Single-stage Belt Air Compressor

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All details for Sing-stage Belt Air Compressor:

1, Package and delivery of Sing-stage Belt Air Compressor.

1) Packed with exporting standard wooden case and filled with foam.

2) Delivery date will be within 35 days after receving the prepayment.


2, Specification of Sing-stage Belt Air Compressor.

MODEL W-2.0/7
Power KW 15
HP 20
Cylinder mm Φ120×3
Rated speed r/min 800
Displace-ment L/min 2000
CFM 70.7
Discharge pressure Psi 100
bar 7
Noises dB(A) 93
Tank capacity L 315
Usgal 83.22
Net weight kg 407
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 177×79×124


MODEL W-1.5/7
Power KW 11
HP 15
Cylinder mm Φ105×3
Rated speed r/min 820
Displace-ment L/min 1500
CFM 53
Discharge pressure Psi 100
bar 7
Noises dB(A) 93
Tank capacity L 300
Usgal 79.26
Net weight kg 377
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 164×76×122

MODEL W-0.9/8
Power KW 7.5
HP 10
Cylinder mm Φ90×3
Rated speed r/min 950
Displace-ment L/min 900
CFM 31.8
Discharge pressure Psi 115
bar 8
Noises dB(A) 92
Tank capacity L 180
Usgal 47.56
Net weight kg 198
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 149×58×99



3, Features of Single-stage Belt Air Compressor.

1) The Cylinder adopted the boron cast-iron, it is durable and suitable for the dust environment.

2) The Cylinder head adopted die casting and streamlining design, it is good-looking and radiating well.

3) Special piston ring was made up of the monomer casting, making the air compressor have  much resilience and reduce the consumption of lubricating oil.

4) Tapered roller bearings and control components were high quality, guarantee the well  performance and reliabilit.

5) The crank connecting rod was optimal designed and adopted quality material with heat treated,  it can increase the strength and abrasion resistance.

6) Appearance was beauty, moves agility and convenient to maintain.

7) It is fuel-efficient, power saving and inexpensive to use.


4, Applications of Single-stage Belt Air Compressor

These compressors are suitable for applications where air pressure is required up to 17.5 Kg / Cm2g (250 Psig). widely useful in textile mills, plastic injection molding plant and machinery, pulp and paper ,spray&painting, blowing and cleaning ,chemical plants,garages,tire inflation, pneumatic, operations, engineering application, shot blasting,cement plant, allied and mining,pharmace utrcals,pesticide, casting foundry, oil and ghee industries etc.

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Q:What is the working voltage of the refrigerator compressor?
The power used by a refrigerator should be 220 volts, 50 Hz single-phase AC power supply, normal operation, the voltage fluctuation allowed between 187 to 242 volts, if large fluctuations or fluctuated, will affect the normal work of the compressor, the compressor will even burn. If the voltage is too high, the motor coil will be burned out due to too much current; the voltage is too low, which will make the compressor start difficult, cause frequent startup and burn the motor.
Q:The United States after the cold and warm type 3P air conditioning power, why compressor direct operation?
After the air conditioner is energized, the compressor works immediately, and the fault location can be located in the standby circuit unit. Analysis follows:1. The normal air conditioner is designed to plug in the power plug and the device is in standby mode. Operated by the user remote control, or operated on the control panel of the boot button, air conditioning operation as instructed;2, when the standby control circuit, power supply circuit of the host device (possibly electronic switch, may also be a relay, and related models), short circuit fault, due to short circuit power supply through the motor, compressor will power transfer;3, if the refrigeration, heating work properly. Remote control can be used to control the downtime, if you can perform the shutdown, boot instructions, and most of the components to drive the implementation of devices (such as power tubes, IC) performance deterioration (soft damage) can be replaced;4, on the contrary, the remote controller is operated on or off, that is, the actuator and the actuator may be damaged, that is, the component is hard damaged, causing the power supply straight through phenomenon;5, this kind of fault, the experience can be combined with the circuit system control principle, through the remote control operation, observe the controlled performance of the device, you can analyze the fault location. Such as remote control, test and diagnosis, only the "open" and "off" key does not work, other keys are normal, the above reasons must be analyzed. If all the keys are not controlled and the remote controller is out of order, the main control circuit is in the list of suspected objects, with the focus being on the microcontroller out of control.
Q:Turn on the air conditioner, but why doesn't the compressor move?
When refrigeration, the setting temperature is lower than the ambient temperature. When the system is warm, the setting temperature is higher than the ambient temperature.
Q:Refrigerator compressor can not start, what are the causes?.
1. press is the abbreviation of hydraulic press, not compressor. 2. "air cooling press" can only be called "fan". 3. you say "refrigeration press", you call the compressor. 4 compressor start stop is controlled by the temperature controller, and the opening and closing section has no direct relationship; of course, the door open for a long time, the high temperature, the thermostat will move, starting motor driven compressor. 5. when the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the compressor will not work unless the thermostat is out of order. 6. fan work time is pre-set, listen to a paragraph, open section, and compressor independent. ||| open the refrigerator door, the compressor will not stop working, but increase the compressor running time, because the temperature gradually increased after opening the door, will increase the operating time of a compressor. With the opening and closing the door body of the refrigerator compressor industry ||| never mind does not work. The work of the compressor is related to the temperature inside the refrigerator. When the temperature rises to the starting point, turn on the machine. Stop at the stop point.
Q:Haier refrigerator compressor work non-stop, what is the reason?
One reason:In the regulation of the temperature of the refrigerator, usually after the adjustment of the temperature of the refrigerator is not changed, but the refrigerator in the running process of its internal temperature is in constant change, in the summer, the refrigerator ambient temperature is on the increase, the refrigerator temperature is changing. It is easy to because of the temperature caused by the refrigerator to adjust the internal low temperature refrigerator can not fall to the refrigerator does not stop.Resolvent:When the refrigerator is not stopped and the internal temperature is too low, the temperature controller of the refrigerator can be rotated in an anticlockwise direction to reduce the number of the refrigerator and to reduce the internal temperature of the refrigerator, thereby eliminating the failure of the refrigerator without stopping.Reason two:It will lead to the refrigerator does not stop refrigerator thermostat failure, this generally are in hot weather, this is mainly refrigerator thermostat temperature sensing head can not feel the temperature change and the control circuit board inside the refrigerator fails.
Q:Why does it take 3 minutes to start the refrigeration compressor after shutdown?
The four floor of the horse a nice shot! I admire!
Q:What is the reason that the compressor does not start when the air conditioner is operating normally?
Let's see if the electricity is in
Q:Does air compressor compress air into hot air or cold air?
What kind of air compressor do you mean, but the air will heat when the machine is compressing, and the compressed air will get hot
Q:The refrigerator compressor keeps turning!
The head pipe of the compressor oil leakage is the leak, can use detergent to wipe a try, if the bubble is leaking (observe for a while, perhaps, to let the bubble is very small) refrigerant, fire welding, refilling refrigerant, can be solved. The refrigerator is short of refrigerant. The thermostat doesn't work. The compressor keeps running.
Q:Refrigerator is not refrigeration, compressor is broken?
Can you see if the compressor is running? If it's running, it doesn't stop. It's leaking fluoride. If it doesn't turn around at all. Look at the problems on the circuit first. Usually the thermostat is bad.
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
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Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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