CNC Thread Whirling Lathe

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    The guideways are hardened and precision ground·Infinitely variable speed change for spindle. The system is high in rigidity and accuracy. The machine can smoothly run with low noise. Design of electromechanical integration, easy operation and maintenance.

    It can turn taper surface, cylindrical surface, arc surface, internal hole, slots, threads, etc., and is used especially for mass production of disc parts and short shaft in the lines of automobile and motorcycle.


Specifications                                                              CAK6150
Max .Swing over bed500mm
Max. Work piece Length750/1000/1500/2000/3000mm
Spindle taperMT6(Φ90 1:20)
Chuck sizeC6 (D8)
Thru-hole of spindle52mm(80mm)
Spindle speeds (12steps)21-1620rpm(I 162-1620 II 66-660 III 21-210)
Tailstock center sleeve travel150mm
Tailstock center sleeve taperMT5
Repeatability error0.01mm
X/Z rapid traverse3/6m/min
Spindle motor7.5kw
Overall dimensions for 7502440×1450×1700mm
Overall dimensions for 10002650×1450×1700mm
Overall dimensions for 15003150×1450×1700mm
Overall dimensions for 20003610×1450×1700mm
Overall dimensions for 30004610×1450×1700mm
LengthG.W. N.W.
Overall dimensions for 7502120/2900
Overall dimensions for 10002240/3000
Overall dimensions for 15002350/3200
Overall dimensions for 20002740/3400
Overall dimensions for 30003600/4200
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Q:What is the lathe chuck and claws?
So the general metal chuck is 6 claws.
Q:What is the daily maintenance of CNC machine tools?
In order to give full play to the role of CNC lathe, reduce the occurrence of failure to extend the average machine failure time.
Q:Huazhong CNC lathe how knife, the specific steps are what?
On the Z direction, with a knife to test the length of a piece of material, call out the CNC system in the knife scale table, enter the value of 0.000 (that is, the workpiece coordinate system Z direction of the origin of the workpiece on the right side. (Note flat face,
Q:The difference between machine tools and lathes
Generally divided into metal cutting machine tools, forging machine tools and woodworking machine tools.
Q:Is there a difference between automatic lathe and CNC car? Which salary is higher?
As for the wages, it should be said that the automatic lathe operation master of the high wages, because these skilled workers are relatively lacking.
Q:CNC lathe and CNC machining center What is the difference
The simplest understanding of the difference between a CNC lathe and a machining center is that one is the rotation of the tool and the rotation of a product.
Q:DMG-CTX310 CNC lathe about how much money? The
Shanghai Xige Code Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of CNC machine tools equipment, the introduction of advanced German machine tool design and manufacturing technology, with Shanghai Industrial Manufacturing of traditional traditions and modern information technology, combined with its own rich manufacturing experience, independent research and development
Q:What are the daily maintenance of the lathe?
3, scrub wheel frame, to ensure that the wheel frame, gear clean and no trace.
Q:How the first lathe was made
By the middle of the century, it was designed to use the foot pedal to rotate the crankshaft and drive the flywheel, and then drive to the spindle to rotate the "lathe."
Q:How the number of machining parts of CNC lathe is cleared
Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine has a wide range of processing technology performance, can be processed linear cylindrical, oblique cylinder, arc and a variety of threads, grooves, worms and other complex parts, with linear interpolation,

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