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Lamp holder,G24Q/GX24Q Lampholders with threaded barrel-Snap in fixing,screw fixing vertically,threaded barrel -PBT body,Phosph

Lamp holder

G24Q/GX24Q Lampholders with threaded barrel


-Snap in fixing,screw fixing vertically,threaded barrel

-PBT body,Phosphor bronzeconts,stainless spring


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Q:Whether the lamp is important or the lamp holder is important
The second is the electric light source. This is determined by the nature of the light source.Now using LED light bulb light source, although the power supply caused by the reduction of strobe (LED can be activated by low voltage DC), but if you are using a low light beads, or to avoid Not strobe.
Q:What is the e14 lamp
E14 lamp head lamp with a light source for the E14 light source interface, the diameter of 14MM lamp has a thread, for screw into the E14 lamp interface.
Q:What are the types of lampholders, how are they distinguished? E14 E27 MR16
And the characteristics of the standard with the provisions of the standard lamp can be used with the current lamp has been used symbols.If this lamp in the electrical or mechanical requirements can not (or not completely) interchangeable, then the capital letters X, Y, Z or U, or a combination of two or more letters added to the base symbol.
Q:Seat lamp, hanging lamp, lamp holder how to distinguish? Do not know which of them is the light
and sometimes the lamp head and hanging lamp collectively.
Q:Can the lampholder be plugged into the socket?
Third, what you said, find a light bulb, incandescent or now popular energy-saving lamps, certainly the whole park, but important to come, can be inserted and the original head should be consistent
Q:How is the lamp holder fixed on the wall
And then use the tapping screw to the lamp holder fixed on the plastic expansion tube, this method is very strong.
Q:What are the common lamp specifications for LED bulbs?
GU10 and other GU at the beginning of the finger for our daily use of the bayonet, GU: G said the lamp type is plug-in, U said the lamp part of the U-shaped, behind the number that lamp hole center distance (unit is mm "MM") The
Q:What is the lamp of the lamp lamp?
Incandescent bulbs are made based on the thermal effects of current. After the lamp is connected to the rated voltage, the current is heated to the incandescent state (2000C or more) through the filament, and thus the light is glowing. When incandescent work, the electrical energy is converted into internal energy and light energy.
Q:What is the difference between a lamp cap and a lamp holder?
The lamp is fixed to the lamp holder, so that the lamp connected with the power supply part of the lamp called the lamp ", visible lamp is the lamp parts.
Q:What are the commonly used lamp caps?
Lamp holder classification: E14, E27, E12, E26 and other E at the beginning of the beginning is: screw mouth lamp holder GU10 and other GU refers to the beginning of our daily use of the bayonet, GU: G said lamp type is plug-in, U said lamp Part of the display U-shaped, followed by the number that lamp hole hole center distance (unit is mm "MM"). MR16, MR11 to MR at the beginning of the direct-type local lighting is a small spotlights commonly used in this lamp holder, usually small spotlights with two pins easy to install.

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