Engineered Quartz Stone

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery of Engineered Quartz Stone


Packaging Detail: WOODEN CASE
Delivery Detail: 30 days,According to your order quantity



Specifications of Engineered Quartz Stone


not contain any pollution and radiation,environmental friendly building material,High hardness,Excellent heat resistance


Application of Engineered Quartz Stone 


1) Size: 1410mmx3050mm, 1610mmx3250mm, 1520mmx3050mm, 1520mmx2440mm


2) Thickness: from 12mm to 30mm, according to your demand.


3) Packing: Wooden case


4) Colors: Various colors for chosen, especially we can adjust the color according to your sample.


5) Terms of payment: T/T (30%deposite,70%before ship) or L/C



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Q:How to make polishing without gloss of quartz stone has gloss
Polishing has glossiness, needs more accurate hit desert, mirror level is ok.Quartz stone: quartz stone is a composite material, which mainly contains silica, plus resin and pigment in vacuum conditions, through high temperature and high pressure two synthetic material. Quartz is used to make all kinds of countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. The outstanding performance of quartz stone is that it greatly increases the hardness, strength and wear resistance of man-made stone. It is not easy to flower in the process of using, and the ability of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and shock resistance is further strengthened. In common with quartz inclusions (Hair: crystal) - crystal is mainly rutile; grass into the main crystal - tourmaline; liquid inclusions in quartz crystal with water; green light blue quartz containing rutile needles; milk quartz by fine water holes caused by turbidity; green quartz plate or fragmented chlorite, sometimes may be green needle like actinolite; Aventurine quartzite (Aventurine) - containing internal green or red brown mica flakes, also known as Aventurine Aventurine, commonly known as. Common smoky black to dark brown smoky crystals; mostly these rocks contain a large amount of radioactive uranium and thorium
Q:What is the difference between quartz and crystal?
Quartz sand is an important industrial mineral raw material, widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and refractory materials, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, plastics, rubber, abrasives and other industries.Application areas / applicationsGlassFlat glass, float glass, glass products (glass cans, glass bottles, glass tubes, etc.), optical glass, glass fiber, glass instruments, conductive glass, glass cloth and anti radiation special glass and other main raw materialsCeramics and refractories..crystalCrystal is a colorless transparent quartz crystal mineral. The main chemical it is silicon dioxide, with the ordinary sand is a kind of material with out of the womb ".
Q:What harm does inferior quartz stone have?
Organic solvents and heavy metals endanger the digestive system. Some unscrupulous merchants use the inferior inorganic pigments such as lead or cadmium in the process of production and directly add organic solvents. These poor quality quartz stone board after entering the family, through heavy metals and other harmful substances, food as the carrier, directly into the digestive system, endangering human health. Quartz stone with high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy bleeding and excellent performance, become the most ideal materials for the cabinet table, preparing a highly praised by the industry and consumers, but the quartz stone jumbly a market, the price difference is big, so that consumers found quality.
Q:The hazards of quartzite
Natural quartz stone harmless, no radiation, harmful factors such as the human body can rest assured.
Q:Method for treating joint of quartz stone Mesa
Clean the surface of the board and adjust the special glue. The color of the glue is basically the same as the color of the plate. Apply it to the seam.
Q:What's the difference between a granite sink and a quartz trough?
A protective film is arranged on the surface of the granite trough, and the surface of the stone trough is not processed.
Q:Is quartz mesa afraid of being hot?
Stainless steel countertops, bright and clean, the performance is excellent, the table will have bonded particleboard, particleboard and stainless steel surface to do veneer processing, environmental protection and moisture proof performance is poor, if handled well, it is relatively easy to use. Stainless steel table surface is firm, easy to clean, practical, and antibacterial effect is good. However, in the corner of the cabinet table and the length of the combination of parts of the lack of reasonable and effective means of processing, not suited to household kitchen, cross pipe and other special requirements. The joint is too big to be welded, and the connection is prone to bacteria.
Q:How to identify quartz stone?
Is in a vacuum condition quartz crystal (94%), (6%) resin and trace pigments and other materials made large size plate through the heterogeneous polymerization, the quartz crystal up to 94% of the body as the main structure, which is harder, closely, with other decorative materials and incomparable wear resistance, pressure resistance and high temperature, corrosion resistance, anti permeability properties.Quartz crystal is in the nature of natural mineral hardness only to diamond, the surface hardness of up to 7.5 Mohs hardness, shovel knife tool is far greater than the people's daily use, even with a paper knife sharp on the surface across, will not leave marks. Its melting point is up to 1300 degrees Celsius. It will not burn because of contact with high temperature. It also has high temperature resistance which can not be matched by other quartz content.
Q:Which is better, quartz or marble?
Quartz stone quartz stone hardness first is better than most of the marble high hardness, followed by quartz stone no environmental radiation, and natural marble how much radiation, and can not trace the size of the radiation, the radiation will lead to the risk of neonatal leukemia. In home improvement can use quartz stone, do not use marble, after all, family space is small, unlike public places, the amount of radiation is not easy to evaporate!
Q:How to choose quartz stone countertops?It's best to tell me which is the best quartz stone on the market at present
Sally stone (Silestone) of the end of this historical table, has its own specialty materials, a new era began. So far, no one can be like Sally stone material (Silestone), with its excellent quality meets in the kitchen, bathroom, drug Taiwan and the test bed is the higher requirement to the hygienic standard of these areas, is perfect, noble and practical embodiment. Price: people love quality excellent and luxurious Sally stone surface, but often in front of the stop price. However, when you carefully prepare the bill, you will find that it is not expensive.The importance of consumer durables is equipped with table furniture, and furniture in the most easily damaged is the table. So, there is no good table simply does not have good furniture. Spend more money to buy kitchen cabinets, countertops cabinets is broken, will lose its value, is your table every day to see the most, the most used parts!
We are mainly engaged in developing and producing high-quality quartz glass products and CFQ tubes applied for light-sources, disinfection, chemical tubes, communication and heating equipment, and they are supporting materials for LSI. Our major products include 200-460mm large OD high purity quartz tubes with OH<20ppm, other quartz tubes with OD range from 2 to 200mm, ozone free quartz tubes, UV-stop quartz tubes, twin quartz tubes, (fishing lamps) bulb shells, quartz boats, quartz for vertical furnace, quartz pedestals, quartz tanks, clear quartz crucibles.

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Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1996
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets 80.00% Domestic Market
12.00% Eastern Asia
3.00% Eastern Europe
2.00% South America
2.00% North America
1.00% Southeast Asia
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Nearest Port Lianyungang,Qingdao,Shanghai
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Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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