High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

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Details for High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor


1, Product introduction of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

This series air compressor widely used in pneumatic lock , pneumatic tool , tire inflation , blowing precess, spray paint, sand blasting and fluidic element.


2, Package and delivery of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) Packed with standard exporting wooden case, package according clients' request will be acceptable.

2) Delivery date will be witin 30 days after we receive the prepayment.


3, Feature of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) High reliability,performance stable

2) Low exhaust temperature

3) Small vibration ,low noise

4) Low fuel consumption


4, Strengthes of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) Strongly power-driven and big airend with design, the air compressor owns bigger and heavier main parts than other products in the same trade with better selection and sufficient using of materials especially with main fittings, In addition ,it is more suitable to be applied in the continuous operation under heavy load for long working time ( 24 time) with reliability and longer lifespan.

2) Special designed is made in heat emission and air flow, which leads to low air-output temperature and low possibility of carbon deposit.

3) The piston ring imported from Japan is introduce in designing pistol ring , which is durable and sealable .

4) Crankshaft undergoes high-frequency hardening , which enables it especially abrasion-proof.

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Q:What is a positive displacement air compressor?
A compressor that improves the gas pressure by directly compressing the gas and reducing the volume of the gas.
Q:How can fluorine compressor receive fluorine?
Method for recovering refrigerant of split type air conditioner:1. Switch on the power,2. Let the air conditioner work in the refrigeration state.3, with a wrench to slow off the outdoor machine high-pressure valve, so that the outdoor machine refrigerant is no longer flow into the indoor machine. Originally stored in the chamber of refrigerant by the compressor back to the outdoor machine, about 30~60 seconds later, refrigerant can be recovered clean. Then turn off the outdoor low pressure valve, and finally disconnect the air-conditioning power supply. Emptying method of machine type: indoor empty pipe connected two small brass, is that a liquid pipe joint can be tightened; the larger is the root of the trachea, connect later don't twist too tight, because of the need to air out; some next open the valve pipe, a gas exhaust should listen to out of touch to the tracheal interface; gas came out of the cold, the feeling inside the tube in the air are discharged, the connection pipe tighten, until there is no gas leak so far. (interface to leak); and then the liquid pipe valve fully open, try machine operation; see the cooling effect, such as not good will add refrigerant.
Q:The air compressor not only inspiratory, expiratory pressure is how one thing, not up
The cause of the air compressor is not only your main inspiration:1 、 the intake valve is not loaded.2, the intake valve does not uninstall.3, the solenoid valve is not good.4 、 air filter is not good.The solution is as follows:1, the intake valve is not loaded, it is possible to control the loading and unloading module, that is, the control valve to control the intake valve closed, resulting in non intake. Modules for control, load and unload need to be replaced.2, the intake valve does not uninstall, then the intake valve may be blocked inside the hole. You need to clear the intake valve, Li Amin's bore, and other valve plates.3, the solenoid valve may not get electricity, or solenoid valve coil damaged, you need to replace a new solenoid valve coil.4, the air filter filter effect is not good, the intake valve spool sealing surface adhesion impurities, resulting in poor sealing, the need to remove impurities, as well as the replacement of a new air filter.
Q:Can the three-phase compressor start when the phase is out of phase?
Do not use, will slow, hot, burn.
Q:Would you like to ask where some compressors are used? Such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and cars..
Generally need refrigeration, there are compressors, you want to say, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning, ice machines, chillers (Refrigerants), with refrigeration fountains, seafood tanks, refrigerants, cold storage.If you do, remember to take the answer.
Q:What's the use of air compressor thermostat?
Air compressor temperature control function: when the ambient temperature is higher than the control set value, the control circuit starts, and can set the control back difference. If the temperature is still rising, when it rises to the set limit alarm temperature point, start the overload alarm function. When the controlled temperature is not effectively controlled, the equipment can be stopped by tripping to prevent damage to the equipment.Control mode:1 control methods are generally divided into two types; one is a change of temperature by cooling the object to control the steam pressure type temperature controller, another by the temperature change of the cooled object to control the use of electronic temperature controller.2, the fuzzy control technology adopted, such as PID control, P (Proportional) ratio, +I (Integral) integral, +D (Differential) differential control.
Q:Why do refrigerators always burn compressors?
Check to see if there's any electrical connection.
Q:Excuse me: what compressor does Haier use?
Haier air conditioner compressor are in accordance with the matching, but generally if they are used in some good compressors, such as Matsushita, Hitachi, MITSUBISHI, Toshiba, motor. In the domestic, it should be considered Panasonic's compressor is the best. What's more, the Haier air conditioner uses high-end technology, so you don't have to use the compressor..
Q:How do you validate the compressor, protector and relay of the refrigerator with a multimeter?
The compressor is referenced to the fan circuitThe protector is closedPTC starter 9~22 ohm
Q:What are the main differences between the screw air compressor and the piston air compressor?
From the use of point of view, or screw good, pressure stability, maintenance less, but relatively high maintenance costs
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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Nearest Port 3,000-5,000 square meters
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
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No. of Production Lines 3
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