Plug injection molding machine Screw Diameter

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Can produce various types of power supply plug


FT-300      规格表   Specifcatiom 

Injection SystemScrew Diametermm283032
Injection Pressurekg/cm175015521325
Max.Shot Weight(PS)g657590
Max.Shot Weight(PS)OZ2.22.53
Screw Strokemm120
Screw Speed Maxrpm0-205
Nozzle Contact Forcetons2.5
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm140
Number of Temperacture Control-3
Material Hopper CapacityL15
clamping systemClamping Forcetons35
Platen Sizemm520×370
Distance Between The Baremm350×200
Min.Mold Heightmm150/210
Opeing Strokemm180
Max.Opening Daylightmm350/400
Ejector Forcetons1.5
Ejector Strokemm95
Hydraulic power systemMax.Hydraylic Pressurekg/cm2150
Pump OutputL41
Oil Reservoir CapacityL150
Cooling Water ConsumptionL/hr600-800
Pump Motor Powerkw5.5
Barrel Heating Powerkw3.5
Total Weightkw9
OthersMachine Weighttons2
Machine Dimensioms(L×W×H)m1.6×1.2×2.7
Shipping Weighttons1.5
Shipping Measurement(L×W×H)m1.8×1.5×1.5

Above spec sheet, if design changes without notice!


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Q:How much is the equipment for the oil press?
Oil press complete sets of equipment, in general, the price of 20 thousand yuan -3 yuan.In general, the oil mill complete equipment configuration includes: fried material machine, oil press, oil filter.In addition, the workload is different, processing materials are different, hot and cold pressing method is different, the corresponding configuration is also different.
Q:How many filters are there in the portable oil filter? What's the difference?
Three is the three filter in parallel, and the four is the 4 filter, in turn, but double two start, each filter precision is different, this should be based on the filter medium to decide.
Q:What's the problem with vacuum oil filter? We have a project abroad
According to your description, if the filter of turbine oil (now known as turbine oil), then select TYAXD series special vacuum zjc can, if the impurity content, in order to guarantee the effect and save filter supplies, then you can also add a AXDLY frame oil filter machine is filtered through filter impurities. Then the turbine oil vacuum oil filter, the effect is better, the filter is not easy to be blocked, the cost of the book worth.The domestic production of vacuum oil filter to many companies, the effect is good, see you with domestic or imported configuration configuration, general configuration imports more expensive, imported configuration means oil pump, vacuum pump, control system, liquid level system adopts imported brands of accessories, the overall quality of life and certainly better, the price is expensive some. At present, the company here in Chongqing vacuum oil filter production of the most, high and low, have to see what grade you need. The cheapest sure, just cheap, regardless of quality and after-sale, the quality of mid-range points better, and after-sale guarantee, high-grade quality stability, small problems, and later services, after-sales service is certainly very thoughtful.Vacuum oil filter which is good, this need your purchasing department actual contrast investigation, can decide. You Words alone are no proof. oil filter manufacturers, search rankings, find a few companies compared with technical strength, quality, technology, oil filter configuration, price, customer service and so on, considering the ultimate choice of a good quality, good customer service, your satisfaction is the price.
Q:When the centrifugal oil filter is used to filter peanut oil, the oil color is black and cloudy. What's the matter?
The specific added value depends on the amount of phospholipids in the oil. You can try a small amount of filtered oil and filter oil to determine the ratio of water to oil.
Q:What's the difference between an oil filter and an oil press?
The oil filter is filter oil, and the oil press is pressed oil
Q:Filter turbine oil filter, filter Q oil?
You filter out up to the transformer oil filtering requirements, in strict distinction between the situation, you alone or buy a good TY zjc filter for turbine oil, ZYA double stage vacuum oil filter machine transformer oil, separate filter better, to prevent oil mixed pollution
Q:What is the accuracy of 300*300 oil filter paper for LY-100 plate and frame pressure oil filters?
The filtering accuracy of filter paper is only concerned with the material of filter paper, the production process and the power of fiber weaving of filter paper.
Q:What are the types of oil filters? Oil filter?
The first generation centrifuge uses centrifugal action to remove impurities and not to remove water. Second generation plate and frame oil filter, filter cloth, filter paper, water removal, large particles, impurities,
Q:How often does the oil filter in the turbine run oil filter change? Thank you for
As for testing the water content once every 1 hours, if the single filter impurities, see oil filter outlet overvoltage indicator, it immediately for action. This oil filter is on duty, isn't it?
Q:Can oil filter oil filter oil still be used?
In the acceptance link, if you can not trust after filtering after looking for professional testing in determining eligibility, our company is the last production department worry, do the test, qualified to fill out the supplier approval. We bought the company called Chongqing Ashton, feel good, you can ask

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