golden yellow expanded/exfoliated vermiculite for agriculture

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In 12kg PP or PE bags for shipment.
Delivery Detail:Around 10-20 days after confirm the order.


golden yellow expanded vermiculite for agriculture/ horticulture 
Bulk density 105-115kg/m3 
Impurity 2-4% 
only TVA in Asia


Product Description



ColorGloden yellow

Non-combustible,natural refractory properties,low density,good thermal insulation,poisonless,corrosion-resistant,etc





BuildingLight weight materials of light weight concrete aggregate
Heat preservation heat insulationUnderground pipes,greenhouse pipes, thermal insulation material
MetallurgicalSteel and molten slag
Agriculture/horticultureSeed preservation agent,soil,wetting agents,plant growth regulators on the agent,feed additives
Sea fishingErbrium fishing

Packaging & Shipping

Expanded Silver Vermiculite

1, In 10kg PP/PE bag.

2, Shipment time: Around 7-20 days after confirm the order.

3, Quantity: 8MTs per 40'HQ container.


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Q:Vermiculite, soilless cultivation, horticulture, vermiculite, the use of coarse?
Vermiculite is a kind of mica material which is formed when the silicate material is heated at high temperature. In the course of heating, water loses rapidly and expands, and the volume after expansion is equivalent to 8-20 times of the original volume. Thus, the aeration pore and water holding capacity of the substance are increased. 2. the density of vermiculite was 130-180 kg / cubic meter, and it was neutral to alkaline (ph7-9). Vermiculite can absorb up to 500-650 liters of water per cubic meter of water. After steam disinfection, can release the appropriate amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium.
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Q:Is vermiculite a safe medium to grow edible plants on?
instead of heat mat or heat tape you can easly use a aquariuam heater and two bricks to put the tupper ware on. fill it with water to about half an inch from the surface of the bricks and there u go! email me if you need more info
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Q:i mixed some vermiculite in a plastic bowl that i also use to eat with should i throw the bowl out?
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To put it simply, perlite is good for drainage and EC in the vermiculite balance medium. If you are a master, and use moss peat, proficient in watering, it can not be useful vermiculite and perlite
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It depends on the Tarantula species... There are three main kinds of tarantulas when considering cage setup. Arboreal, or tree climbing, Terrestrial, or ground dwelling, and Burrowing. Arboreal tarantulas won't need much, just enough to cover 1 inch of the bottom of the cage is needed. Terrestrials will need more, about 2-3 inches worth, and Burrowers will like even more, 3-5 inches. This means, with the dimension provided (12x36x5[max depth for adult burrower]), you will need no more than 1-1/4 cubic feet or 2,160 cubic inches of substrate.
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polyurethane beads

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