Non-rising Stem Metal Seated Gate Valve ISO5208

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Product Description:


Non-Rising Stem


Body:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron

Wedge:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron Encapsulated with EPDM

Seat: EPDM / NBR

Shaft: SS410

Stem Nut: Brass

O-ring: EPDM, NBR

Wedge Nut: Brass / Bronze

Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron


Hand Wheel / Bevel Gearing / Square head / Electric actuator

Face to Face:

BS5163: 1986, DIN 3202 F4-F5, JIS B2002, ANSI B16.10


BS4504, DIN 2532, JIS B2212, ANSI B16.10/ANSI B16.50

Working Pressure:

16 Bar(200 PSI)

Design  and Manufacturer Standard


BS5163, DIN 3352, JIS B2043

Test Standard:

API 598  BS6755 DIN 3230  JIS B2003


Water works, Sewage, Public facilties, Building industry, Petroleum, Chemical, Steel, Metallurgy, Paper Making Industry, Foods, Beverage, HVAC

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Q:Riding with a Schrader/Presta valve adapter?
Nope! I always ride with one screwed onto each tire. The schrader adapter screws over the presta. Always good to have one incase you're near a gas station and may need air.
Q:how many valves does a human heart have?
All four valves are not essential. Many patients have Pulmonary regurg after a surgery for Fallot's tetrology. Other three valves are important but valve leaks are better tolerated on the rt side than on the left side. Stenosis of any valve causes obstruction to circulation and so it causes problems.
Q:how do you check a solonoid on a sprinkler valve?
dio, yes, if your sprinkler control valve is not opening a zone valve in the automatic mode, then manually turn the solenoid on the zone valve counterclockwise, it sprinklers come on , then you have confirmed a bad solenoid. these can be purchased seperately or another oprtion is a complete zone valve dio, well, if water is flowing thru then the solenoid is not sealing on the zone valve body itslef. unless there is debris between the solenoid washer and zone valve body, then sounds like a bad solenoid...
Q:How long can a valve cover remain off the engine?
A clean dry towel over the exposed valve train assembly will keep the dust out. A closed hood will not stop dust from flying through the fender-wells, under the car and into the engine compartment. I have news for you: An electrochemical reaction is called corrosion. Your valve covers don't fall within that category. Valve covers are usually of stamped steel from gosh know where. I've seen and heard of oil pans rusting through on Ford cars and trucks but your issue is a first. I have a pair of 48 year old 300 hp. 327 stamped steel valve covers in the cellar with not a spec of rust on them. Along with that two pair of chrome 427 Chevrolet valve covers that are 45 years old with no rust. America has gone to hell in a hand basket when they started buying outsourced boiler plate steel.
Q:please i want theory of MOTORIZED VALVE ?
Valves Either control valve or shut off vales operated by electric motor is called Motorized valve. Close the vale see it is closed Open the vale at different positions say 5% 10% 15% etc and see the control signal and the actual opening.
Q:Control Valve?
A major improvement in the DWEER system has been the development of the LinX (LinearExchanger) valve, which was patented byShumway . This valve replaced eight two-way valves with asingle multi-port spool valve which simplifiedthe system, improved reliability, reducedmaintenance requirements and allowed for fastervalve switching, reducing the size (and thus cost)of the energy recovery vessels. DWEER systemsutilize long vessels which may be installed underthe membrane vessels. Atpresent, the largest available DWEER system has a capacity of 500 m³/h. DWEER (Dual Work Exchanger EnergyRecovery)
Q:replacing pressure reducing valve?
The cost you quoted seems a bit high to me. Mine didn't cost anywhere near that amount in East Texas. A pressure reducing valve acts like a check valve when there is no flow. That is it closes as the pressure rises when you are not using any water. In this condition, the hot water heater can raise the pressure even higher since there is no place for the expanding water to go. That is the reason for the expansion tank. Without the expansion tank the pressure relief valve on the hot water heater can relieve unnecessarily or weep a bit.
Q:PCV Valve Information?
The PCV valve is about 3 inches long, just pull it out of the valve covers and replace it with the new one!!!
Q:EGR Valve...?
if your talking about a car EGR valve, it's used for the smog system in your car...if you need help you need to specify what make and model of car you have... with a faulty EGR vale you will not pass a smog test and it will make your car run rough... go buy one at the local automotive store and locate it under your hood, they are very simple to install...
Q:erg valve for 2000 honda accord vtec v6?
the accord is one of the best engineered cars that honda has ever produced and if the one you are looking at has a sunroof and leather it is a ex-L model witch is the top of the line model the milage on it is good and the price is as well your are getting a good deal but there are two things you need to know the automatic trannys that came in the v6 accord have alot of problems but dont let that worry you the trannys in the v6 accords from 98 to 02 the 6th gen model normally go out between 100000 and 110000 miles but honda extended the warranty on them to cover this problem so you wont have to pay for it that right there is a great bonus because even though the tranny will go out honda will cover the cost and you get a brand new tranny that is good for another 100000 miles now the second thing is the timing belt is recomended to be replaced between 90000 and 110000 miles but with only 76000 miles on it you have a ways to go before you have to worry about that I myself have an 02 accord 2dr ex-L 4cyl. and i love it it had 68000 miles on it when i got it and now has 80000 and i have only had it for 11 months but i drive my car alot and i drive it even harder i dont think i have ever shifted to the next gear untill it redlined witch i know is really bad for the car but even with as hard as i drive mine i have never had one problem with it well except for the damage i did the under carraige from having it lowered 2 and a half inch when i bottomed out going 127 on the interstate haha good times but yes you are geeting a good deal and if you get this car you will love it

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