Front Italian water purifier WF-10C Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS

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Front-Italian water purifier (WF-10C)
Material: Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS
Production process:  semi-finished products by injection molding machine, will be finished after assemble and testing.
Usage: The first crude whole house water filtration devices,filter tap water sediment, rust and other large particulate matter.
Advantages: the low cost,directly filter pollution from water pipe.
Specifications: The inner core wound filter with 10 inches
Weight: 760
Interface: 4 points 6 points 1 inch


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Q:What's the function of the filter in the fridge?
It is necessary to filter these impurities, these impurities once entering the compressor is the piston, cylinder, bearing severe wear even stuck; into the motor winding or wiring terminal, it may damage the windings insulation, short-circuit, breakdown; entering the capillary tube,
Q:Power plant water efficient filter plugging how to do, plus what ingredients?
The inner part of the high efficiency fiber filter is mainly composed of a fixed hole, a perforated plate, a cellulose, an active porous plate (namely a floating plate) and a gas distributing device.
Q:Water purifier is filtered to 0.01 good or 0.0001 good?
Of course is 0.0001 micron.1 and RO reverse osmosis water purification equipment is used in reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology
Q:The filters in my fish tank glow with white foam on the water
. In the spring water you can add some powder (without other seasons), yellow resistance is mild, not universal panacea, don't.
Q:Y filter generally in the circulating water, water or backwater?
Because the main function of Y filter is to filter the larger particles of impurities in water, so as not to equipment (radiators, pumps, impellers, and other) caused by erosion, damage and congestion, it is usually installed in the water supply side.
Q:What filters should be used for water with high levels of heavy metals?
chemical methods for the removal of heavy metals by chemical reactions, including chemical precipitation, oxidation-reduction, electrolysis, and enhanced coagulation.
Q:Why is the water in our aquarium not filtered clean?
Too much fish, feeding amount is possible. If the fish is much, if you are using the filters,
Q:There are a lot of white powder on the bottom of the water which is filtered by the water filter
So the landlord can be assured to use. Personal suggestions don't usually make tea, it is best not to boil the water, heated to body temperature close to it. (such as calcium and magnesium ions in water will not be due to oxidation and reduction)
Q:What's the reason for the turbidity of the fish tank? What filter works best?
Open the cylinder - such as sand, wood, unbalanced - microorganisms will cause water quality is not clear or short muddy.
Q:How can you keep the water in a fish tank clean?
After drying water, breaking tanks and new fish through water and other steps, gradually adapt to the fish in the water, water will form a small ecological environment

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