Single-stage Belt Air Compressor

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All details for Sing-stage Belt Air Compressor:

1, Package and delivery of Sing-stage Belt Air Compressor.

1) Packed with exporting standard wooden case and filled with foam.

2) Delivery date will be within 35 days after receving the prepayment.


2, Specification of Sing-stage Belt Air Compressor.

MODEL W-2.0/7
Power KW 15
HP 20
Cylinder mm Φ120×3
Rated speed r/min 800
Displace-ment L/min 2000
CFM 70.7
Discharge pressure Psi 100
bar 7
Noises dB(A) 93
Tank capacity L 315
Usgal 83.22
Net weight kg 407
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 177×79×124


MODEL W-1.5/7
Power KW 11
HP 15
Cylinder mm Φ105×3
Rated speed r/min 820
Displace-ment L/min 1500
CFM 53
Discharge pressure Psi 100
bar 7
Noises dB(A) 93
Tank capacity L 300
Usgal 79.26
Net weight kg 377
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 164×76×122

MODEL W-0.9/8
Power KW 7.5
HP 10
Cylinder mm Φ90×3
Rated speed r/min 950
Displace-ment L/min 900
CFM 31.8
Discharge pressure Psi 115
bar 8
Noises dB(A) 92
Tank capacity L 180
Usgal 47.56
Net weight kg 198
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 149×58×99



3, Features of Single-stage Belt Air Compressor.

1) The Cylinder adopted the boron cast-iron, it is durable and suitable for the dust environment.

2) The Cylinder head adopted die casting and streamlining design, it is good-looking and radiating well.

3) Special piston ring was made up of the monomer casting, making the air compressor have  much resilience and reduce the consumption of lubricating oil.

4) Tapered roller bearings and control components were high quality, guarantee the well  performance and reliabilit.

5) The crank connecting rod was optimal designed and adopted quality material with heat treated,  it can increase the strength and abrasion resistance.

6) Appearance was beauty, moves agility and convenient to maintain.

7) It is fuel-efficient, power saving and inexpensive to use.


4, Applications of Single-stage Belt Air Compressor

These compressors are suitable for applications where air pressure is required up to 17.5 Kg / Cm2g (250 Psig). widely useful in textile mills, plastic injection molding plant and machinery, pulp and paper ,spray&painting, blowing and cleaning ,chemical plants,garages,tire inflation, pneumatic, operations, engineering application, shot blasting,cement plant, allied and mining,pharmace utrcals,pesticide, casting foundry, oil and ghee industries etc.

