High capacity cyclonic style vacuum cleaner with ERP Class A#JC621C

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650 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


Model: JC621C



Stylish shape design

Easy to empty dust cup

Multi-layered filter technology

Strong suction power


ERP Class: A



700W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 3L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size: 382*274*300mm

Packing size: 430*310*330mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 650/1300/1500 pcs



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Q:Why don't they make gasoline powered vacuum cleaners?
Vacuum cleaners are used indoors. Therefore it is not advisable to use a gasoline powered vacuum cleaners due to exhaust gases from the engine, too much noise, and etc.
Q:Aren't dogs just the Best vacuum cleaners ever?
*Yes they sure do help conserve energy*
Q:I need a new vacuum cleaner, what should I buy?
We've got a Hooray Henry - great little worker and even has a cheery face! Got him after 2-3 others in recent years who literally bit the dust - Henry was recommended as can cope with more hoovering than a little dust so if you're doing renovations and have clumps of plaster it will suck 'em up and not wear out the motor.
Q:made in usa vacuum cleaners?
Q:Does Panasonic make vacuum cleaners for Kenmore?
Most Kenmore vacuums are made by Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Corporation of America).
Q:question about jupiter?
Jupiter's gravitational field is much stronger than any other planet of our Sun. There is no practical surface -- the atmosphere just gets more and more dense as you approach the planet. You could potentially devise some sort of airplane like vehicle which could fly through the atmosphere. Engine technology would be only one problem. Temperatures are cold, escape velocity is very high, and many other problems need to be solved. Getting a sample of Jupiter's atmosphere could be as simple, if you have solved the other problems, of having a vacuum bottle, opening it to draw in and capture a sample, then closing the bottle and leaving. You can read a lot about Jupiter's gravity, temperatures, size, escape velocity, and so on by searching for Jupiter in wikipedia.
Q:What are your thoughts on water filter vacuum cleaners?
nothing but a big mess. Where do you think the dirty water goes? Down the drain then it gets cloged up
Q:Which is more powerful-amps or volts?
Volts and amps are different things. Power is the product of volts times amps. The motor in the vacuum can be rated in watts or in horse power. 12 volts times 6 amps is 72 watts. This is about 0.1 horsepower (746 watts in one horsepower). Some vacuum cleaners rate their machines suction power in air-watts. A bigger or more powerful motor doesn't always mean better suction. The design could be poor or inefficient so you really need to know how well the machine acutally picks up dust and dirt. The air-watt rating should be a better indicator than just watts or motor size. If you want a good vacuum cleaner, check out Consumer Reports.
Q:What would happen if you vacuumed a vacuum cleaner?
This question is rated X.
Q:What is the difference between a 2200W and 2000W vacuum cleaner?
200 watts (give or take 37) Is that a trick question? They both suck.

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