Outdoor Loop Pile Carpet

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Hand hooked Indoor /outdoor Rugs

(1)Material:100%  polyester

(3)Pile height:1700g/sqm
(4)Pile height:8~10 mm

(5)Size:70X140,1.4m*2.0m;1.6m*2.3m;2.0m*3.0m and any size.
(6)Color:any color

(7)Desgin:Our and customer's designs
(8)Backing:cotton cloth
(9)Packing: pp bags
(10)Cintainer Holding:

20ft container: 2500 sqms

40ft container: 5000 sqms

40ft HQ container: 6000sqms


(12)Delivery time:30~40days.

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Q:Cat scratching carpets?
I would buy some training spray. One brand is called Stay off training aid. You can buy it at pet stores. It is make for dogs and cats. You just spray it on the area you don't want your cat to scratch and the spray will repel your cat from that area. Thats what I did to train my cats to use their post.
Q:Gouache paint stuck on the carpet, how to get rid of?
Can use water soaked sticky paint, the gouache properly dissolved with water after brushing, make up the water with a paper towel dipped in dry. And then use special carpet cleaner, local cleaning. Although it is water-based paint, it should be treated as soon as possible.
Q:Please Help with Rug Issue!!?
If this rug is a machine-washable rug, just wash it in your machine. Then dry it in your dryer, but don't over-dry it. If the rug isn't machine-washable, take the rug to a Dry Cleaner. They should be able to clean it for you. Now if were talking about wall-to-wall carpeting, your best bet is to have the carpet professionally cleaned. Professionals not only can clean the carpet, they can add special deodorizers so that mold doesn't end up growing in the carpet. Cleaning just one room should cost that much. You'll be glad you used a professional for this job. Check your Yellow Pages under Carpet Cleaners. -
Q:Why Use Indoor Outdoor Rugs?
Outdoor : Small and large houses alike can benefit from attractive outdoor rugs. The right outdoor rug can extend your living room into your yard and make use of space you didn't realize you had. If enjoying the outdoors is a priority for you and your family, then read on for all the things you need to know about outdoor rugs. Indoor: One of the most important things to look for in an indoor and outdoor type rug is the size of it. You'll find they come in sizes ranging from small, runner rugs to huge, room-size rugs. Which size you need to get is going to depend on where you want to put it. Many people choose to use indoor outdoor rugs on hallways leading to and from the outside, which is why you'll find many runner rugs. However, other people wish to cover their entire patio on them, and for this purpose you would use a larger one. To make things easy, take your measuring tape out and see how large you need it to be. Chances are they wont have the exact size, but you should be able to find one close to it.
Q:How to deal with the dirty carpet?
Send it to the dry cleaning shop.
Q:how to rid accent rug from curling up when furniture is seton it?
Your accent rug is new and it generally rolls back as it was rolled when stored before installation. Try curling it the opposite way and leave in that condition for some time..When you open it again hopefully your accent rug lies straight.. Fix it and you're good to go! Cheers!
Q:Best carpet cleaning methods....?
The okorder.com/....
Q:How do you wash a bathroom rug?
Wash in cold water. Air dry. The rubber will melt in the dryer. Over time, the rubber will flake off from being put in the washer, but it will work. Or, if you have access to a carpet shampooer, that would work too.
Q:Need help painting carpeted stairwell.?
I don't see any mention in your Q about a TARP, but certainly the carpet needs to be masked, and covered with drops. You can use shielding, but it's a tedious, often one step at a time process. In your case a lot of prep will give you the better job. I might use thin plexi. or even a wide blade MUD knife, to press back the carpet, then with something substantial like gaffing tape, or even Duct tape pressed into the carpet to keep the fibers off the area to be painted. In any case cutting will be the major issue, and caution the keyword. The prep alone will take longer than the painting, but worth the effort,and seemingly your better option. NO I might not pull the carpet, but then again, I don't have an idea of how the carpet has been installed? Tack Strips? Nailed/stapled to the wall butting? Glued? Steven Wolf Just my two sense
Q:Removing a carpet?? Help..?
If you are not going to try and salvage the carpet, just get a razor knife and cut it up one section at a time, as much as you can handle. Once you start on one end, you can just raise up enough of the carpet to slice through and make sure you don*t cut the wood floor underneath; I*m assuming it is hardwood. You do not need any special equipment. Stop and start when ever you feel like it. 2 of us took out carpeting in a living room /dining room combo in about 8 hours. Trouble was it was full of cat pee from previous owners, and we had to keep running outside to breathe fresh air.

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