Brass safety relief valve, air pressure relief valve, brass angle valve

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Angle valve is also called triangle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.This is because the pipeline on the corner of a 90 degree Angle valve in shape, it is called a Angle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.

Angle valve body has a water inlet, water control, outlet three mouth mouth, it is called a triangle valve.
Angle valves, of course, in the continuous improvement, although still three mouth, but there are not Angle Angle valve.

Angle valve industry said: Angle regulator in addition to the body for right, other structures similar to direct single-seat regulating valve.

Its features are:

1, simple flow, dead zone and vortex area is small, with the help of the media itself flushing action, can effectively prevent the medium blockage, namely good self-cleaning properties;

2, small flow resistance, flow coefficient is larger than single seat valve, equivalent to a two-seater valve flow coefficient;

It is suitable for high viscosity, containing suspended solids and granular fluids, or used for right Angle pipe.The flow is commonly in side out.

Special circumstances can the outfit, which flow to the side in bottom out.

Triangle valve, hot and cold two (marked in blue, red to distinguish) for the most part the material manufacturer is the same, hot and cold signs, mainly to distinguish which is the hot water, which is the cold water.

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Q:Is the ball valve good for water heater or angle valve?
Hello, water heater, you answer the hose, it is generally used angle valve, ball valves are generally installed on the gas pipeline, the problem is not, I hope to adopt!
Q:What are the standard sizes of angle valves used in our homes?
Generally belong to the pipe thread, like G1/2, the inner hole is about 19, G3/4, the inner hole is about 24.5.
Q:Home improvement hydropower where to install angle valve?
Toilet bowl, washbasin, water heater, dish basin and kitchen treasure
Q:Which is the inlet angle valve? How can I close it?
1. the whole machine will be taken apart and ready to use the corresponding screwdriver. 2. when the screen is removed, the small chip on the screen connecting the motherboard is separated from the motherboard.
Q:What brand of stainless steel angle valve is good? What about the price?
Do you want it made in China or imported? Our stainless steel angle valve customers can also use, sold after basically no repair, quality is not calculated
Q:Angle valve which brand is good?
I recommend that you consider the following two aspects, the first is to choose the amount sold the big stores, big consumption can explain this shop hard angle valve favored by customers; second is a look at the user's evaluation, evaluation not only play, but also the favorable rate must be high, the customer will generally purchase experience to say, therefore, I recommend you take a look at the angle valve sales in the network: This is the day before the sale of the best of several angle valve.
Q:A set of three bedrooms and one living room generally require several angle valves, several floor drain, each play what role?
The toilet needs at least one floor drain. The bottom of the triangle toilet seat needs one. The bottom of the basin should be two. One is to control the heat, the other is to control the cold. If you install an electric water heater in your bathroom.. Then it will take two more. Basically, the bathroom is like this.. It depends on how many bathrooms you decide.. If the installation of kitchen kitchen po. It's for hot water.. It must have two triangle valves.. If the dish is hot and cold water. Two triangle valves, too. You can add QQ420788700 if it's convenient.. I tell you。。
Q:Angle valve in what position, what is the role?
Question: enthusiastic users [satisfaction]: triangle valve is angle valve --- water pipe is connected to the metal hose switch, the role is when the kitchen sink when broken, can be closed, does not affect other water use.
Q:Angle valve, water faucet, water trap is within the quota range of sanitary ware installation
See if the quota ware Fucai, which contains, it belongs to.
Q:How can the toilet inlet pipe / angle valve leak?
If the interface is leaking, you can remove the joints, wrap more raw materials, tighten the tape can be. Angle valve leakage is mostly caused by gasket wear, you can find a suitable thickness of rubber film change.

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