation brick2 、 foamed granule mixing lightweight soil and production method thereof3. The process of producing a ball of bow shaped plastic filled with particles4 、 plastic particle preheater5. Continuous crystallization method and device for plastic particles6, waste floc manufacturing method of CA plastic particles and its special drawing machine7. Low dust particles of plastic additives8. Inorganic pigment particles for coloring plastics, lacquers, and building materials and methods of producing the same9. Equipment for depositing particles, materials, or soil on a plastic film that extends over the surface of a landfill or other location10 、 plastic particle melting filter core11. Method for making cutting plastic film granule cutter12. The preparation method of granulated auxiliary agent for plastic processing13, plastic pipe, particle seat cushion14 、 inner container, plastic pipe, particle seat cushion15 、 clothing made of foam plastic as interlayer filling material
Q:How much capital should be prepared for the waste plastics bottle recycling plant (small)?
5-8 can be, profits of about 200, simple operation, but the pressure of competition, consider themselves.
Q:What kind of equipment do you need for plastic basin processing? How much is it?
For each plastic products, it is necessary to make a set of molds, so the cost of mold production is also a small amount of expenditure, according to the size and complexity of the product is less than ten thousand or twenty thousand, more than tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of. The purchase of equipment should be several more.
Q:Plastic food bags processing machines where there is ~ how much is the price, I know
There are some on the Alibaba. You try
Q:Hello, small plastic processing plants need what equipment, how much the price, how to process, the size of the site, thank you
You are the granulation, injection molding, blow molding or, or rotational, or plastic, plastic processing type not too much ah, clear color
Q:How will the state deal with small recycled plastic particle processing enterprises,
Environmental protection recycling plant, this is a systematic project, the use of granulation machine is usually used granulator, need to be matched with waste water filtration, sedimentation, purification treatment pond, waste gas purification equipment.
Q:How is the plastic tank processed?
The plastic oil tank has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, no explosion when it is burning, high safety, high structural design freedom, high space utilization, etc.. However, the ordinary HDPE fuel tank has poor barrier to gasoline, and the leakage of fuel is larger.Fluoride treatment technology of plastic fuel tank to improve the vehicles, as well as a variety of general machinery (such as lawn garden machinery) provides a new solution to the fuel system of volatiles emission pollution. The surface of the tank is treated by fluorination technology, which can greatly increase the amount of fuel evaporation and infiltration, reduce the pollution to the environment, and meet the more stringent emission standards. At present, the fluorinated fuel tank has been widely used in the automotive industry in europe. In California, the United States will soon implement a pollutant control plan for small general-purpose machinery, and also consider fluoridation of plastic fuel tanks as one of the important measures.
Q:Is there any harm to the body in the plastics processing industry?
Alkyl tea sulfonate (ABS) can not only poison the body, but also promote carcinogenic effects of carcinogens. Recently, it has been found that ABS also has the risk of teratogenic changes.Polypropylene (PP) itself is non-toxic, but I do not know what you say powder ingredients, if there are plasticizers, masterbatch and the like, there is a certain toxicity.In the production of ABS containing detergent factory, should pay attention to do a good job of environmental protection, adopt cleaner type production process, in the production process to be closed, to reduce the concentration of ABS in the air of workplace and workers to do protective measures. Some large metal washing plants, paper mills, leather factories, food factories, etc., should be used in the use of mechanized operation, reduce manual operation, prevent long time direct contact with the skin. Pregnant women should change jobs appropriately so as not to influence the next generation. The waste water discharged by the factory should be discharged after the sewage treatment has been purified to meet the national discharge standard so as to ensure that our groundwater resources are free from pollution.
Q:What kind of equipment does the groove on the PP plastic board work on?
It can be machined with a shaper or engraving machine
Q:How shiny plastic products? Fifty
One is to start from the mold and make the inner surface of the mold smooth!One is starting from the material, to make high light products, first of all, there must be good raw materials, and secondly, to have a good stain, high light color powder, to achieve free spraying, high light injection molding, first of all need to use high gloss plastic material.

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