Polyester Shaggy Carpet

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Product Description:

1.polyester shaggy carpet
2.customised color and pile height
3.high quality;Good price;
4.hot sell designs

Polyester shaggy rugs


300D polyester silk


90x110cm,120x170cm,150x250cm,160x230cm,customized size


Any color available

pile height

can be from 1.5 cm to 6cm

pile weight



cotton canvas with latex adhesive






Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet,


available, but freight of DHL/FedEx/EMS/UPS by customers


Rolled & packed by poly bag, each rug each bag

Container Holding

20’ container----1800 to 2200 SQM

40’ container-----3800 to 4200 SQM

40 HQ container-----4500 to 6000 SQM

Production time

25 to 35 days


Deposit + TT/ LC

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Q:How do you get dust out of a rug?
it might be time to get a new rug but if your really attached to that rug have you tried taking to a cleaner and having them run it through the dryer there. The bigger barrel might give it the space it needs to dislodge the dust. I would not wash it again then your just wetting down the dust again. the good old fashion way of broom in hand might work to. if you've got a kid or grand kid with lots of energy let him or her beat on it awhile. good luck
Q:Conference room carpet, static electricity is particularly serious, how to remove? How can I get the equipment grounded? What are the specific requirements?
Practice is not the same, the equipment grounding, as mentioned above, is a factory overall planning. In the early days of electrical installation, there was a bus. Just connect the equipment. But it is a monomial electrostatic grounding. Such as a PCB turnover car, as long as a separate static chain, to achieve anti-static effect. ESD protection 1) grounding is the connection of some antistatic products or other equipment to a ground wire. The method of buried line is used to establish "independent" ground wire. The resistance between the earth and the earth, < 10, acts as a potential charge on the discharge conductor. The grounding method is that the human body is grounded through the wrist band; the human body is grounded by the anti-static shoes and the anti-static floor; the work surface is grounded; the testing instruments, tools, clamps, irons and other grounding; anti-static floor, floor mats, grounding and so on. 2) the use of static elimination equipment such as ion fan, ion wind guns, is the electrostatic eliminator good, its principle is to produce positive and negative charges in a static eliminator, then put these charges to the place by electrostatic blowing wind, electrostatic charge polarity will be opposite in and out. The static electricity elimination equipment also has the human body static electricity release alarm device, the human body static electricity eliminator, the clean room, uses the vacuum cleaner, the ion wind mouth, the ion wind stick and so on.
Q:Area Rug/Carpet Question?
It okorder.com/ .. Any high quality rug won't unravel as it will be reinforced at the edges. To keep the rug from curling at the edges on your floor, adhere it with carpet tape to the floor.
Q:need help with the rug!!!!?
red with black white looks very good. Have seen that done with spectacular results! Put a red a black throw pillow on the bed a white fuzzy bedspread chair to tie it in. A black white pattern would be ok, too. Have fun!
Q:What color of the carpet looks good with white tile?
Black, green, violet and orange are all good, nut the whole room style and tone should be considered. But for the coordination of the whole style . yellow floor matches well with white, blue and many other colors if the color blending is the only consideration.
Q:Best vacuum for high pile carpet?
High Pile Carpet
Q:Deep cleaning my carpet?
As for what brand of cleaning solution works the best, IMHO, Rug Doctor cleaners are the best and most economical, particularly when you use Oxy Clean as a pretreatment solution and a fortifier for the cleaning product.
Q:Can you spray paint carpet?
the paint will stiffen the carpet , you could rent a steam cleaner and pre treat the stains with vinegar and a scrub brush . There are Professional that dye carpets I have no idea on how much they charge but I'm sure that it doesn't come cheap.
Q:How to get dry smeared nailpolish out of carpets?!?!!?!?
I truthfully have stumbled on a mix that works miracles in this problem. Make a mix of one section ketchup, one section grain alcohol, one section vanilla frozen yogurt and one section writer 1st baron verulam grease. Rub it into the carpet with a brillo pad for a competent reliable quarter-hour and then watch it artwork like magic to do away with your stain! good luck!
Q:Ideas for Persian Rug Store.?
not to sound rude, but they have marketing and advertising companies that you can hire that can help you, since money is no object - ask the professionals, they're great. Also, check out Martha Stewart online for great tips

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