Mica Roll for High Temperature Indurstry Field

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Product Description:


Product Description:


High tensile strength;

Stable quality
Cost-efficient price.

Mica Paper is the continuous reeled paper made from high quality muscovite, phlogopite and synthetic mica with mechanical pulp methods.

The production process: reduce the mica scrap to powder, make paper,  cut to the demand size and roll paper to finished products.


Outstanding Character:

1. Excellent insulating property.

2. High Tensile Strength.

3. Good resin penetration and air permeability.

4. Homogeneous distribution of granularity and structure.

5. Widely used in make Mica Plate, Mica Tape and etc.



Width: 960-1050mm

Thickness: 0.04-0.15mm


TypeWeight g/m2Thickness mmPenetration time  s(≤)Dielectric strength  KV/mm(≥)Tensile strength N/cm(≥)Loss due to heating at 500°C %(≤)Conductivity of aqueous extract  µs/cm(≤)Temp. Resistant °C(≥)


Packing: Wrapped up with PE film and fixed in wooden case.


insulation flexible mica paper roll

insulation flexible mica paper roll

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Q:What is the DMD insulation material?
These small mirrors are approximately 16 or 14 microns in size and are usually made up of an array of up to 50 to 2 million, with a gap between the mirrors of 1 micron and a mirror rotating with an aluminum hinge as a rotation axis 10- 12 degrees, can be used repeatedly 1 trillion, life test shows that in accordance with the usual use can be used for 100,000 hours. Its opening and closing control is through the mirror stop when the damping effect of the spring contact near the mirror, gradually reduce the way the additional voltage to achieve. DMD chip has been upgraded, the original chip on the microscope size of 16 microns, flip angle of 10 degrees, the current DMD micrometer size of 14 microns, flip 12 degrees, support 4K resolution chip has also been formed, the chip size of about 1.38 Inch.
Q:What insulating material is best `?
According to their polarity is divided into weak polarity, non-polarity, polarity and strong polarity 4. According to the material source is divided into mineral insulating oil, synthetic insulating oil and vegetable oil 3. Mineral insulating oil referred to as mineral oil, The relative dielectric constant is about 2.2, and the breakdown voltage in the standard electrode is 35 to 50 kV (kV). The flash point is 125 to 135 ° C for the manufacture of transformers and cables , Capacitors, etc. Synthetic insulating oil is a synthetic liquid insulating material.As the mineral oil is a mixture of various hydrocarbons, it is difficult to remove the components of the insulation performance, and the preparation process is complex, easy to burn, low heat resistance , The dielectric constant is not high, so the research and development of the excellent performance of the synthetic insulating oil. Now have used aromatic synthetic oil, silicone oil, ester oil, ether and sulfone synthetic oil, polybutylene, etc. Vegetable oil use Castor oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, etc. Castor oil is an excellent dip capacitor for pulse capacitors
Q:What insulating material is used for high voltage cables
YJLV23 Aluminum core XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable YJV32 copper core XLPE insulated fine steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable indoor, tunnel, cable trench, shaft or buried
Q:What is the electrical performance of insulating materials
Insulation material electrical performance mainly refers to: good dielectric properties, high insulation resistance and compressive strength. Do not occur leakage, creeping or breakdown and other accidents. Good heat resistance performance in the long-term heating state no significant change in performance. Good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and mildew resistance.
Q:What is the 8 ° C rule for insulating materials?
Such as A-class insulation material limit working temperature of 105 ℃, when the ultimate operating temperature of 8 ℃, its life will be reduced by about half, which is 8 ℃ thermal deterioration rules.
Q:What is the main purpose of insulating materials?
As the insulating material has a certain degree of insulation strength, a variety of electrical equipment, all kinds of safety equipment (electrical pliers, test pen, insulated gloves, insulation rods, etc.), a variety of electrical materials, factories are required to allow a certain voltage, For the rated voltage. The voltage to be used shall not exceed its rated voltage value in order to avoid accidents.
Q:What insulating materials do you need for power tools?
Reinforced insulation: the voltage between the live parts and the accessible housing is 3750V, such as the voltage between the brush and the cover surface; double insulation: basic insulation + additional insulation. Main insulating material: green paper or DMD Insulation paper for basic insulation; shaft insulation and plastic housing for additional insulation; rotor insulation end plate, stator insulation end plate, used to control the creepage distance and electrical clearance; brush grip bakelite powder, used to strengthen the insulation; other parts (Power plugs, commutators, switches, etc.) These are pressure requirements.
Q:Who knows what are the ability of 1300 degrees above the high temperature, insulation materials?
Where the ablative material is also high temperature resistant material. For example, in the 300 ~ 600 ℃, in the air to maintain its mechanical strength, chemical resistance and so on.
Q:What insulating materials are used for high frequency transformers?
Where the water is mainly a resin and solvent or resin, oil and solvent composition, is based on polymer polymer, under certain conditions can be cured into an insulating film or insulation of the important insulation material, applied to high-frequency transformers After the surface, the solvent evaporates, the resin or the resin and the oil form a smooth film, showing the original pattern of the object. Easy to dry and durable, and can acid and oil.
Q:What are the electrical insulation materials
Insulation material is electrical insulation material. According to the national standard GB2900.5 provides the definition of insulating material is: "used to make the device in the electrical insulation of the material." That is, to prevent the current through the material. Its resistivity is very high, usually in the range of 10 ^ 9 ~ 10 ^ 22Ω · m. As in the motor, the insulating material around the conductor isolates the turns and isolates it from the grounded stator core to ensure safe operation of the motor.

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