HUAYUAN High-end Biomass Burner--116KW

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Product Description:

This burner is 116KW one.


Innovative product in China--biomass burner. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 58~1395KW  Burner over 1395KW can be modularized.

The III generation biomass burner promoted in July 2014:

1. We use the casting modularized hearth. The boiler core is the only thing to be replaced in the post maintenance of burner. It is cheap and easy to change the modular fittings.

2. Generation III biomass burner adopts hyper heat-resistant casting material, replacing I and II generation material, which makes less cost and more stable performance.

3. The actual capacity of traditional burner is 70%, HUAYUAN marks authentic datas on the nameplates.

4.  HUAYUAN product has hyper-high temperature efficiency burnning tar and other harmful substance totally which will not be attached to the tubes to cause block.

5. The flame colour of HUAYUAN product combustion is white and blue, realizing clean combustion.  

6. Solve the problem that no coking fuel could be used in the traditional burner. More biomass fuel could be applied.

7. One-button control system to set fire, feed bunker, and control temperature automatically.

8. Equipped with dust blower system, which could be cleaned after long-time usage. Different size of reducer adapter could be made according to customers' requirement.

9. Widely applied to high temperature required conditions as coal-fired, natural gas-fired and oil burning boiler reconstruction, as well as industrial drying painting.

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Q:I want to convert my boiler from #2 oil to both #2 and wood pellets! U.S.A. got a burner that can do that?
I don't think you can convert the boiler you have but you could add an additional pellet boiler. There are also several companies that make wood and wood pellet fired boilers. I have been looking into this myself. Below are some links I have found.
Q:My propane tank ran out of gas, can I use my grill tanks to run my boiler until I can get a delivery?
fart. natural gas and it's cheap!
Q:Accesses air % in boiler?
Power plant boilers normally run about 10 to 20 percent excess air. Natural gas-fired boilers may run as low as 5 percent excess air. Pulverized coal-fired boilers may run with 20 percent excess air. Gas turbines runs very lean with up to 300 percent excess air. But actually it depends on the fuel consumption rate and the output rate of the boiler and is controlled precisely by damper.
Q:What are the advantages of gas boilers and coal-fired boilers?
Fourth, to save the boiler production electricity costs. Gas-fired boiler fuel delivery and other auxiliary equipment, small power, continuous running time is short, so the power consumption is low, the cost is higher. Fifth, reduce labor intensity.
Q:Boiler misfiring?
Sounds like a venting problem. Check the chimney for blockage. If thats not the problem you will have to call a professional or someone very knowledgeable in HVAC. Even if its not the chimney,thats the cheapest,easiest check that you can do yourself. Also check the vent pipe from the boiler/furnace to the chimney for any leaks,damage,etc. You say boiler then you say central heating. Central heating usually refers to a warm air furnace. Either way both vent to a chimney of some type.
Q:in cfbc boiler how to maintain steam drum level constant with 3 element control?
One common boiler level control system is to balance out flow of steam with inflow of water and then over ride that control when the level gets back to normal.
Q:how do i know what the boiler relief valve should be?
The 'relief' valve is a temperature/pressure safety device, that opens when a given temp or pressure is attained...keeps the system from exploding. These are brass valves with a spring lever on the end; hose bib for outlet. Although you can use it to 'bleed' off air from the boiler using that, some systems will have air gap for the production of steam: if that is your system type. Some systems are not steam, but hot water only. One device that can bleed air automatically is a Taco (brand) air scoop placed in the lines. Floor radiators can also have small bleeder vents; automatic or manual. If you have steam, you should get a qualified boiler man to look at it...very dangerous to have a steam system un-inspected and you not being familiar with it. Pay the bucks to get inspection ask questions as he walks through it so you know what to do and look for, plus what the daily operational procedures are. Write them down, paying special attention to heating season 'fire-up' and verifying all components are safe and operational. When it's shut down time, there likely are steps to take that insure the next fire-up goes smoothly. Refer to your notes to assure you're doing it right each season.
Q:glow worm swiftflow 80e boiler keeps cutting out.?
As Nosdda has said check your pump is working correctly in the boiler(the rest of his answer is off as the swiftflow is a combi boiler)as they can sometimes stick or even slow down from sludge build up which will cause boiler to overheat and lock out. Its quite an old boiler now so do all your rads work properly with and even heat all over or do you have cool/cold areas on the bottom.
Q:burnham boiler?
check the pump it may have a broken coupler
Q:What is the Problem with my boiler?
OMG you should contact consumer council; I am not a plumber but I have reason to believe your problem is the same one I had in November. It took my corgi reg plumber 3 weeks to find it but because the problem had been so simple the consumer council said he could not bill me a substantial amount, it cost 60 pound for 3 weeks work! The problem was a blockage in the inlet pipe, they checked the usual pipe coming out of the boiler but not the water pipe going into it, because apparantly he has never seen such a blockage on an inlet pipe - however my mother had the same problem last week and told the plumber about my boiler - it was the same prob! It is apparently common if you have previously had a coal or coke fire and still have the same radiators! Good luck getting sorted but you should have comeback on the plumbers you have paid if they have not rectified the problem so don't pay out anything else!!! Good luck!

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