Brass Angle Valve With Chrome Plated/Brass Ángulo Válvula Con cromo plateado

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Brass angel valve: 
1.Material:brass body zinc handle 

Brass Angle Valve    


1.Model No. :




BodyBrass:Hpb 57-3Hpb 59-1CW617NCW614NDZRlead free brass
BallBrass with chrome platedIron with chrome plated
BrassPlasticZincWith chrome coated




Temperature: -20°C≤T≤150°C
Pressure: P≤3.0MPa=30bar=435psi
Medium: Water,Oil,Gas,etc.
Thread: M×M threaded as ISO228,BSP,NPT,UNION,ect.
Surface treatment: Polished and chrome plated.


 4.Size & Screw Thread:






Angle is the Angle stop valve, Angle valve and ball valve, its structure and properties is modified by the ball valve.And the difference between spherical valve Angle valve of exports and imports into 90 - degree Angle.


Angle valve is also called triangle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.This is because the pipeline on the corner of a 90 degree Angle valve in shape, it is called a Angle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.

Angle valve body has a water inlet, water control, outlet three mouth mouth, it is called a triangle valve.

Angle valves, of course, in the continuous improvement, although still three mouth, but there are not Angle Angle valve.

Angle valve industry said: Angle regulator in addition to the body for right, other structures similar to direct single-seat regulating valve.



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Q:Do you need angle valves for gas water heaters?
The water heater needs at least one angle valve to be used for running water. As for the gas to the can, if not the past for a perforated wall.
Q:What's the difference between the angle valve and the red mark?
The same structure, the quality of the same, it just wants you to sub cold hot water installation, red for hot water, blue for cold water, to facilitate identification of hot and cold water.
Q:Water heater angle valve burst, what are the reasons?
Angle valve burst can only be said that the quality of the angle valve is too bad
Q:Home improvement hydropower where to install angle valve?
Don't know your family pattern, my family is a kitchen and a bathroom balcony with water to, respectively with the following triangle valve:Kitchen: 1, sink below: hot and cold water valve 2; 2, kitchen treasure: hot and cold water valve 2Toilet: 1, washbasin: cold hot water valve 2; 2, toilet: cold water valve 1; 3, water heater: hot and cold water valve 2Balcony: 1, wash basin: hot and cold water valve 2These are our home, share 11, and if your home is a number of bathrooms, then on these basis, it is possible to increase or decrease. To remind you, angle valve and other hardware to buy a little better, is vulnerable products. My family bought 20 yuan / one, too bad, easy to leak what, and repair is also troublesome
Q:Why should the gas water heater 2 angle valve? Intake is not enough?
Yes, it is convenient for the maintenance of water heaters.Only in the gas water heater a tap water inlet valve installed on the pipeline angle on it; when the water heater needs maintenance, replacement, maintenance, close the tap water inlet pipe angle valve, cut off the tap water inlet, water heater can be repaired easily.If you do not install the angle valve, when the water heater needs maintenance, to the total valve closed home tap water, the total valve or district centralized control management, or shut down other uses can not use tap water, not convenient.Ideally, the cut-off valve is installed on the tap water inlet pipe and the hot water outlet pipe of the gas water heater.
Q:Where is the water inlet valve for the toilet? What does it look like?
The toilet is on the left and right, on the wall. There is a tube leading to the back of the toilet
Q:General valve at that location, the best bathroom, sanitary ware angle valve position height
The main valve is placed just in the riser of the water supply pipe, and the angle valve is 25 cm away from the ground. Installed in the toilet on the right side, cold and hot water mixing valve is 110 cm, 25 cm spacing, wash basin angle valve off 25 cm, 20 cm spacing. If you don't understand, ask again, what you said is too vague
Q:Today I bought a bathroom cabinet, and the merchants told me to bring an angle valve myself
With a few angle valve with bathroom cabinet basin faucet and never mind with your home water related if the basin faucet is just cold and with a hot and cold water valve with a plug or two angle valve
Q:General home decoration requires several angle valve ah!
Several mounting locations are required, depending on the installation position of the angle valve
Q:What tools do you use for angle valves for LPG cylinders? Lower
Direct handIf you can't turn your hand off, use a large plate holder.

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