Mica Tubes Used in Line-frequency Furnaces

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Product Description:

 1. Introductions:

Mica tube is made of mica paper with highperformance organic silicon resin. After heating and pressing, the mica plate can be made into rigid or flexible insulating plates. The mica content is about 90% and the organic silicon resin content is 10%.

 2. Main features of Mica Parts:

Rigid mica tubes are featured with high strength, good performance, less smoke, less odor etc.

3. Applications:

This series mica plates are used mainly in household appliances (toaster ovens, microwave ovens, warm air blowers, hair dryers, electric iron etc.), metallurgy (such as line-frequency furnaces, medium frequency furnaces, electric arc furnace, etc.), medical equipment and other industries, used as the heating support, lining plate and partition plate of the electric appliances described above.

Typical applications of mica heating elements are air heaters, enclosure systems, food service equipment, process and packaging equipment.

4. Technical Parameters:


Tolerance for mica tube

Internal diameter(mm)

Tolerance of ID(mm)

Tolerance of ID(mm)

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10 ~ 20



21 ~ 50



51 ~ 100



101 ~ 200



201 ~ 300



       Length: 10mm to 1000mm
       Internal diameter:8-300mm
       Density:1.6g/cm3 to 1.7g/cm3




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely

--------What is the use of mica parts?

Mica laminate and washers made of our own high quality mica plates are used for home appliances, electro-magnets, micro-sensitive control gear etc


---------Which type of mica parts we can produce?

1. Rigid mica parts or Flexible mica parts

2. Muscovite mica parts or phlogopite mica parts

3. Thin mica parts or thick mica parts

4. All the special sized mica parts need drawing.


----------what advantages of mica parts?

1. Good high voltage insulation materials

2. Do not easily break up

3. Easily produce special size



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Q:The electrical equipment in the classroom which uses insulating material
Insulation material characteristics: chemical resistance with gloss, some transparent or translucent most of the good insulator light weight and strong processing can be easily mass production, cheap and wide range of uses, utility, easy to color, some high temperature
Q:What is the thermal aging and electrical aging of insulating materials?
Electrical aging more common in high-voltage electrical appliances, the main mechanism is the occurrence of partial discharge of insulating material under high pressure, resulting in strong oxidant ozone. Ozone is easy to cause ozone cracking of the material. Partial discharge will produce nitrogen oxides, which combine with the moisture to produce nitric acid, corrosion of insulating materials; partial discharge of high-speed charged particles bombardment of insulating material molecules, will promote its ionization, fission and damage; in addition to local discharge will make dielectric loss Increased, local heat of the material, resulting in heat aging.
Q:What is the DMD insulation material?
DMD insulation paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric properties and high heat resistance (B and F), is Y series motor stereotypes insulation material, can be used as small and medium-sized motor slot insulation, turn Insulation, liner insulation and transformer insulation. Part of the thickness of the product has been widely sold to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia market.
Q:What is the insulating material in the middle of the connecting wire?
The original wire is insulated paint, you often use, you can also use quick-drying insulating paint.
Q:Brass is not an insulating material?
Brass is not insulating material. On the contrary is the brass is conductive material. Brass texture hard, can not bend. No copper flexibility is good, so brass can only do a fixed copper conductive use.
Q:What is the electrical performance of insulating materials
Insulation material electrical performance mainly refers to: good dielectric properties, high insulation resistance and compressive strength. Do not occur leakage, creeping or breakdown and other accidents. Good heat resistance performance in the long-term heating state no significant change in performance. Good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and mildew resistance.
Q:What is the main purpose of insulating materials?
As the insulating material has a certain degree of insulation strength, a variety of electrical equipment, all kinds of safety equipment (electrical pliers, test pen, insulated gloves, insulation rods, etc.), a variety of electrical materials, factories are required to allow a certain voltage, For the rated voltage. The voltage to be used shall not exceed its rated voltage value in order to avoid accidents.
Q:What kind of insulation is the insulating layer of the aluminum plate?
Ordinary heat conduction is made with fiberglass PP2. High thermal conductivity materials are made of thermally conductive
Q:What are the commonly used insulating materials?
Commonly used inorganic insulation materials are: mica, asbestos, marble, porcelain, glass, sulfur and so on, which can be divided into inorganic insulating materials, organic insulating materials and mixed insulating materials.
Q:What are the gas insulation materials?
In addition to air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and sulfur hexafluoride gas, there are other gases used for insulation. CCl2F2 (freon-12) was used as an insulating in certain high-energy physical devices. CCl2F2 breakdown strength and SF6 similar, but because of its high liquefaction temperature, and the spark will make CCl2F2 precipitation of carbon particles, therefore, has been replaced by SF6. In hydrogen-cooled generators, hydrogen is also used as insulation in addition to cooling media.

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