CNC Lathe Machine And Metal Lathe

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Product Description:


1-Spindle brake way by electric brake

2-Feed of X.Z shaft are driven bu all screw with servo-motor or stepper motor

3-Imported or homemade CNC system

4-Rotary various workpiece surface automatically turning,precision maching

5-The boby of the lathe has good rigidity,the guide is treated by super audio quenching with high hardness,grinding the surface with high accuracy.

6-The carriage adopts plastic paste processing.wear small,high precision,long life.

7-Electronic hand wheel equipped,easy operation.




Max.swim over bed


Max.swim over carriage


Max.length of work piece


Range of spindle speed


Spindle bore


Taper of spindle bore


Stations of tool carrier

4/6/8/or gang-type tool carrier

Min.setting unit of motor

(Z) long  0.001mm,(X) cross 0.001mm

Moving speed of post

(Z) long  8 m/min,(X) cross  6 m/min  

Taper of taikstock quill


Max.range of tailstock quill


Motor power

4 KW

Packing size(lenght×width×height)

1600mm×1100 mm×1550mm  

Net weight


Standard configuration:

1.Cnc system :GSK928(China 's first brand)English interface

2.4-position tools

3.Automatic lubrication pump

4.Manual 3-jaw chuck Φ200mm

5.Manual tailstock

6.Voltage:3 phase 380v 50HZ(If you need other voltage ,please tell me in advance)

7.Water cooling system lights

9.Tailstock Center

10. Meter / Inch Box

11.Tool Box with Tools

12. Operation & Service ManualCommunity Gear

Select configure

1.CNC system: Siemens808D,(warranty service)

2.Hydraulic chuck , pneumatic chuck,

3.Hydraulic tailstock, pneumatic tailstock,

4.Automatic feeder,

5.Horizontal six-station turret.

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Q:How does the lathe use the steps?
In the lathe can also be used drill, reaming drill, reamer, tap, die and knurling tools such as the corresponding processing.
Q:The structure of the lathe
① main shaft box: also known as the head of the box, its main task is to rotate the main motor through a series of transmission mechanism so that the spindle to get the required two different steering speed, while the spindle box separation part
Q:Do three years of ordinary lathe general salary a month how much money
(1) timing wages are divided into monthly and daily knot two:
Q:The middle of the lathe becomes smaller
manual uniform, with a 0.4R machine clip wear knife high-speed turning.
Q:Now CNC lathes, what software editing procedures, what language is used
Turning center, is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine has a wide range of processing technology performance, can be processed linear cylindrical, oblique cylinder, arc and a variety of threads, grooves, worms and other complex parts, with linear interpolation, Interpolation of various compensation functions, and in the complex production of spare parts to play a good economic results.
Q:What wide number of 980T clear knife fill when prompted not to enter?
GSK980TDA simulation software settings in the parameters of how to open the switch? I press the LD on the alarm that has been opened but not open so that can not modify the parameters and input knife compensation Is there a place to set up?
Q:What is the daily maintenance of CNC machine tools?
In order to give full play to the role of CNC lathe, reduce the occurrence of failure to extend the average machine failure time.
Q:CNC lathe programming G71 inside the P and Q how to determine
And N20 is the end of G70, that is, the formula nf
Q:What are the main applications of machine tools?
So the state attaches great importance to the development of machine tools, annual investment in a large number of research funding.
Q:Advantages and Disadvantages of CA6140 Lathe
In the processing process can be automatically measured, and can automatically compensate for tool wear and other causes of the error.

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