Glassfiber Non Woven dust filter bags for filtration

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Our company can supple all kinds of glassfiber non woven bag filters.

Glass fiber is drawn from melted glass chon rule and is an organic non metallic material. Compared with traditional synthetic fibers, it has high tensile strength and small elongation at break, and very good high temperature resistance and chemical characters. with different chemical treatment and surface treatment, it is a relatively ideal high temperature resistant filtering material, however, glass fiber has bad folding strength and cannot endure relatively large filtering load.

High temperature

Wear resistance

Break resistance

Long service life


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100%   glassfiber



Air   Perm


Warp   Tensile Strength


Weft   Tensile Strength


Warp   Elongation


Weft   Elongation


Surge   Temperature




Chemical   Resistance:

Acid   excellent

Alkalis   poor

Oxidizing   Agents excellent


 Glassfiber Non Woven dust filter bags for filtration



Glassfiber Non Woven dust filter bags for filtration 








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