UDF granular activated carbon filter cartridge

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UDF filter cartridge(granular activated carbon filter)
Material: PP polypropylene shell and activated carbon
Production process: polypropylene shell granular activated carbon poured melted into a spin.
Usage: Removal of chlorine in the water, Removal of peculiar smell, improve the taste.
Advantages: obvious effect on water purification and adsorption of impurities, the low cost.
Specifications: Length 10 inches 20 inches
Weight: 400 grams to 1600 grams
Outside diameter: 68 mm - 115 mm
Inner diameter: 28 mm

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Q:Which kind of filter is good for drinking water filters?
But it can not completely remove scale and bacteria and viruses, and belongs to primary filtration. A water purifier using KDF filters can partially remove bacteria, viruses, and partially remove heavy metals, but not remove the scale. Water softener is a basic ion exchange resin, with calcium and magnesium ions of sodium cation replacement water (scale), completely removing the scale.
Q:Y filter generally in the circulating water, water or backwater?
Because the main function of Y filter is to filter the larger particles of impurities in water, so as not to equipment (radiators, pumps, impellers, and other) caused by erosion, damage and congestion, it is usually installed in the water supply side.
Q:How can we keep the water in the tank clean for a long time?
Modern ornamental fish tanks should be mechanically filtered and biologically filtered, and sometimes require physical filtration. Among them, biological filtration is of particular importance.
Q:Can the water purifier be directly filtered? More than 1000?
If you buy a water purifier, it is recommended to buy reverse osmosis water purifier.
Q:There are a lot of white powder on the bottom of the water which is filtered by the water filter
The current domestic water purifier on the market can be divided into pure water type water purifier ultrafiltration water purifier and class two types. While the pure water machine because of high precision filtration (this model requires electricity), filter out harmful substances in water and trace elements are filtered ou
Q:Is the water pipe good or the filter cigarette holder?
A water pipe can carry ordinary cigarettes, depending on the shape of the water pipe you bought, and the water pipe with the cigarette in it.
Q:Two water aquarium filter will not be more clear
The effect of filtration is related to the flow rate and the amount of filter material. Under the same conditions,
Q:Can household water filters filter out rust water?
General household water purifier can be filtered out
Q:What's the function of the filter in the fridge?
Role: it can filter out impurities in the refrigeration system, such as metal scraps, oxides and dust, to prevent debris from clogging the capillary or damaging the compressor.
Q:Do you need a water filter for an air heater?
If the tap water quality is better, there is no need to install filters.

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