High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

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Details for High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor


1, Product introduction of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

This series air compressor widely used in pneumatic lock , pneumatic tool , tire inflation , blowing precess, spray paint, sand blasting and fluidic element.


2, Package and delivery of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) Packed with standard exporting wooden case, package according clients' request will be acceptable.

2) Delivery date will be witin 30 days after we receive the prepayment.


3, Feature of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) High reliability,performance stable

2) Low exhaust temperature

3) Small vibration ,low noise

4) Low fuel consumption


4, Strengthes of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) Strongly power-driven and big airend with design, the air compressor owns bigger and heavier main parts than other products in the same trade with better selection and sufficient using of materials especially with main fittings, In addition ,it is more suitable to be applied in the continuous operation under heavy load for long working time ( 24 time) with reliability and longer lifespan.

2) Special designed is made in heat emission and air flow, which leads to low air-output temperature and low possibility of carbon deposit.

3) The piston ring imported from Japan is introduce in designing pistol ring , which is durable and sealable .

4) Crankshaft undergoes high-frequency hardening , which enables it especially abrasion-proof.

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Q:The air compressor not only inspiratory, expiratory pressure is how one thing, not up
The cause of the air compressor is not only your main inspiration:1 、 the intake valve is not loaded.2, the intake valve does not uninstall.3, the solenoid valve is not good.4 、 air filter is not good.The solution is as follows:1, the intake valve is not loaded, it is possible to control the loading and unloading module, that is, the control valve to control the intake valve closed, resulting in non intake. Modules for control, load and unload need to be replaced.2, the intake valve does not uninstall, then the intake valve may be blocked inside the hole. You need to clear the intake valve, Li Amin's bore, and other valve plates.3, the solenoid valve may not get electricity, or solenoid valve coil damaged, you need to replace a new solenoid valve coil.4, the air filter filter effect is not good, the intake valve spool sealing surface adhesion impurities, resulting in poor sealing, the need to remove impurities, as well as the replacement of a new air filter.
Q:What's wrong with the air-conditioning compressor not working?
The capacitor must be out of order
Q:Why is my refrigerator compressor working all the time?
Check the following points:1, to adjust the thermostat temperature is too low, in general the temperature higher properly, too low the temperature inside the refrigerator to the set temperature, the compressor is working without a stop, don't waste electricity, life will be shortened. Check whether the evaporator in the refrigerator has a serious frost problem. If the refrigeration is normal and the frosting is serious, the temperature will be raised so that the refrigerator will stop.In addition, the temperature control electric shock, adhesion will also cause compressor failure, should unplug the power, rotate the temperature control knob, forcing the separation of contacts. If not, please ask professional maintenance personnel for new.2, the refrigerator ventilation, poor heat, around to leave a certain space, cheap ventilation, heat dissipation, improve efficiency. If the refrigerator condenser (radiator) is rear hanging, the summer temperature is higher, should promptly put the dust above the radiator clean, conducive to improve heat dissipation efficiency.3, the refrigerator door seal is sealed well, if the aging or deformation of the gap, should first clean, reoccupy hair dryer blowing hot correction, or on the inside at the door seal pad deformation of some elastic sponge or other items.4. Check the temperature compensation switch on the thermostat. Is it closed?.5, if it is normal, with the touch of the condenser (radiator) of the two pipe temperature, and if the compressor does not work when the temperature is likely to be caused by freon leakage.6, compressor wear serious or efficiency decline, cause no downtime.
Q:What is the cause of the air compressor shutdown?
You're in the pictureThere may be no bad placeWhen snow is planted with the masterThere is no vacuumingThere is air in the refrigerating systemCause high pressureCompressor protection stopVacuum again. FluorideThat should be all right.
Q:Refrigerator compressor can not start, what are the causes?.
Open circuit controller, bad temperature probe, bad compressor, bad, etc..
Q:Compressor, wine cabinet or electronic wine cabinet?
Landlord, there are generally two kinds of refrigeration way, one compressor refrigeration, but semiconductor refrigeration, also known as electronic refrigeration. Red wine cabinet on the life of, of course, the compressor life longer, and fast cooling, because red wine is very sensitive to temperature, compressed wine cabinet is relatively better than electronic wine cabinet. Of course, a penny of the goods, compressed wine cabinets, the overall price is much more expensive than electronic wine cabinets. Electronic wine cabinet is used semiconductor refrigeration, because with the increase in the number of use, the semiconductor components will be aging, and some will be broken, forming a cavity. The service life is short, the advantage is that the price is cheap, and the noise is low.If you are using the family, usually occasionally entertain friends, and use fewer times, choose electronic wine cabinet is better. If the wine is very demanding, or commercial wineries, etc., it is recommended to use the compressor red wine cabinet.In the online wine cabinet sellers are not many in the industry, price and service is very good, good wine cabinet is more famous. Last friends bought a gungho electronic bar, transport medium broken shell, call them very quickly resolved.My friend said, sweet wine relatively affordable price, relative to other manufacturers.Wish you and your friend friendship for a long time.
Q:How to repair air-conditioning compressor, air-conditioning compressor how to open?
You're going to have to break it up. The compressor doesn't work. It's very hard to fix. If it breaks down -Stator: open grinder, a pull from the stator and shell space, and then pull out can pry things. (it is interference fit)Rotor: the need to rush out with a hydraulic machine, on the lower pump body, a shaft and a shaft almost as large as the top pressure.
Q:What are the main differences between the screw air compressor and the piston air compressor?
From the use of point of view, or screw good, pressure stability, maintenance less, but relatively high maintenance costs
Q:How does the compressor of the water-cooled central air conditioner freeze?
A large number of compressors return liquid, causing the compressor body to freeze at low pressure.This situation is very dangerous, because of low temperature and low pressure liquid refrigerant more directly back to the compressor to evaporation in the compressor, it is easy to cause the compressor because of "liquid hammer" and seriously damaged, it is recommended to disable air conditioning and troubleshooting.The approximate cause of failure is the type:1, abnormal freezing water pump or filter clogging, resulting in abnormal cooling water flow;2, throttling parts (expansion valve) abnormal working state, resulting in excessive refrigerant flow;3, the evaporation side (use side) fan motor abnormal, resulting in lower evaporation pressure of air-conditioning system, refrigerant can not be effective evaporation, etc..Only after finding the problem and solving the problem can the air conditioning unit be re opened. The air conditioning system should be checked regularly during the use of air conditioning. The problem cannot be detected until the ice is frozen.
Q:Is the air conditioner blower of the car compressor?
No, it isn't。The blower consists of the following six parts: the motor, air filter, blower, air chamber, base (and tank), drip nozzle. The blower operates eccentric by the eccentric rotor in the cylinder and changes the volume between the blades in the rotor slot, and the air is sucked in, compressed and spit out. Use the blower pressure in the operation of automatic lubrication to drip nozzle drops into the cylinder to reduce the friction and noise, and can keep the cylinder gas does not return, this is also called the blower vane blower.Compressor (compressor), a driven fluid machine that promotes low-pressure gas as a high pressure gas, is the heart of a refrigeration system. It is of low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas suction pipe from the suction, through the operation of the motor drives the piston to compress it after high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas discharge pipe to the exhaust, to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to realize the compression and condensation (exothermic), expansion and evaporation (endothermic) refrigeration cycle.
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
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Main Markets North America
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Eastern Europe
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Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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Nearest Port 3,000-5,000 square meters
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No. of Production Lines 3
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