CNC Lathe With Motor Power

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1) CE,GS ETL quality high price absolutely competitive
3) Spindle bore: 60mm

1. The machine guideways are accuratly grinded, which has good wear resistance and high precision.

2. The spindle adopts single spindle frequency shift, two axes and two gear variable speed, all gear transmission.

3.The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, thus making it possible to minimize the thermal deformation effectively and assure good machining accuracy.

4.There are 3 kinds of machine protection ways:

  1) easy type: machine head not close, front baffle, back single sliding door;

  2)semi-closed: box closed, front baffle single sliding door, tailstock not close;

  3)all-closed:box full closed, tailstock full closed, front baffle, back or many sliding door.

5. According to client's requirements, we can equip with pneumatic chunk, hydraulic chunk and other special accessories.

Lathe SP2116

Model SP2116


1) Max. swing over bed: 360/400 mm

2) Max. swing over carriage: 210/245 mm

3) Max. length of work piece: 750/1000 mm

4) Range of spindle speed: 150--2000 rpm

5) Spindle bore: 60 mm

6) Spindle taper: MT6

7) Stations of tool carrier: 4/6/8 or gang-type tool carrier

8) Min. setting unit of motor(servo/stepper ) (Z) cross:  0.001 mm

                                                                      (X) long:   0.001 mm

9) Moving speed of post (servo/stepper):  (Z) cross:  8m/min

                                                                  (X) long:   6m/min

10) Taper of tailstock quill: MT4

11) Max. size of tool post: 20 x 20 mm

12) Max. range of tail stock quill: 120 mm

13) Motor power: 5.5 KW

14) Packing size: 2170/2420 x 1540 x 1950 mm

15) Net/Gross weight: 1500/1700 KG

                                    1700/1900 KG

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden box
Delivery Detail:within 30 working days

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Q:How does the machining accuracy of the lathe
1, size: with the size of the tolerance to represent the base system and the base system of the points, is the basic size + upper and lower deviation that.
Q:General lathe and CNC lathe working hours
If it is a single piece and the shape of complex or relatively fast in the car, because the early adjustment of the NC time-consuming, including programming and tooling tool debugging, if it is a single or a few pieces, no need to waste time
Q:What is the main movement of an ordinary lathe? What is the feed movement?
Spindle box: also known as the head of the box, its main task is to rotate the main motor through a series of transmission mechanism to make the required spindle to the two different steering speed, while the spindle box part of the power
Q:The ratio of the number of lathes, drill presses, grinders and planers in a factory is 9: 3: 2: 1, and the ratio of the probabilities they need to be repaired in a certain period of time is 1: 2: 3
A3 = {a machine for the grinder}, P (A3) =
Q:Small CNC lathes and large CNC lathes compared to what advantage
Small CNC lathes and large CNC lathes are basically not comparable. Although called "CNC lathe", but their respective areas of work and objects are completely different.
Q:What is the meaning of the so-called CNC lathe?
There is a machine tool screw itself has a gap, will let the knife.
Q:What is instrument lathe
I am in the factory, with the instrument lathe processing motorcycle carburetor oil needle, screws and so on.
Q:In the lathe on the processing of cylindrical surface, the accuracy of the general can achieve how much? What is the surface roughness Ra?
In general, the machining of the outer surface of the lathe can be achieved with precision: the accuracy of the outer circle, the precision of the cylinder, the accuracy of the surface roughness (the precision of the surface roughness)
Q:What is the difference between a fine car and a semi-fine car?
There is the size of the blank is relatively large, the tool grinding and fine cars are not the same.
Q:What is the lathe of the knife phenomenon
First, the processing system (including the lathe body, turning, the workpiece) due to the lack of rigidity, due to the impact of cutting force, causing deformation.

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