Three to Five Layers Film Blowing Machine

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Three to Five Layers Film Blowing Machine

Three to Five Layers Film Blowing Machine
Performance and Characteristics
This machine set is to satisfy the customers requirements of high quality, high output film blowing equipment. It adopts the extruder with force feeding function, precision type ceramic heaters, precision type double vents air ring, horizontal type rotary traction system, IBC inner cooling system, fully automatic surface friction type double cut double winders, computer concentrate control system ect. Advanced technique and equipments. Compare with kindred equipment, it has the advantages such as more compact structure, higher output, better produce quality, less energy consume, easier operation. It can be widely used into various kind of high transparence packing film manufacture, and crate the considerable economic benefit for you.
Three to Five Layers Film Blowing Machine

Three to Five Layers Film Blowing Machine

Fengming reserve the right to change technical characteristics without previous advice.
MAX. FILM WIDTH(mm)1200140017002100
FILM THICKNESS(mm)0.02-0.12
MAX. OUTPUT200Kg/hr250Kg/hr300Kg/hr400Kg/hr
SCREW DIAMETER(mm)Φ45/Φ55/Φ45Φ50 /Φ60/Φ50Φ60/Φ70/Φ60Φ75/Φ90/Φ75
MAIN MOTOR(Kw)18.5/30/18.522/37/2230/45/3055/90/55
DIE HEAD STRUCTUREIBC film bubble cooling system
AIR RING STRUCTURE FORMDouble vents air ring
TOTAL POWER (kw)150280280350
OVERALL DIMENSION WEIGHTAcording to actual machine

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Q:What is the difference or connection between the oil filter and the oil filter?
Second, the oil filter is usually fixed to a part of the system, and the oil filter is usually a mobile filter unit, without the need for fixed installation,
Q:What are the oil filters for? What are they used for?
Improve the quality of lubricating oil, ensure the lubrication effect, reduce the frequency of lubricating oil, and increase the economic benefits.Generally used in large equipment industry, such as: compressors, steam turbines, etc.
Q:What is the accuracy of 300*300 oil filter paper for LY-100 plate and frame pressure oil filters?
The filtration accuracy of plate and frame pressure oil filters is related to the filtration accuracy of filter paper. The general filtration accuracy range is 200-20 microns (microns)
Q:What is the main transformer oil Biao machine?
There is no need to replace any parts, and the maintenance cost is low.• only the pressure generated by the oil flow provides the driving force, saving energy and electricitySimple, efficient, low cost, free of space equipment; any machine can be configured and easy to install
Q:The oil filtered by a vacuum oil filter is then placed in a centrifugal oil filter and filtered without salt water
You must add water without adding salt water, which is to remove the residue
Q:Why should the centrifugal oil filter add brine and the proportion of brine?
Centrifugal oil filter, filter oil plus brine, which is related to the design principle of the centrifugal oil filter.
Q:Can hydraulic oil filters change color after filtration?
Can not pull, and now even foreign countries have not yet done this, I heard that there are such technologies, but the cost will increase several times? And it can't completely remove color
Q:Can centrifugal oil filters filter sesame oil? What's the filtration effect?
Can filter, the effect is good, centrifugal oil filter is specialized in cooking oil
Q:Classification of oil filters According to the principle of the oil filter
Viscosity of oilHigh viscosity oil can not pass through fine screen, so it is necessary to reduce the accuracy. Because: (1) filter often plug, need frequent cleaning, or even replace the filter.(2) the increase of the axial pressure, the oil can quickly pass filter, but tend to crush the filter.(3) adding preheated fuel tank to increase temperature and reduce viscosity.Generally speaking, the filtration precision of the fine filtration stage is chosen as:(1) insulating oil, choose 1~5 mu m.(2) lube oil and turbine oil under 46, select 10~20 mu m.(3) internal combustion engine oil and gear oil are chosen 20~50 mu m.
Q:How does the vacuum oil filter remove moisture and loss?
When the oil purifier is working, the filtered oil will enter the electric heater under the influence of the outside atmosphere and vacuum suction. After heated oil enters the strong magnetic filter, large particles of impurities are filtered out, oil containing small impurities enters the two stage filter and is filtered again, and then the oil enters the coalescence filter.

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