High-performace pipeline ball valve 150 Class

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Product Description:

Products Description of pipeline ball valve

Body of high-performance pipeline ball valve is forged structure.The connection type for body and vice-body can be BB(bolted connection)and WB(welded connection).The WB(welded connection)and the LWB(Fully-welded extended stem)structure isadopted for buried ball valves,as shown below.

High performance pipeline ball valve series has the feature of strength,high perfect sealing,maintenance-free,long life and so on.The production of this series ball valve adopts the international advanced ball valve design and manufacturing technology,selects high-quality materials in accordance with the standard selection of materials and combines with advanced materials forming forging technology.At the same time,with the years of ball valve design and manufacturing experience,the use of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment and production and processing technology,through the first-class inspection and testing equipment and instruments,perfect quality assurance management system and excellence in the production of high-performance philosophy can ensure the quality of valves.This series of valve has the performance of a high strength,defect-free forging body,excellent sealing performance,even at maximum pressure difference(full pressure),it will still be able to ensure that seal without leakage,after frequent switching action to realize a safe usage in the transportation of oil,natural gas,coal gas,and other special medium transportation pipeline.

Performance & Dimensions of pipeline ball valve

Standard Criteria

 ASME/ANSI/API   customize   

Pressure Rating

 1.6 Mpa  2 Mpa  5   Mpa  8 Mpa  10 Mpa  16 Mpa  25   Mpa  42 Mpa

 150 Class  300   Class  600 Class  900 Class  1500   Class  2500 Class customize 

Valve Size

 50 mm  80 mm  100   mm  150 mm  200 mm  250 mm  300   mm  350 mm 400 mm  450 mm  500   mm  550 mm  600 mm  650 mm  700 mm  750   mm 800 mm  850 mm  900 mm  1000   mm  1050 mm  1200 mm  1400 mm

 2 inch  3 inch  4   inch  6 inch  8 inch  10 inch  12   inch  14 inch  16 inch 18 inch  20   inch  22 inch  24 inch  26 inch  28   inch  30 inch  32 inch  34 inch 36   inch  40 inch  42 inch  48 inch  56   inch customize 


 Electric  Handle  Hydraulic  Pilot-hydraulic  Pneumatic customize   


 Butt Welding  Flange   RF  Flange RTJ customize 


 Gas customize 

Medium Temperature

 -29~150  -46~150 customize   

Application Fields

 Electricity  Petrochemical  Power   Station customize 

Component Materials of pipeline ball valve

1-Body Material

 A105  A350-LF2-M customize   


 A105  A350-LF2-M customize   


 4410+ENP customize 


 A350   LF2+ENP  A105+ENP customize 

5-Material of Valve Seat

 fluorine rubber customize 


 Nylon  PTFE  peek  DEVLON customize   

6-Seat ring

 A105  ENP+A322   4140 customize 

7-Packing chamber

 A322 4140+ENP  A105 customize   

9-Stem gasket

 RPTFE customize 


 graphite  PTFE customize   

11-Packing gland

 ENP+A350   LF2  ENP+A105 customize 

12-Body gasket

 Stainless   steel+graphite customize 


 Stainless steel+graphite customize   

14-Top flange

 A105  A350   LF2 customize 

30-Supporting board

 A105  A350   LF2 customize 



55-Seat spring

 B637 Inconel X750 customize 

56-Anti-static spring

 B637 Inconel X750 customize 


 A320   L7  A193-B7  A193-B7M customize 


 A193-B7  A193-B7M  A320   L7 customize 


 fluorine rubber  hydrogenated   nitrile butadiene rubber customize 

63-Fire-safe ring

 flexible graphite customize 


 hydrogenated nitrile butadiene   rubber  fluorine rubber customize 


 fluorine rubber  hydrogenated   nitrile butadiene rubber customize 


 fluorine rubber  hydrogenated   nitrile butadiene rubber customize 


 A193-B7M  A320   L7  A193-B7 customize 


 A194 2HM  A194 4  A194   2H customize 


 A322 4140 customize 

72-Locating pin

 A322 4140 customize 

73-Locating pin

 A322 4140 customize 

80-Seat injection valve

 WCB+ENP customize 

81-Stem injection valve

 WCB+ENP customize 


 PTFE+Stainless steel customize 

83-Drainage valve

 Stainless steel customize 

84-Vent valve

 Stainless steel customize 




 Stainless steel customize 

Standards Applied of pipeline ball valve

Design Standard

 API 6D customize 

Connection Standard

 ASME B 16.25-2007  ASME B 16.5  ASME   B 31.4  ASME B 31.8  DIN  GBGB/T  JBJB/T JIS customize   

Test Standard

 API 6D customize 

Face to Face

 API 6D customize 

Pressure-temperature rating

 ASME B 16.34-2004 customize 


 MSS SP-25 customize 

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