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l  Syntec controller

It adopts SYNTEC controller from Taiwan, its high stability ,high precision and strong operation function provide guarantee for machining high quality work pieces, with functions of five –shaft linkage , unlimited graduation of main shaft , strong network connections , hand wheel simulation .etc

l  Lubrication system

The machine is used lubricating system adopts PLC logic , and cubage type dispenser, complete timing quantitative centralized supply system.

l  Lateral milling institutions

Using high quality grinding grade gear , and gear cooling service, make gear wheel clearance decreased service life enhancement , process ability better , unique ER16 axis and ER11 shaft separated designed for both the processing cutting force and machining accuracy requirements ,due to the motor inside hide type design ,thus greatly enhancing the motor using conditions prolong the service life of the motor.

l  High precision ball screw and linear guide

X/Y/Z shaft adopts C3 grinding ball screw from MPI , the two Motor fixed end adopts NSK TAC combined bearing support, it uses prestretching design ,thermal displacement of machine is reduced to minimum .

l  No guide cover design

Unique no guide set of design can make the walk schamer endemic , long mail materials are fundamentally solved , general walked the length of the tail material sketchy 120mm-180mm left and right , but without using a guide set design , can make the tail after feeding control in 10 mm below and walked the length of the tail material sword quite , because it can not use guide set of processing ,walk schamer due to materials bending   appear tool diameter elliptic   phenomenon get greatly improved , and make the machine ZhenYuanDu and walk knife machine quite , in processed when the machine farmhand heavily thing also can use a fixed guide covers and activities guide sets.

l  The attractions up a mixture device

Can reduce the beat of the slender , the improvement of the machining quality , because use PVC engineering plastic seat base , greatly reducing the surface Brush , can maximize the protection of the surface finish .

l  Spindle auxiliary brake design

To overcome the problem , servo brake jitter and improve parts processing rigid consideration , a strong increase of spindle brake assistant mechanism .

l  Head end power

The tradition cutter seat can only do materials center and outside garden path selection of end face processing , power head then on parts Are elliptical , polygon of arbitrary shape processing , the work piece is fixed , its effect is equivalent to a miniature three axis milling machine .

Product advantages :

1: reliable quality , when there exists something wrong with our product  during the validity of quality , we will offer the professional service after selling .if meeting with special situation , we can send the technology worker to maintain it .

2: the price is negotiable .

3: short delivry

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Q:Small CNC lathes and large CNC lathes compared to what advantage
The price is different, mainly because "small CNC machine tools" and "large CNC machine tools" scale is not the same. As the scale is not the same, the machine used by the material, manufacturing equipment, technology is not the same, supporting the control, the implementing agencies are not the same, for example, small CNC machine tools, often as long as eight single board machine with stepper motor can be very good Already working. Large CNC machine tools may be 32-bit (or even 64-bit) host plus servo motor to work properly. Because the scale is large, the amount of data to be processed becomes a geometric progression.
Q:Is the lathe promising?
This thing for decades has been an irreplaceable machine, the next few decades can not be changed.
Q:How the first lathe is made in China
At first, people use two stands as a stent, set up to cut the wood, the use of branches of the elastic force to the rope rolled to the wood, pulling the rope to turn the wood, with the tool turning.
Q:What is the main organizational structure of ordinary lathe
There are four parallel rails on the bed, for the big carriage (turret) and tailstock relative to the headbox for the correct movement, in order to maintain the bed surface accuracy, in the operation of the lathe should pay attention to maintenance.
Q:Lathe and lathe workers is not a meaning
Workpieces are: lathes, knives, gauges, blanks, finished stacks, and other accessories.
Q:Is there a difference between automatic lathe and CNC car? Which salary is higher?
Clamping the workpiece is a spring chuck; CNC lathe tray and ordinary lathe is basically similar, through the stepper motor to drive the carriage forward or backward, most of the clamping material is a three-jaw chuck.
Q:What is the meaning of tool compensation in CNC lathe programming?
More than two commonly used, I said simple, easy to understand, do not know where to carefully read the operating instructions.
Q:The operation steps of the wide number of CNC lathes
Z: manual - forward to the side of the car head (about 0.5 mm), and then horizontal retreat, press the input-Z-0-carriage return.
Q:CNC lathe with CNC punch there are some differences between CNC machine tools ah
Early CNC system is composed of hardware circuit called hardware NC (Hard NC), after the 1970s, the hardware circuit components gradually replaced by a dedicated computer called computer numerical control system, usually using a dedicated computer and with an interface circuit,
Q:CNC lathe: turret to non-stop
2, in the diagnostic state, to see a few corresponding T01-T0N values have not changed.

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