High Quality Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

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Galvanized Wire/Galvanized Steel Wire/ Gavanized Iron Wire



Weaving, braiding, fencing, cable armoring, knitting, tie wire, for redrawn, for binding or forming etc.


low carbon steel wire



Tensile strength

350-500MPA, or higher

Zinc coating

Min 12g/m2, min 25g/m2, min 200g/m2,min 300g/m2,610g/m2

Surface treatment

Hot dipped or electro galvanized


On spools

In small coils of 25-50kg/coil, 10kg/coil

In rosette coil of 100-800kg/coil


ASTM 641, EN10257-1& EN10244-2

All can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

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Q:in house wiring, why is the black wire hot?
One you always need a hot wire to operate stuff and to run the circuit. never assume one color wire is the hot wire you never know what someone wired a item or a circuit up with maybe they only had green wire on their truck. I don't care if the wire is red, white, purple, blue , green or black i always to test to see what wires are my hot wires and what wires are line voltage. There are too many people who don't follow code and just wire up stuff how ever they want as long as it works for them. so protect yourself and test everything and wire stuff up right if you don't know how to read a book or get some training like someone else said its not difficult you just have to respect electricity and what it can do.
Q:What are the types of Barbed wires?
depends upon which type of animal you wish to keep in the pen comes in many types and twists - each one different for the job that needs done some of the twists/patterns are for individual farmers - like a signature, its theirs alone - identifies their property lines - that doesn't include razortina wire - that is a whole different thing the tatoo stuff is made up - like a comic book, not real patterns google it for more details too many to type here
Q:what do the wire colors mean for a clarion PN-2218i car radio?
Did yer understand the international soccer cup. became as quickly as stolen out of a shop window, and a canine suggested as ''Pickles'' got here across it below a bush, what do yer think of roughly that then .. seem it up'
Q:radio wires for a 2002 f-150?
if you have not cut the factory harness off that connects to the stock radio then go and buy a radio harness kit
Q:1989 Nissan 240sx Radio Wire installation?
I think the problem you are having is that your system is an active system and you don't have the power antenna wire connected to the amp turn on wire. Without this connection you will not get any sound. So what you need to do is connect the amp turn on wire to the power antenna wire. The amp turn on wire for your 240sx should be light green and located on the smaller of the two molex connectors of your radio's wiring harness located in the dash. Just connect that light green wire to the blue power antenna wire on your new radio wiring harness and you should be good to go! As for the ground situation, as long as you mounted the new radio to the metal brackets originally attached to the Nissan radio it will automatically be grounded when you screw the brackets into the dash. I hope that helps, if not give me a jingle and I'll see if I can't clear anything up for ya.
Q:Soldering multiple wires to 1 wire?
it will effect the voltage because it will split the power 10 defferent ways. i dont know any website that will tell you this but there is a tester that you can get to test the voltage. thats how i found out.
Q:How are wires enameled?
You can't use bare copper for coil windings. It would be like having a shorted coil. The varnish or enamel gives a coating thick enough to insulate from shorting and thin enough to allow for efficient induction. I don't see how you can make a winding without it touching itself at some point. Most coils overlap.
Q:How do I find the remote wire?
blue wire or blue with a white stripe antenna wire, the wire that tells the antenna to go up and down or just use any wire that is only hot when the radio is on (use a test light), the power wire to the radio (not constant or memory) ignition
Q:electroluminescent wire?
what do you want to know about electroluminescent wire
Q:how do I wire chandelier into the ceiling?
You need an ohm-meter to find out which wire goes where. continuity is minimal ohms between 2 points. 1) The wire with continuity to the exposed metal of the fixture goes to the metal electrical box and/or ground wire. That wire is green or bare. 2) The wire with continuity to the outer shell of the sockets is the return path. It is usually the insulated wire with subtle corrugations on the outside. Tie it to the white wire in the box. 3) The wire with continuity to the tabs in the bases of the sockets is the supply (hot) one. It goes to the red wire in the box. 4) The chandelier will make light if wires 2 3 are swapped but it wouldn't be right.

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