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Q:The turning of the motor on the air compressor is clockwise and counterclockwise
The compressor motor rotation drag piston reciprocating motion, arbitrary steering can, only to strengthen the cooling with fan blowing machine pan head, so according to the fan fan to prevail.
Q:Refrigerator compressor does not start, how's going on?
When I see such a high copy, I'll answer it for you. Please make your question clear, and some of the terms can not be understood. But the compressor doesn't start, this little problem. Now teach you the most simple, the plug pulled down, open the cover inside the compressor, two wire, plug out, with a power up (ordinary refrigerator), two lines are not divided. See if it starts?. If not, do you have a multimeter to measure the protector, the starter, and then the compressor resistance? You can send it up and I'll help you see it... If these are no problems, then look at the starter. The above said those methods, you have to see whether the compressor will move, a little move to say. Your question is not clear, I'm not sure whether the compressor is broken or not. If you're around, I can help you fix it.
Q:Refrigerator compressor can not start, what are the causes?.
Open circuit controller, bad temperature probe, bad compressor, bad, etc..
Q:Does air conditioning require compressor work?
This depends on your air conditioner type, some are generally used, but some auxiliary heating and electric heating wire, or compressor, your air conditioner is marked, you look carefully, the following is the type introduction;Number one: means the product code (household room air conditioner with the letter K)Second: climate type (usually T1 type, T1 type, climate, environment, the highest temperature of 43 degrees, using T1 type code name omitted)Third: structure form code (air conditioner according to the form of structure is divided into integral and split type, integral air conditioner is divided into window type and mobile type, code name is: split type - F, window - C, mobile - Y)Fourth: function code (air conditioner according to function mainly divided into chanlengxing, heat pump type and electric type, the chanlengxing code is omitted, the heat pump type, electric type respectively R, D)Fifth: specification code (amount of custom-made cold quantity, expressed in Arabia numeral, 25 means 2500W refrigerating capacity).Sixth: Code of the whole structure classification or code structure type indoor unit classification (indoor unit structure is classified into the ceiling, wall, floor, patio, embedded, which were respectively named D, G, L, T, Q etc.).Seventh: outdoor unit structure code (outdoor unit code W).Eighth: factory design number and special function code, etc., allow to use Chinese phonetic alphabet, capital letter or Arabia numeral to express
Q:Is the compressor of refrigerator or air conditioner dangerous?
As long as the operation is safe, there are no problems at all. If the security is not guaranteed, nothing will be done
Q:Should I add snow to the air conditioner after the compressor is changed?
Ha, it must be added. The snow is the refrigerant. After the compressor is compressed and then cooled by a condenser, it becomes a liquid refrigerant, so that when it is throttled (i.e. capillary), vaporization and evaporation can cool down. The general is R22 Foley amine, as the evaporation pressure is 1.5-2.5bar now, I forgot. The evaporation temperature is 5 degrees Celsius anyway. I used to work on large refrigeration equipment. Just not doing it now.
Q:Refrigerator replaced compressor refrigeration for a while, not refrigeration
1, if the refrigerator does not appear the phenomenon of refrigeration, first of all should consider whether the power supply connection is normal. Although everyone thinks this is too simple, but this simple problem is often overlooked, especially when the power lines are exposed to places that are frequently familiar, it is more likely to be inadvertently knocked off. If this is not the reason for refrigeration, it is best to do, plug in the power on the deal.2, check the refrigerator door is closed, if there is no refrigerator door shut, air conditioners have gone, things are frozen in the refrigerator of the deal. This routine should pay attention to the refrigerator door whether there are remnants of small things.3, if the power supply is connected properly, and the refrigerator door is closed, but still the refrigerator is not cooling, so the compressor should check the refrigerator compressor, if normal, then there will be a slight voice, a normal person can hear, in addition to a slightly vibration sense. If you are careful, you can hear it too.4, if the refrigerator compressor work is normal, then pull the plug, and then listen to will not make a sound like water flowing refrigeration system of the tube, if you hear the sound of words, so that the refrigerant refrigeration system of the refrigerator is out of the question, that is to say this is not normal for the compressor refrigerator service.5, if we store in the refrigerator too much, may also cause a false refrigerator refrigeration refrigerator, try to thin thin, maybe it will work, this is generally because we do not know how to use the refrigerator are painted.6, the refrigerator work for a long time, in the box on the wall will have a thick layer of the box, this box if long time accumulation not to deal with it, will also affect the cooling effect of the refrigerator, so often to the refrigerator box is necessary.
Q:What's the use of the compressor on the car engine?
Compressor is the component of air conditioning system and the heart of refrigeration system.
Q:How do I get rid of all the control circuits and connect the three terminals of the refrigerator compressor directly?
Hello Three terminal you said, the above should have three letters (M, C, S mark) where C is the common end connected to the zero line, M and C are running S and C start winding, winding; to start winding to rotate the compressor power to power winding! You are missing a startup component (starting the relay);However, you can try to manually start, but be sure to pay attention to security, the method is as follows:The M terminal is connected to the power line, the C terminal connected to the zero line of the power supply, in the terminal S leads to a line standby power on M and C; in the moment the terminal S leads to a line and FireWire lap, until the compressor starts rapidly after take off to! Please try, and please do good safety, pay attention to life safety!
Q:What is the working voltage of the refrigerator compressor?
The power used by a refrigerator should be 220 volts, 50 Hz single-phase AC power supply, normal operation, the voltage fluctuation allowed between 187 to 242 volts, if large fluctuations or fluctuated, will affect the normal work of the compressor, the compressor will even burn. If the voltage is too high, the motor coil will be burned out due to too much current; the voltage is too low, which will make the compressor start difficult, cause frequent startup and burn the motor.
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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Nearest Port 3,000-5,000 square meters
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
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No. of Production Lines 3
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