Polyester Waterproof And Scrim Antistatic filter bags

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Our company can offer all kinds of polyester non woven fabric. The antistatic needle felt with the antistatic scrim can meet the special demands of the dust collection of blast furnace gas and coal gas in the cement industry. According to the need of coal milling collecting dust of blast furnace gas, cement plant and other industries, antistatic is developed.

Most industrial dust will blast when it meets the static discharge if its content comes to a certain extent. This brings on the explosion and fire. The dust should be collected with special dust bags which are anti-static.


Good air permeability
high porosity
flat and smooth surface
high dust collection efficiency
long service life


We pursue quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.

When you choose to use the products of our company, you only need to call or write to the company, we will solve all you troubles and give you a satisfactory results.





100%   Polyester conductive yarn



Air   Perm


Warp   Tensile Strength


Weft   Tensile Strength


Warp   Elongation


Weft   Elongation


Continuous   Temperature


Surge   Temperature


Moist   Temperature



waterproof,   stabilization

Chemical   Resistance:

Acid   Fair

Alkalis  Fair

Oxidizing   Agents  Good



Polyester media may be attacked by moist heat hydrolysis, strong acid or strong alkalis. To avoid such occurrences, please operate in an environment in accordance with the above recommendations.

Polyester Waterproof And Scrim Antistatic filter bags


 Polyester Waterproof And Scrim Antistatic filter bags



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Q:Do I need to add a filter before the industrial circulating water pump?
In fact, is often blocked because it is an old system, because the system has not been cleaning and pre film, so there are a lot of rust and mud, I want to ask is if after cleaning and pre film, import filter can not be needed.
Q:Filter brand ranking?
. The interior of the filter is mainly composed of a coarse strainer, a strainer, a suction pipe, a stainless steel brush or a stainless steel suction nozzle, a sealing ring, an anticorrosive coating, a rotating shaft, etc..
Q:Which manufacturers produce ceramic filters, the more comprehensive the better, the people throughout the country hooray!
The other factory is relatively small.
Q:Does Honeywell have an industrial prefilter?
Industrial filter is a kind of filter, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, paper making, medicine, food, mining, electric power, city water supply field.
Q:Can industrial water filters be filtered by domestic water?
activated carbon filter: can eliminate the water color and odor, but can not remove the bacteria in the water and other harmful substances, sediment and rust removal is also very poor.
Q:What's the process of starting a mineral water company?
business license industry and Commerce bureau
Q:What's the effect of the filter before the gas tank?
This will bring the dust entering into the gas tank, if the particle radius is relatively small, the effect of gas flow is not possible, but will gradually affect the speed of the system; if the particle radius is large enough, the collision will cause the gas tank internal components and wear, greatly reduce the service life of storage tank.
Q:What is an industrial oil mist collector?
This results in solid particles, oil mist, mist, and other tiny particles floating in the air.
Q:The features of paper tape filter and disc vacuum filter?
The filter has a general filtration rate of 50L/min-2000L/min, and the filtration accuracy is about 15-20 microns. The unit occupies a small area, and is suitable for single machine filtration, such as cold rolling liquid filtration system.
Q:Method for treating manganese sand filter
removal of suspended substance and solid substance in industrial sewage; 3. can be used as pretreatment equipment in ion exchange softening and desalting system, and crude filtration equipment for industrial water supply with low water quality requirement;

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