Industrial Piston Air Compressor

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All details for Industrial Piston Air Compressor


1, Product introduction of Industrial Piston Air Compressor

The portable piston air compressor is specially using all kind of construction, mining, grounding, marine industry and many other applications. These portable piston air compressor models are equipped with heavy-duty piston block, constructed with the strongest materials and each compressor ensure exceptional performance, efficiency and long lasting maintenance life.  The products are heavy duty, superior in design, compact structure, low vibration, efficient air cooling and easy installation. Product quality is highly reliable and designs to provide 24 hours all weather service.


2, Package and delivery of Industrial Piston Air Compressor

    1) Packed with export standard wooden case, required package will be also possible.

    2) The delivery time will be 30 days after we receive the prepayment.


3, Features of Industrial Piston Air Compressor

    1) Powerful big air end, low speed, reliable and long lifespan.

    2) Unique design of radiation, low air delivery temperature, non carbon deposition and high efficient.

    3) Group valve roup valve design, material of valve block is made of stainless steel imported from Sweden, group valve spring is imported from Japan

    4) Piston ring is imported from Japan, durable and no oiling.

    5) Precise moving components, low noise emission and operating stably.


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Q:Are the air conditioning compressor compressors maintained?
Hello, the compressor belongs to the high precision parts, there is no way to repair, can only be replaced. If there is a crack, you can try welding.
Q:How can I select the air compressor?
The selection of air compressor is mainly based on the working pressure and flow of the pneumatic system.The working pressure of gas source should be about 20% higher than the maximum working pressure in pneumatic system, because the distance loss and local loss of the gas supply pipeline should be considered. If the work pressure in some parts of the system is low, a pressure reducing valve can be used to supply the gas. Rated discharge pressure of the air compressor is divided into low (0.7~1.0MPa), medium (1.0~10MPa), high pressure (10~100MPa) and high pressure (more than 100MPa), according to the actual needs to choose, I recommend you choose air compressor.
Q:How do I know the air-conditioning compressor starts?
See if there's air conditioning out of the air conditioner.
Q:Compressor, wine cabinet or electronic wine cabinet?
Of course, compressor wine good! Is some electronic wine liquor companies as gifts! My compressor bar with a few years. I bought the site at a time in a company in Guangdong. The long don't remember, at that time the staff QQ No. 295359097 to the landlord ah,
Q:Can the refrigerator compressor be repaired without stopping?
First unplug the power of the refrigerator, the refrigerator frost in the fall, adjust the refrigerator thermostat position at the same time, if the refrigerator does not stop because of the food inside the refrigerator place question will need to re place the food and out of the corresponding gap, finally reduce the refrigerator door times.
Q:Refrigerator compressor heating temperature is very high, can not function properly, how to solve? Online, etc.!
The sound is because the compressor start up, overload relays (press inserted in the terminal box) acts to break the sound bad starting capacitor or compressor mechanical clamping, the first measurement of capacitor capacitance is UF capacity is normal, if the capacitor is good, below the power directly in the press try whether the press, specific wiring: two lines are respectively connected to the capacitor terminals R, press S (regardless of positive and negative, just pick two line terminals), power line R, zero line connected to the C terminal, if or not, it is determined to press the card dead suspect.
Q:Can the air conditioner compressor be put in the room?
The winter heating work can be, but the summer cooling outdoor machine needs ventilation, if the ventilation is not good, it will affect the cooling effect, unless there is room doors and windows, good ventilation and heat dissipation effect is no problem.
Q:Difference between refrigerator compressor and air conditioning compressor
Shape: air conditioning, long cylinder. Refrigerator, ball shaped.Power: air conditioner, over 800 watts. Refrigerator, 400 watts below.It is easy to distinguish between objects.
Q:Comparison of semiconductor refrigeration technology and compressor refrigeration technology
Mechanical compression refrigeration system includes compressor, condenser, filter, solenoid valve, expansion valve, evaporator, liquid storage, refrigerant and so on, through the pipeline to link each component.Compressor refrigeration defects:Low temperature start difficult, winter heating efficiency is low, afraid of vibration, can not tilt, but also can not be arbitrarily reversed. System operation requires explosive operation to replace damaged components. In the event of damage to components and pipelines, the refrigerant must be released to initiate the operation, which is a waste.Compressor refrigeration advantages:High refrigeration efficiency, COP maximum can reach 3.8., energy saving and environmental protection.The semiconductor air conditioner is composed of a semiconductor refrigerating plate, a cooling film and a radiating fin, etc. the semiconductor air conditioner is connected by a cable.Disadvantages of semiconductor refrigeration:Refrigeration efficiency is low, the maximum can reach 0.6. The cooling performance varies nonlinearly with the ambient temperature, voltage, lead block thickness, cold end heat dissipation mode, mechanical pressure, thermal conductivity, phase change material, and so on.
Q:What is the cause of the air compressor shutdown?
The compressor is protected by high voltage, high temperature and overload. After the temperature drops, the compressor is automatically turned back to start operation. After the operation, the temperature rises again, and the overload protection is carried out again.The possible cause of excessive high pressure and its elimination:1, poor heat sink condenser. Check the cooling fan is rotated, the condensing tube if there is dirt, clean the condenser.2, too much refrigerant. Increase the compressor load, resulting in excessive pressure, appropriate to reduce the cooling dose.3, the pipe system is blocked. Refer to the pressure gauge to determine, eliminate, and re process the system.4, fouling or fouling of evaporator or filter screen. The air flow becomes smaller, the system pressure and temperature are not constant, and the evaporator or filter screen is cleaned.5, compressor start capacitor burnout. Capacitors need to be replaced.6, the compressor starting coil burned, unable to start operation, resulting in excessive starting current, protection device jump off. Only replace the compressor one way.
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
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Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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Nearest Port 3,000-5,000 square meters
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
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No. of Production Lines 3
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