Natural Quartz Stone

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery of Natural Quartz Stone


Packaging Detail: wooden pallet for big slabs & wooden crate for cut-to-size tile and countertops
Delivery Detail: 15 days



Specifications of Natural Quartz Stone


New Italian Design Though and Scratch resistance Durable and easy maintenance High resistance to stains Anti corruption



Characteristic of Natural Quartz Stone


1.Though and Scratch resistance


2.Durable and easy maintenance


3.high resistance to stains


4. Anti corruption



Features of Natural Quartz Stone


 1. Composition:90-93% quartz stone, 7% resin, pigment, and other material


2. Manufacturer process

    (1) Feeding & mixing

    (2) Molding

    (3) Pressing under high pressure and vacuum

    (4) Curning

    (5) Cutting

    (6) Polishing

    (7) Inspection

    (8) Packing




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Q:How much is the factory price, the cheapest and the most expensive of the stone stone? How much is the cheapest quartz rock and the most expensive quartzite on the market?
Don't know don't speak good. Calcium powder plus resin production can also be called quartz stone? That's artificial stone! Artificial stone in the filler is broadly divided into 3 categories, the best use of pure acrylic, mid-range with acrylic or pure aluminum, the worst with the calcium powder, and the casting process is obviously the production process of artificial stone, quartz stone is the rise of the artificial stone after the formal manufacturers of quartz by vacuum pressing, Morse the hardness is generally more than 6. small factories to fish in troubled waters, with man-made stone casting process for production of quartz stone will not be more than 4. and a Mohs hardness of small manufacturers in the quartz stone material manufacturers did not strictly, quality worse.
Q:Disadvantages of quartz stone countertops
Quartz stone product introduction perfect - derived from continuous transcendence! Excellent performance of quartz stone, that greatly increases the hardness, strength and wear resistance of artificial stone, not easily scratched during use, and acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, impact resistant capability has been further strengthened, especially the application of nanotechnology to form the lotus leaf surface structure, the anti fouling antibacterial ability is greatly improved, the the processing method is the same with the ordinary artificial stone, but requires the use of special equipment. Because the diamond using a series of new technologies, new materials, new technology, and its application is more extensive, in addition to the normal kitchen table, also can be used in hotel, hotel floor and metope, can meet the demand of fashion life.
Q:The hazards of quartzite
Natural quartz stone surface rough, difficult to burnish, polishing is mainly used for building materials, household decorative quartz stone is by quartz stone particles mixed resin molding, cutting, polishing, and adjustable color, beautiful and beautiful. We like to buy other qualified unqualified materials, but I suggest that may involve hazardous products or manufacturers buy a reputable brand is better, or for other non hazardous product replacement, artificial products are popular for a short time on the date, artificial stone quartz stone is now added two years ago quartz particles. Hope to be of some help to you.
Q:Home improvement kitchen stone election, what color is good?
Secondly, artificial stone is selected. Second factors look beautiful. Home Furnishing decoration, not suitable for color too deep stone, try to choose qianyanshai stones as decoration materials. Light colors give people a warm, quiet feeling and the effect of expanding the floor area.
Q:Clear quartz stone quartz stone and gold in Windsor, which is better?
If I can only choose Corian stone, as long as meet the requirements, the general family doing high hardness, true quartz stone with a knife is no scratches, sample how, can not guarantee, that is false, afraid of fake gold and stone shop home Li Windsor compared to, they would have said.
Q:Consult ambry mesa, quartz stone and toughened glass, which kind is OK?.
Quartz stone is the best, no radiation, high hardness, no oil leakage, easy maintenance, now famous ambry flagship store general table materials are quartz stone, toughened glass is not good, but certainly not the former high hardness, easy to scratch marks, difficult to remove, the cabinet is used for more than ten years of things, to use a durable.
Q:Are man-made stone and quartz stone resistant to high temperature? Can I put the hot stuff straight on?
Different resin content, the degree of high temperature performance is not the same. The general temperature of the things on the artificial stone countertops are all nothing! With a heat source things, it is better to put heat insulation cushion more insurance.
Q:How to measure quartz stone?
Scrape with a knife5, inferior quartz stone with a knife scraping, there will be powder appear.6, high-quality quartz stone hardness hardness, scraping after there will be no powder, and there will be a knife in the metal color on quartz stone.
Q:Dust hazard and protection of quartz stone table cutting
Effects of noise on the cardiovascular systemUnder the action of noise, the heart rate can be accelerated or slowed down, and the changes of ST or T wave in the electrocardiogram can be seen in the absence of blood type. Early signs of blood pressure may be unstable, and prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause blood pressure to rise. The cerebral blood flow showed a decrease in amplitude and an increase in the inflow time, suggesting an increase in blood pressure and a decrease in elasticity.
Q:Will quartz rocks become deformed or discolored for a long time?
This entry lacks the information bar, adds the related content, causes the entry to be more complete, but also can update rapidly, hasten to edit!PVC flooring is a new kind of lightweight ground material which is very popular in the world. It is also called lightweight material". Quartz floor is a member of the PVC floor, 50 years ago, Lijie RIKETT Norway company invented the world's first quartz sand floor, from the floor to the world industry has brought a new concept of application, quartz floor was born.
Our company has advanced production lines, strong technical force, and USES the unique production technology, production of various specifications of the transparent quartz glass products. Company main products are high purity, low hydroxyl quartz tube, quartz glass tube (rod), filter uv quartz tube, etc. Products are mainly used in the production of automotive bladder hernia headlight, metal halide lamp bladder, uhp lighting. Our company production of quartz glass by vacuum removing hydroxyl hydroxyl furnace processing, hydroxyl content can be up to 2 parts per million

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Above US$10 Million
Main Markets The americas, Europe, Australia and Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Lianyun Port
Export Percentage 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average