Brass safety relief valve, air pressure relief valve, brass angle valve

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Angle valve is also called triangle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.This is because the pipeline on the corner of a 90 degree Angle valve in shape, it is called a Angle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.

Angle valve body has a water inlet, water control, outlet three mouth mouth, it is called a triangle valve.
Angle valves, of course, in the continuous improvement, although still three mouth, but there are not Angle Angle valve.

Angle valve industry said: Angle regulator in addition to the body for right, other structures similar to direct single-seat regulating valve.

Its features are:

1, simple flow, dead zone and vortex area is small, with the help of the media itself flushing action, can effectively prevent the medium blockage, namely good self-cleaning properties;

2, small flow resistance, flow coefficient is larger than single seat valve, equivalent to a two-seater valve flow coefficient;

It is suitable for high viscosity, containing suspended solids and granular fluids, or used for right Angle pipe.The flow is commonly in side out.

Special circumstances can the outfit, which flow to the side in bottom out.

Triangle valve, hot and cold two (marked in blue, red to distinguish) for the most part the material manufacturer is the same, hot and cold signs, mainly to distinguish which is the hot water, which is the cold water.

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Q:Is the triangle valve in the gas heater delivered? Or do you want to buy it yourself?!
NO1. will not normally be delivered, but the installer will carry it with you, and it will cost you more than you normally buyNO2. wants to buy it by himself. Buy 3 (hot water valve, one cold water valve, one gas valve)NO3. triangle valve to buy 4 cents on the line, you said directly to buy 3 angle valve on the line.NO4. finally buy 3 300cm long high-pressure connections to plug in cold water, hot water, gas, and buy a raw meal belt.Triangle valve, about 15 yuan each, and high pressure connection pipe each 12 yuan. Raw meal with 1.5 yuan
Q:What is the function mechanism of the angle valve for water inlet and outlet of water heater?
If the tap water pressure is insufficient, even if do not install the valve, also cannot raise the flow.
Q:When I was decorating the house, I found that there was no angle valve in the water tank of my washing dish. Do you have any idea?
Not much impact, generally speaking, we should install the outlet faucet or angle valve, so that the day after opening and closing maintenance. Suggest that you let the decoration company to install one for you
Q:Where are angle valves used?
The interface for washing machines, toilets, faucets, showers, etc.
Q:How do I install angle valves and faucets?
Angle valve installation:1 before installation, should confirm the product surface without sand holes and threaded pipe wall thickness uniformity, rotating flexible switch.2. before installation, the water pipe should be cleaned once, and no residue or residue in the water pipe is confirmed, so as not to affect the water.
Q:What brand of stainless steel angle valve is good? What about the price?
Shanghai Datong in the coal chemical black water angle valve can do
Q:Angle valve broken toilet replacement when how to do in three.
This is very good treatment, general master will
Q:What's the difference between the angle valve and the red mark?
Angle valve blue label and red label internal no difference.Red biased comfortable, blue flagship campaign, there are two red orchid, is to distinguish between hot and cold water, use more convenient.Angle valve is angle globe valve, angle valve and spherical valve similar to its structure and characteristics are modified by the ball valve. The difference between the globe valve and the angle valve is that the angle valve is at the right angle of 90 degrees from the inlet.What's the difference between the quick triangle valve and the common triangle valve?:One is the rubber ring spool, one is ceramic valve, quick opening is the latter, only 90 degrees will be able to fix, commonly known as quick opening type.Normally, angle valves are also used on gas appliances.
Q:Can you install the water heater without the angle valve, directly with the outer silk head, and then directly connected with the hose?
The benefits of angle valves:Disassembly and replacement of water heater is convenient.The water heater was originally equipped with 2 15CM hoses and, in place, saved the money for the longer hose.The extra hose can be more expensive than the corner valve.There should be other students of other.
Q:Angle valve screw short how to do?
Can be connected to external teeth on the wire, with teeth in the hoop, then connected with the angle valve, but directly change the angle valve screw length is more reliable

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