Hot selling 0.12 Aluminum Wire 5154 for braiding cable or aluminum wire mesh

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shiny, excellent electrical conductivity, bear being bended, good tensile strength, excellent welding and corrosion

The CCA wire is made up by using pure aluminum wire as core. It adopts the advanced coating and welding technology in the world. Plating copper concentrically on the concentric line of aluminum realizes metallurgy combination between copper coating and aluminum. There will be no flaking off during the heat treatment or mechanical workout. The CCA is a best new bimetal wire instead of pure copper wire. Producible scope: the diameter is from 0.10mm to 3.00mm.


Product Features:

shiny, excellent electrical conductivity, bear being bended, good tensile strength, excellent welding and corrosion, with the great light specific gravity, and can save resources of copper.


Main Application:

flexible coaxial cable, a variety of audio and video cable, vehicle signal cable, network cable, data transmission cables and so on. Copper clad aluminum can be used in the above cable: cable conductor, braiding and shielding, the single wire conductor and other conductors. Applicable to a variety of electronic components lead wire, such as capacitors, resistors and so on.

1) Aircraft, transport vehicles, vessels, instruments, metal products

2) Processing to the rivets, Zipper, nails, etc

3  Welding Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire which magnesium content is exceeding 3%

4) Sanitary equipment hose braiding materials, automotive and machinery oil hose material

5)  Electronic industries and telecommunications industries

6)  Textile shield for power cable

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Q:There is aluminium on copper, take off caustic soda, can copper why become red?
The reaction is aluminum and copper sulfate, copper sulfate and aluminum is produced, the first group of atoms and other trim, trim, trim can be observed by law, so the equation is: 2Al+3CuSO4 Al2 (SO4) 3+3Cu. one so the answer is: remove the oxide film on the surface of aluminum; one is 2Al+3CuSO4 Al2 (SO4) 3+3Cu.
Q:The surrounding color TV fluorescent screen behind around what is the purpose of fine aluminum wire
The mesh iron wire is wound in the graphite coating position of the outer wall of the glass body, and then the wire mesh is connected with the main board ground wire by wires
Q:Is the wire on the diode a type of P and N semiconductor? Or P semiconductor?
Not semiconductors, but metalsLook, this is not a PN junction. It should be a Schottky diode, a diode made of metal and a semiconductor, and a Schottky barrier
Q:What is aluminum magnesium alloy aluminum wire?
Hard aluminium magnesium alloy aluminum lightweight, low density, good heat dissipation, strong resistance, can fully meet the needs of the 3C products are highly integrated, lightweight, miniaturization, anti-collision and electromagnetic shielding and thermal requirements. Its hardness is several times more than traditional plastic chassis, but the weight is only 1/3 of the latter
Q:What is the material of the toilet with aluminium drawing effect?
The disadvantage is easy to scratch time, a long fading may be easy to issue, not recommended.
Q:Can aluminum wire and copper wire be used instead of tin wire and welded by electric iron?
Can aluminum wire and copper wire be used instead of tin wire and welded by electric iron?
Q:There are several aluminum wires in the high voltage 50mm aluminum cable
So the high pressure 50mm - aluminum core cable inside each aluminum conductor of not less than 19 of aluminum wire.
Q:Is there an electric wire in the integrated circuit?
What is the integrated circuit, he is a semiconductor chip, you said that is not assembly PCB motherboard, motherboard integrated circuit, you see a amount of discipline is the integrated circuit chip, and CPU chip is the large super large scale integrated circuit.
Q:Which heat transfer is copper wire, wire or aluminum wire fast?
The thermal conductivity of brass is 92.8 W/ (M2 * K); the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 203 W/ (M2 = K); the heat conductivity of mild steel is 46.4 W/ (M2 • K)Therefore, the heat transfer speed: aluminum wire > copper wire > iron wire
Q:Can I use the wire for the car radio or the aluminum wire?
You'd better not use iron wire

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