Industrial Piston Air Compressor

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All details for Industrial Piston Air Compressor


1, Product introduction of Industrial Piston Air Compressor

The portable piston air compressor is specially using all kind of construction, mining, grounding, marine industry and many other applications. These portable piston air compressor models are equipped with heavy-duty piston block, constructed with the strongest materials and each compressor ensure exceptional performance, efficiency and long lasting maintenance life.  The products are heavy duty, superior in design, compact structure, low vibration, efficient air cooling and easy installation. Product quality is highly reliable and designs to provide 24 hours all weather service.


2, Package and delivery of Industrial Piston Air Compressor

    1) Packed with export standard wooden case, required package will be also possible.

    2) The delivery time will be 30 days after we receive the prepayment.


3, Features of Industrial Piston Air Compressor

    1) Powerful big air end, low speed, reliable and long lifespan.

    2) Unique design of radiation, low air delivery temperature, non carbon deposition and high efficient.

    3) Group valve roup valve design, material of valve block is made of stainless steel imported from Sweden, group valve spring is imported from Japan

    4) Piston ring is imported from Japan, durable and no oiling.

    5) Precise moving components, low noise emission and operating stably.


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Q:The problem of running time of air conditioning compressor
This country has no corresponding standards. It is closely related to the temperature changes of the environment, the setting temperature of the air conditioner and the airtight effect of the room!I don't know how many degrees you set I suggest you check the temperature to the minimum. Will it still operate for 5 minutes and stop for 15 minutes? If not, it can run for a long time, indicating that it is no problem, maybe you set too high temperature!!
Q:Is the air conditioning compressor a pressure vessel?
The air conditioning compressor itself is not a pressure vessel, and the tank above belongs to the pressure vessel
Q:Is the clean air still clean after the compressor?
Clean air through the compressor is definitely not clean! Now that it's clean air, why do you have to go through the compressor?I don't know what to do with your compressed air, dare not to say. However, if it is the compressed air used in the production workshop, it must be treated by a cold and dry machine before use. Because the compressor compressed air is a gas of high temperature and high humidity, and accompanied by a small amount of lubricating oil and gas, through the oil-water separator (only a part, incomplete), into the cooling air dryer, remove excess moisture, finally out of the cold air to meet the needs of daily production. But the air is not clean, and there may be bacteria or viruses inside. Because the compressor is inhaled in the atmosphere of mixed gas, which in itself has bacteria or viruses. Before entering the compressor, although there are two filters, but are filtering common debris and dust. I hope I can help you
Q:Does the washer need a refrigeration compressor? What other appliances do you need to use?
Dry cleaning machines need compressor refrigeration system, air conditioning system and working conditions; almost; washing quantity, continuous working time is not long, the cooling water system by half to a cube around a water bucket, water tank. Many other refrigeration compressors, but not too popular, such as computer mainframe cooling system and compressor used for main board cooling. For reference
Q:Why is my refrigerator compressor working all the time?
Check the following points:1, to adjust the thermostat temperature is too low, in general the temperature higher properly, too low the temperature inside the refrigerator to the set temperature, the compressor is working without a stop, don't waste electricity, life will be shortened. Check whether the evaporator in the refrigerator has a serious frost problem. If the refrigeration is normal and the frosting is serious, the temperature will be raised so that the refrigerator will stop.In addition, the temperature control electric shock, adhesion will also cause compressor failure, should unplug the power, rotate the temperature control knob, forcing the separation of contacts. If not, please ask professional maintenance personnel for new.2, the refrigerator ventilation, poor heat, around to leave a certain space, cheap ventilation, heat dissipation, improve efficiency. If the refrigerator condenser (radiator) is rear hanging, the summer temperature is higher, should promptly put the dust above the radiator clean, conducive to improve heat dissipation efficiency.3, the refrigerator door seal is sealed well, if the aging or deformation of the gap, should first clean, reoccupy hair dryer blowing hot correction, or on the inside at the door seal pad deformation of some elastic sponge or other items.4. Check the temperature compensation switch on the thermostat. Is it closed?.5, if it is normal, with the touch of the condenser (radiator) of the two pipe temperature, and if the compressor does not work when the temperature is likely to be caused by freon leakage.6, compressor wear serious or efficiency decline, cause no downtime.
Q:The GREE air-conditioner compressor doesn't start
A buzz can be heard to show that the motor still generates enough starting torque. It can also be determined that the starting capacitor is not bad. (a simple way to judge the quality of the capacitor is to replace the fault with a capacitor of the same type, or if the capacitor is good or can be measured by a multimeter).The reason why the compressor does not start is:1, high pressure side pressure is too high;2, compressor internal moving parts stuck (commonly known as card cylinder).DC resistance inside the compressor motor starting current is very small, very big, if not start, the current will cause the line drop is too large, the same network of light was dim, the thermal protector action while the current order of the compressor, the compressor motor voltage cut off circuit, with the net return to normal, the brightness of the lights will resume normal.Judgment method:1, high pressure side pressure is too high:A, some lack of capacity of maintenance personnel in the face of cooling (or heating) the general performance decline, not a comprehensive review and analysis of reasons, add refrigerant blindly (refrigerant Freon), and due to poor equipment cannot be quantitatively control, cause the system pressure is too large. With this type of maintenance history, first remove some of the refrigerant and try to start the air conditioner.B, system dirty block or ice jam. Small air conditioners are generally throttled by capillary tubes. There is a drying filter in front of the capillary, which is easy to block".C, non fault: high pressure valve is not completely open, a part of the non professional operation of air conditioning machine.2, cylinder:Causes are more complex, generally because the compressor movement parts lack lubrication, local overheating lead to.
Q:Refrigerator compressor heating temperature is very high, can not function properly, how to solve? Online, etc.!
The sound is because the compressor start up, overload relays (press inserted in the terminal box) acts to break the sound bad starting capacitor or compressor mechanical clamping, the first measurement of capacitor capacitance is UF capacity is normal, if the capacitor is good, below the power directly in the press try whether the press, specific wiring: two lines are respectively connected to the capacitor terminals R, press S (regardless of positive and negative, just pick two line terminals), power line R, zero line connected to the C terminal, if or not, it is determined to press the card dead suspect.
Q:Refrigerator compressor heat protection is hot, what's the matter?
Thermal protection of refrigerator compressor:Most of the compression opportunities for refrigeration refrigerators are caused by freon leakage, and the frost free refrigerator has a greater association with defrosting systems, and no frost Freon will normally leak.The compressor is hot: the function of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant gas after evaporation, so as to increase the pressure and temperature so as to dissipate the heat through the condenser. The compressor constantly disperses the heat absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator through the condenser. Therefore, the temperature of the compressor housing is generally 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, which is determined by the nature of the work.
Q:The refrigerator thermostat is out of order. What's the hidden danger of compressor working all the time?
Will only bad compressor, change temperature control or buy refrigerator, outside the control of the plug in the refrigerator
Q:Cold storage compressor burning, not the warranty period, manufacturers do not guarantee
Alas, to always find a reason to shirk responsibility, not the normal operation of the compressor is low voltage, but it is difficult to burn, you let the Supplier submit written reports, what causes what principle damage, and the counter measures.
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
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Main Markets North America
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Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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Nearest Port 3,000-5,000 square meters
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No. of Production Lines 3
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