High Performance WC6 Safety Valve For Steam Service

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A pressure relief valve (PRV) is a safety device that relieves overpressure in a vessel or system. When the pressure of vessel or system increased beyond the specified design pressure or maximum allowable working pressure, PRV will be opened automaticly to relief the overpressure for proteding the vessel or system. The PRV will be closed if the pressure reached specified design pressure so that to ensure the normal operation and protect the vessel or system.

Our Pressure Relief Valve has been designed and manuractured according to following Standard:

♦ ISO 4123-1 Safety Devices for Portection Against Excessve Pressure
♦ API STD 526 Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves
♦ API STD 527 Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves

♦ ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Division 1, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels

♦ Type: Conventional, Bellows

♦ Size:1" D 2"- 8" T 10"
♦ Class:150lb~2500lb
♦ Temperature:-268~+538°C

♦ Fluid: Gas, Steam, and Liquid
♦ Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel
♦ The allowable tolerance of the set pressure: ≤±3%
♦ Overpressure: ≤10%(gas)/≤20%(liquid)
♦ Blowdown: ≤10%(gas)/≤20%(liquid)

♦ Tightness: conforms to API STD 527


♦The solid nozzle is screwed into the body, which makes the maintenance easy.
♦ The shape of the disc holder has been designed to enhance the effect of the fluid thrust for an instant lift of the disc.
♦ Blowdown control is provided with adjustable nuzzle ring only.
♦ The adequate terials and clearance between disc holder and guide , spindle and adjusting screw assures disc to lift successfully.

♦ The surface of both the disc and the nozzle seat are deposited with Stellite. Excellent flatness and surface finish of the seating surfaces by precision machining and lapping assure pressure relief valve to have high degree of seat tightness and long using life.

♦ The bellows of balanced bellows pressure relief valves can not only avoid and effect of variable back pressure in the system , but also protect spring and other trim components from corrosive media.

♦ Materials are chosen carefully , and the manufacture of the spring and the bellows has strict technological process. Each of them is tested and checked strictly.

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Q:Leaky Toilet shutoff valve....?
After replacing hundreds of these I suggest that any cost of the mentioned fixtures is far less than the resource wasted. I'd begin with a new shut off,,,inexpensive and easily installed, once the main line has been temporarily shut off. Then as long as it is, replace the line as well. I suspect at a cost of less than $10 for both. Often the issue extends to how YOU might have threaded both, how tight, within reason you secured them, and this is so common you should be able to alievieate the poroblem by replacing,,,, as long as you consider cross threading and possibly threading metal components to plastic. On an environmental note, Constant running is wasteful, and certainly damage to any flooring, or walls/molding that sponge up any leakage are wasteful in an after effect. Steven Wolf
Q:What is Mitral Valve Relapse?
Mitral okorder.com/
Q:Natural Gas Vs Propane Valve?
They are two different burners, with different ignition characteristics, and CANNOT be used for both gases. Get the correct one for your use.Simple. Safety first! Done.
Q:Timing Belt and Bent Valve?
if ur timing belt cuts off on the highway then one or more of your valves will be bent and its realy expensive to fix and if fixed engine wont be the same happend to my friends accord so the best thing you do is get a new engine and have instaled,, go to spanish mechanic they fix good for realy cheap
Q:Where can i find a three-way air pressure valve?
You might have to register on the site to order online. It is free. You can call them and order the catalog. It is free also. Hope this helps Email me if you want me to look it up in my catalog. Don't break any windows. Wingman
Q:What is a flow valve?
google repairing flow valve on ice maker it is there.
Q:2003 civic valve adjustment?
intake is .007-.009in exhaust .009-.011in good luck
Q:if i took off the little rubber hose connected to my egr valve,and the egr has no suction?
You didn't tell us year, make, model, and engine so we're shooting in the dark a bit. First off, EGR valves are NEVER on at idle. That would kill the engine. The vacuum only comes on when certain conditions are met. First, the engine has to be at full operating temp. Then, the throttle has to be open a certain amount. If you own a late model vehicle, many of them used duty cycle solenoids that literally pulse the length of time the vacuum solenoid allows vacuum to go to the EGR. That's how the computer regulates how far the valve opens. So, the only way to tell if yours is working without owning a scope is to use a hand vacuum pump and attach it to the vacuum port. Then apply vacuum and release it while watching the valve open and close. If you do this while the engine is running, the opening valve should make the engine run really rough, if not die completely. Next time please give us more make/model info
Q:Cummins engines injector spill valve?
The fault for the spill valve is not something you can correct with timing. When they repaired or replace injectors they need to be programed into the computer so they match the other injectors. The spill valve is in the injector and is there to return unneeded fuel back to tank. If this valve does not work you could be over fueling or run the risk of fuel cooking in the injector making a mess of the spray pattern. It should be telling you which injector is throwing the code and if it is one of the two that were worked on take it back.
Q:What prevents the valves in the heart from being pushed backwards?
the heart valves maintain the unidirectional flow of blood in the heart by opening and closing depending on the difference in pressure on each side. (wiki) So I would assume that the pressure of blood flow is what prevents the valve from pushing backwards. ALSO Atrioventricular valves These are small valves that prevent backflow from the ventricles into the atrium during systole. They are anchored to the wall of the ventricle by chordae tendineae, which prevent the valve from inverting. The chordae tendineae are attached to papillary muscles that cause tension to better hold the valve. Together, the papillary muscles and the chordae tendineae are known as the subvalvular apparatus. The function of the subvalvular apparatus is to keep the valves from prolapsing into the atria when they close. The subvalvular apparatus have no effect on the opening and closure of the valves, however. This is caused entirely by the pressure gradient across the valve.

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