Multi-purpose Small Mini CNC Milling Machine

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Product Description:


1.the structure use the high toughness,high iron manufacturing
2.three axis are installed linear guide rail
3.CE certificated

A. Features

1.Main structure of lathe bed and column adopt reasonable

Fabric reinforcement to enhance against earthquakes.

2. Can not be out of shape and chip removal is fluent..

3. Three axis are installed linear guide rail,to maintain high precision

under highspeed operation for a long time.Fast moving shortens the

positioning time and increase productivity.

4.The structure of a precision pressure equipment is connected with the

automatic lubrication device,use the special bearings which are used for ball

screw,ensure that the positioning accuracy and the contour control accuracy

and mobile shaft rigidity.

5.Three axis are servo feed axis,spindle servo spindle with rigid tapping function,

to improve the machining accuracy,to reduce processing time and improve productivity.

6.You can choose the CNC controler system for the machine

B. Product Overview

1,The overall structure use the high toughness, high iron manufacturing,and after a

highly efficient annealing heat treatment,it effectively eliminate material internal stress,

to ensure the precision of the best stability and durability.

2,Stand column design is big span, it has high rigidity and high stability. It connected to

a strong, stable large casting lathe bed,to ensure the accuracy of the machined part and precision.

3,Counterweight system behind the stand column, and it has biaxial oriented, so the spindle

box cutting move more smoothly,effectively restrain the negative effects of vibration,to ensure

the requirement of accuracy.

4,Three axis use the P3 precision ball screw,cooperate with double nuts washers preloaded,

eliminate back lash in advance,to achieve high stability of positioning accuracy and repeat precision.

5,Three axis machine tool are installed high precision linear rolling guide,to ensure the high

precision of processing, meanwhile increased the speed of fast forward.

6,Three axis feed driven use servo motor and screw straight league,transmitting stable, and

no back lash.And it has good rigidity and damping performance,greatly improved the dynamic

rigidity of transmission system

7,Precision highspeed spindle unit and AC servo motor connected through the synchronous belt ,

low noise, little vibration, low calorific value.Available for milling, drilling, reaming, boring, ream,

tapping and other processing.

8.Column Z axis has large travel (up to 500 mm), so that the processing of high workpiece no

need to be on large machine tools, and at the same time leaving enough space for adding 4th

axis etc.

9.Sheet metal integration design, comprehensive protection, good integrity, high impermeability.

Open sliding door design, more convenient for loading and unloading workpieces.




Table size (mm)




Max load (kg)


Travel of X axis (mm)


Travel of Y axis (mm)


Travel of Z axis (mm)


Distance from spindle nose to table (mm)


Distance from spindle center to column (mm)


Spindle Taper


Spindle speed(rpm)




Spindle servo motor power(kw)


Spindle motor torque (Nm)


X/Y/Z axis servo motor torque (mm)


X/Y/Z axis Max feeding speed (mm/min)


X/Y/Z axis Max fast moving speed (mm/min)


Coolant pump power (w)


Rated flow (L/min)


CNC Controller


Positioning accuracy (mm)


Repeating accuracy (mm)


Net weight/ Gross weight(kg)


Packing size (mm)


D.Standard configuration

Security locks, lubricating system, cooling tank and dust pans, operation indicator light (red,

yellow, green), working lamp, air gun, toolbox 1 set ,  instructions 1 set , a set of eight knife.

Optional configuration

Vertical milling cutter bar BT30, quickchange drill collet BT30, spring collet milling cutter

bar BT30, Taper-shank reduction sleeve BT30,

Facemilling cutting rod BT30, Pneumatic rivet, precision mold clamp, suit spring collet CNC

dividing head (four axis)

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Q:Now CNC lathes, what software editing procedures, what language is used
process parameters, tool movement trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle speed, feed, back to eat knife, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, Cutting fluid on, off, etc.), in accordance with the NC machine tool specified by the instruction code and program format written into the processing program
Q:How is the turning of the lathe?
1. With the outside garden turning machine first test a garden, measuring the diameter of the outer garden, the knife along the Z axis of the positive direction, cut the end to the center (X-axis coordinates minus the diameter value).
Q:General lathe and CNC lathe working hours
Think that the ratio of workers' working hours to theoretical hours should be 2: 1, that is, the theoretical time multiplied by 2 or more.
Q:What is the name of ordinary lathe tool, such as live board, caliper, there are a lot of board called what name
diameter micrometer, dial indicator calipers, plug gauge, tape, calipers, plug, tape, chuck: three claws four claws, top, live top, drill chuck, cone, ,
Q:How does the CNC lathe front knife and rear turret programming differ
The operator is standing in front of the CNC lathe. The tool holder is located between the spindle and the operator. If the spindle is located between the tool holder and the operator, it belongs to the rear turret.
Q:The ratio of the number of lathes, drill presses, grinders and planers in a factory is 9: 3: 2: 1, and the ratio of the probabilities they need to be repaired in a certain period of time is 1: 2: 3
A4 = {a machine for the planer}, P (A4) =
Q:What is the relationship between surface roughness and machining methods in lathe processing?
Rough car size accuracy of IT8 ~ IT10, fine car size accuracy of IT7 ~ IT8.
Q:CNC machine tool processing characteristics of what, for the answer
Adaptability is the so-called flexibility, refers to the numerical control machine with the production object changes and adaptability.
Q:CNC lathe 26 letters represent what
The keyboard on the things used to enter the program in the S speed, N block number, T tool number, XU on behalf of the X axis coordinate command which also represents the amount of back, ZW represents the Z axis coordinate command which also represents the amount of back,
Q:What is the top of the lathe and the classification
The lathe is sometimes available with a three-jaw self-centering chuck to hold a homemade.

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