Quartz used for Kitchen Top, Lab Top, Vanity Top

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1.High hardness, Good Wear Resistance

2.Pure raw material, environment-friendly and safety.

3.No radiation, healty for human


Quartz/man made stone/ artifical stone/ engineered quartz stone, has follow advances for kitchen tops, vanity tops, flooring, wall ets: 

1.More than 93% natural quartz powder

2.Hard enough to avoid any scratches. The surface scratch Hardness is 7%..

3.Fashion color design for any projects.

4.Surface brightness, easy wipe and easy clean.

5.No poison and no radicalization. Environment-friendly and safety.

6.Proof-stain, Anti-Corrosion & Proof-Mold, Anti-Bacterial.

7.Capacity of production:30,000m2/month

8.Slab size available:3050x1600x12-30mm,3050x1400x12-30mm

9.Kitchen top size:96”x26”,96”x36”,110”x26”,96x52”

10.Cut into size:12”x12’,18”x18”,24”x24” or OEM

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Q:How to maintain quartz stone?
Sharp sharp tools may cause damage to the surface and the material itself. Quartz stone is a kind of composite material with high hardness. It has high impact resistance and scratch resistance. As long as there is no sharp tool to damage it, the stone will not wear out. If the table is particularly difficult to remove the material, if necessary, can be gently scraped with knives, while avoiding the use of high hardness tool scratches the table.
Q:Which is durable, a ceramic wash basin or a quartz wash basin?
I suggest you choose the ceramic wash basin, ceramic basin surface is a layer of glaze, smooth and easy to clean, no dirt impregnated. And quartz stone basin is made of natural stone and artificial stone polishing surface, after amplifying surface pores, still very rough, absorbent, if liquid soap can not the timely removal of surface contamination, especially with the color of the dirt will seep into the deep surface, causing permanent pollution. How to clean wash off with clean wash. Of course, choose a better work may be avoided, but this is a big hidden quartz stone wash basin. My vegetable washing basin is stainless steel, but the choice of artificial quartz stone countertops, although it looks smooth as a mirror, but accidentally contaminated stains on how to clean away.
Q:How high is the temperature of the quartz stone table?
Quartz is a kind of physical and chemical properties of mineral resources are very stable, quartz stone quartz stone plate manufacturers are currently on the plate produced a short, the main component of the high content of quartz plate is more than 93%, so called quartz stone
Q:What are the characteristics of man-made quartz stone?
Artificial stone is generally used in the field of aesthetic requirements, relatively high places, quartz stone will often be used in the kitchen table, of course, also useful artificial stone.
Q:What material is available on the bathroom counter?
The ceramic is a between metal and glass items belong to brittle goods; the current state of the thickness of the ceramic is also no uniform standard, most of the businesses in order to save costs, the thickness of which is not safe; this leads to ceramic easily crack or broken, broken ceramic water especially sharp, easy to scratch the skin even so hurt; in the process of using carefully. If the family has children's users, please do not choose, have heard inferior toilet seat broken, what is the result?! Therefore, the best choice of large brands of ceramic products, big brands in quality and service is relatively secure.
Q:Is it the quartz or stainless steel stove that is popular now? Which is practical and which is good?
Stainless steel table surface is bright and clean, and the performance is excellent. It is usually added with a thin stainless steel board on the surface of the high density fireproof boardAdvantages: strong, easy to clean, practical strong. Can be made into a pot with water basin, corrosion resistance, permeabilityDisadvantages: easy dirty, scratch to repair work is more complex, is not conducive to the field of special processing, plasticity, the model is relatively simple, poor impact resistance, easy in the daily use of force deformation. Visual than "hard", not soft. In every corner of the cabinet table and the combination of will there are obvious signs of joint, is unable to use any way.
Q:What is the difference between quartzite and quartzite?
The content of quartz is differentQuartzite is a metamorphic rock with a quartz content greater than 85%, usually formed by recrystallization of sandstone or other siliceous rocks through regional metamorphism.
Q:Use and maintenance of quartz trough
3. Minimize the use of silver containing detergents or other washing products containing sulfur or hydrochloric acid.4, use less rough objects or steel balls to clean the sink, which makes it easy to produce scratches and sink spots.
Q:How to identify genuine quartz stone?
There are only 4 simple methods for identifying the quality of quartzite. 1., the weight of quartz stone is high-pressure press out, the poor quartz stone is pouring production of heavy press press out, the plate density is higher, so the same size of quartz stone will be more heavy. The quartz content also varies from 80% to 94%, and the higher the quartz content, the better the quality of the quartz stone countertops. 2. the thickness of quartz stone countertops is 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm and two for quartz stone artificial stone high hardness but relatively more brittle so suggested the use of 15 per cent of the thickened quartz stone, but many manufacturers are actually walking out the real production of sheet only 14 per cent and 13.5 per cent, the manufacturer is not responsible, this 1 per cent to 15 per cent, so there is no real quartz stone countertops is recommended not to buy. 3., key and other hard objects, quartz stone. Sashi Eisa is the main component of quartz is silica in nature, hardness only to diamond, if it is really good quartz stone, with a key after scraping will only have a line after scrubbing is more obvious, but the key will have scars and scraping white powder with poor quartz stone calcium powder inferior materials. 4., soy sauce test of quartz stone table top, soy sauce upside down in a few days will not seep color. The inferior quartz stone mesa will seep in 1 days.
Q:Which is better, quartz or marble?
Quartz stone quartz stone hardness first is better than most of the marble high hardness, followed by quartz stone no environmental radiation, and natural marble how much radiation, and can not trace the size of the radiation, the radiation will lead to the risk of neonatal leukemia. In home improvement can use quartz stone, do not use marble, after all, family space is small, unlike public places, the amount of radiation is not easy to evaporate!
We cover an area of 40 acres, with 16000 square meters of plant area and 1200 square meters of office building space. We are a professional quartz stone, artificial marble and countertop manufacturer, with annual production more than 1,000,000 square meters. We have obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2000 and SA8000

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Location Guangdong,China
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Main Markets North America 35%
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Eastern Europe 4.5%
Southeast Asia 4.5%
Oceania 8%
Western Europe 4%
Northern Europe 5%
Southern Europe 4.5%
Domestic Market 30%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;SA8000

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