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Type LKX(S)(1)\LBX(S)(3) pumps are newly researched and developed on the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of domestic and foreign similar products. They are provided for delivering clear water, rainwater, sewage and seawater below 55 deg C. The pumps hand been used for handling circulating water in large scale power stations, metallurgy, water supply &drainage
Of civil engineering and farmlands as well as mining drainage.

Performance range
Capacity Q: 900~25000m3/h
Head H: 7~95m

The serials pumps are single stage or double stage vertical mixed flow pumps. They are vertically installed with the inlet vertical downward and the outlet horizontal extending. The rotor elements can be pull-out or non-pull-out, the axial thrust of pump carried by the motor or carried by the pump according to requirements of customers. The bearings of the pump is rubber bearings or Thordon bearings, when the rubber bearings are used, the shaft has shaft sleeves with pressure clear water in for lubrication.

Materials of tolerance parts: Impeller: Cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel
Shaft: High quantity of carbon steel or stainless steel
Others: Cast iron, cast steel or steel plate welding
Description of pump type
For example: 350LKX(S)2-95A
350_Pump outlet diameter (mm).

L_vertical mixed flow pump.
K_Represents pull-out rotor, B represents non pull-out rotor.
X_Represents outlet is under pump foundation.
S_Represents outlet is above pump foundation.
2_No. Of stage
20_Head at design point.
A_Impeller diameter is the first cut.

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Q:How do the fish in the tank keep the fish together?
Pump power is too large, for small power pumps; if satisfied, please give points!
Q:Can I spray paint without an air pump?
You go to buy a bottle of nitrogen, the price is very cheap, dozens of dollars, the bottle is rented.With the pressure reducing valve, the same can play the role of air compressor.
Q:Do not let fish hypoxia, in addition to oxygen pumps and plants, what else?
My family also raises fish, as if only those two methods
Q:380V air compressor (air pump) connected to the pressure switch and AC contactor, how to connect the two thin wire?
Isn't the circuit diagram in place? The circuit design is differentIf the switch is normally closed, the series connection in the circuit may not startIf it is open parallel, the circuit may not affect the use of the circuit, regardless of which does not connect, will lose protection
Q:Make two air pressure air pump start and stop at the same time, how to connect
Two air pressure pump when the pressure is lower than the normal pressure can start at the same time, if the premise is the same as the air pressure of two, two will have to pump gas together, then switch using a set of pump, so you can complete synchronization. Friend。 Consider the capacity of the switch.
Q:Can aquarium filters instead of oxygen pumps?
Fish do not keep the density is too large, easy to hypoxia. The filter pump can be used as an oxygen pump. It is much better than an oxygen pump
Q:Can I change the air pump into an air compressor?
Safety valve is used to relieve pressure, to prevent explosion, you need 5 kilograms of pressure, then set to 5.5 kg open the safety valve. No problem with refitting. You have to install a pressure switch, or you don't know how much pressure stops. And you need to pay attention to the connection of the pipe threads. Suggest to search the drawing of the air compressor system, compare with the cat drawing tiger, although the machine is small, but also want to pay attention to safety.The pipe thread is the joint that connects your air pump, pipe and gas tank. The thread, the safety valve and the pressure switch are all connected with the gas tank by thread. You can weld a pressure vessel yourself. After welding, inflate, soak, see if it leaks, don't be afraid of being ugly, the key is safety.
Q:What is the air pump for?
The air pump (Q. B ng air pump), namely "air pump", a device for removing air or add air from the enclosed space from a closed space. The air pump is mainly divided into an electric air pump and a manual air pump. Electric air pump. An electric pump powered by electricity; produces air pressure by constantly compressing the air through electricity. Mainly used in pneumatic rubber, car inflatable, etc..The working principle of the air pump is that the engine drives the air pump crankshaft through two triangle belts, thereby driving the piston to pump up air, and the produced gas is introduced into the air storage tank through the air guide pipe. On the other hand, the air reservoir is introduced into the pressure regulating valve of the air pump through a guiding pipe to control the air pressure in the air storage tank. When the air pressure in the air cylinder to the pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure, from the gas cylinder gas pressure valve can not enter the open top pressure regulating valve; when the air pressure in the air cylinder to the pressure regulating valve setting pressure, inlet gas pressure regulating valve from the gas cylinder top mixing pressure valve valve into the airway pressure valve and communicated with the transfer pump, and the normally open airway control pump inlet, so that the air pump load operation, to reduce the loss of power, to protect the pump. When the pressure in the air storage tank is lower than the pressure regulated by the pressure regulating valve because of the loss, the valve in the regulating valve is brought back by a return spring, and the control air path of the air pump is disconnected, and the air pump starts to inflate again.
Q:About the problem of model spray gun air pump
The effect can be guaranteed, want to play the good effect of pump must buy airbrush, airbrush can use double action, to the limiter button, is limit button stroke, safe control of the paint quantity, contribute to the uniform color. Do you play this toxic, do not be afraid, to find a press on the window fan or simply with a hood also, don't forget to add. It's OK to buy a good gas mask.
Q:What's wrong with the water pump and the cylinder pad against the water tank?
Your pump cylinder gasket is broken. The air is pumped into the water tank through the radiator water jacket of the air pump (the cooling system is connected with the engine and connected by pipe). Quick change the air pump gasket.

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