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Brass octagonal Angle valve 
High quality angle valve 
500,000 times cermic cartridge 
5 Years guaranty

Brass octagonal  Angle valve 

1. Material

Handle & Body are all in brass

S.S Rosette

Logo can laser on handle


2. Surface

 High polished with Chrome palted

 Thickness of Nickel layer : 10μm

 Thickness of chorme layer 0.2μm

 Acidy salt spray test 24 hours (CASS 8 Hours)


 3. Point

  Ceramic cartridge life: 500,000 times

  Thickening on wall thickness


4. Certification

 ISO9001:2000, CE


5. Guaranty

 5 Years Guaranty

Its features are:
1, simple flow, dead zone and vortex area is small, with the help of the media itself flushing action, can effectively prevent the medium blockage, namely good self-cleaning properties;
2, small flow resistance, flow coefficient is larger than single seat valve, equivalent to a two-seater valve flow coefficient;
It is suitable for high viscosity, containing suspended solids and granular fluids, or used for right Angle pipe.The flow is commonly in side out.
Special circumstances can the outfit, which flow to the side in bottom out.
Triangle valve, hot and cold two (marked in blue, red to distinguish) for the most part the material manufacturer is the same, hot and cold signs, mainly to distinguish which is the hot water, which is the cold water.



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We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pecific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers.Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.



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Q:Angle valve what brand, angle valve, the ten major brands are?
Angle valve brand ranked 1, Jomoo Jomoo (China well-known trademark, Chinese brand, large sanitary ware leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises, Fujian province famous brand, Fujian province famous brand, Jomoo Group Co., Ltd.) Jomoo angle valve priceAngle valve brand ranked 2, Amico (China well-known trademark, China's largest copper valve production and export base, one of Zhejiang famous trademarks, Zhejiang brand, Ningbo Amico Group Co., Ltd.)Angle valve brand ranked 3 Shenluda (A Well-Known Trademark in China, won the Chinese brand, the national high-tech enterprises, China 500 most valuable brands, tap the top ten brands, Shenluda Limited by Share Ltd)
Q:What do you do in the wire break angle valve Neisili
It will take about 2 hours. Or remove tiles, then the walls of the pipe to pick off. Difficult to fix, specific depends on the scene, this time off the matter.Dear! Next time I bought a corner valve, I remember buying it.
Q:The water pipe is recessed. Can 2cm press the corner valve in the wall?
You can add a 4 head outside the wire is another pipe can be installed inside the angle valve
Q:Angle valve broken toilet replacement when how to do in three.
With suitable width of flat chisel (size too large by grinding) inserted into the wire, with a wrench at the chisel rotating counterclockwise direction.
Q:Do you need the angle valve for the shower faucet?
Angle valve is angle globe valve, angle valve and spherical valve similar to its structure and characteristics are modified by the ball valve. The difference between the globe valve and the angle valve is that the angle valve is at the right angle of 90 degrees from the inlet.
Q:Faucets, angle valves, hoses, showers are among the trademarks?
The 11 categories in the international classification generally belong to this category. You go online to check, I used to register the company is the 11 category ~!
Q:When I was decorating the house, I found that there was no angle valve in the water tank of my washing dish. Do you have any idea?
Not much impact, generally speaking, we should install the outlet faucet or angle valve, so that the day after opening and closing maintenance. Suggest that you let the decoration company to install one for you
Q:Where should I press the corner valve? Where can I hold it?
The angle valve is designed to control the flow of water, so the position of the sink, toilet, wash basin, water heater and bath must be fitted with angle valves. If only for the decoration cost savings, and water main valve in the room, you can consider the sink, sink, water heater, bath position, do not install angle valve. Because these kinds of water valves can control the flow of water.
Q:Will the toilet be the same as the hot and cold water angle valve?
It's the same.However, as long as the water pipe is installed on the angle valve, must be a little better all copper angle valve, water heater angle valve is the most vulnerable to bad, water heater angle valve problems (water leakage, fracture).
Q:How do I change the angle valve?
Inlet angle valve should first spin off valve, flange valve on the screw angle, the angle valve and electric water heater from then unscrew water from a new angle valve, angle valve according to the steps to install it, the hot water outlet valve close the inlet can be replaced as long as the angle.Angle valve: angle valve (ANGLE VALVES), that is, angle stop valve, also known as the triangular valve, angle valve, because the pipe at the angle valve 90 degrees, hence the name. The angle valve has simple flow path and small flow resistance, and is suitable for occasions with high viscosity, suspended substance and granular fluid.

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