Meat grinder for coarse

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Meat grinder for coarse


*220-240V, 50/60Hz, 600W ,  

*Multi-function: meat grinder for coarse/medium/fine grind

*On/Off/Reverse/Reset switch, safety circuit breaker to prevent motor burn out  

*ABS housing, removable stainless steel tray and grind head, durable stainless steel cutting blade

*Easy to use and cleaning, compact design for convenient storage                                                                \*Power efficiency and stable performane, low-noise operation

*Various type of motor can be changeable to meet different performance

*VDE two round plug with power cord 1.2m

*3pcs metal cutting plate, food pusher, sausage sdapter, kibbe attachment.

DimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
42.8*22.2*1945.5*44.5*40.24pcs11.50 12.80 1400pcs2900pcs3480pcs

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Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Do not scrape off the plastic chip, it sticks in the esophagus, intestines and stomach and so on, can not row, can not digest.
Q:How to judge the quality of a juicer mixer?
The price won't be expensive if you just squeeze the juiceBuying one can take a long time and quality is guaranteedIn fact, the price is almost with Blender Juicer mixer, but more functional, but the grinding powder, flour, pepper, aniseed, meat stuffing, can also make milkshakes, ice, fruit juice, but the juice machine generally only juice, some juice (fruit pulp, and separation) although nutritious, but the quantity is very few, some you can directly hit the fruit and flesh together, there are some filters, like a cherry, watermelon and so can.
Q:Is there one machine that can be used for both soya bean milk and juice?
Shopping malls to buy a lot of soybean milk machine can ah!! My home is Joyoung, and the soy milk is hot, it takes 20 minutes, you can also squeeze juice, but I have not used this function
Q:What's the difference between a blender and a juicer?
Juicer is without adding water can squeeze juice residue from fruit and vegetable juice, juice mixer is need to add water to the mixer and grinding powder, ground meat stuffing function.
Q:What's the difference between a blender, a processor, and a juicer? How to make a choice
In a Soybean Milk, grinding powder, juice, ice cream, meat stuffing, playing a multifunctional machine of female beauty mask deployment in a function, called food machine
Q:What fruit juice is good?
Orange, apple, grape, pear, watermelon, OK, combination of words, banana + Vanilla ice cream; papaya + fresh milk; apple pear + + mango + celery + Huiyuan Orange Juice kiwifruit;...... You can try it, which drink well matches which
Q:Is the juicer the same as the soybean milk machine? Which one is cheaper?
Certainly not. How much is a soymilk machine a few times the price of the juicer?. Cheap juicer is only tens of dollars.
Q:Which brand is good for Juicer?
Generally speaking, almost all vegetables and fruits have pesticide and heavy metal residues, and finally coagulate on the fiber
Q:What's P on the juicer?
Such products, P represents the instant connection, and then return to the zero gear immediately after the release function
Q:Which juicer is better?How do you choose the right Juicer?
Listen to the sound: the best power to try, to hear the Sound Juicer is not big, in the safe and stable operation, especially a little attention is when closing the juicer to listen to no harsh voice, if there is the existence of this juicer.

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