Polyimide Non Woven dust Bag Filters for power cement plant

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Polyimide Non Woven Bag Filters



Our company can supple all kinds of Polyimide non woven bag filters.

Duo to the irregular cross section, the specific surface area of the fiber is relatively large, thus it has relatively good dust catching capability, its catching capability for ultra fine dust is higher than other fiber.
The quality of the filter bag determines the result of filtration to a great extent. Our company follows strict standards in sourcing raw materials and in the manufacturing process of all filter bags to ensure that they are 100% good quality. The polyimide fiber of tianyu filter bag is selected from world-famous enterprises

Application: cement, coal burning boiler, concrete mixing, waste incineration industry.

High tensile strength

High abrasive resistance

Easy for cleaning

High precision of filtration

Good air permeability

Good chemical corrosion resistance

Good thermal resistance

Long service life


We pursue quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.

When you choose to use the products of our company, you only need to call or write to the company, we will solve all you troubles and give you a satisfactory results.






100%   Polyimide



Air   Perm


Warp   Tensile Strength


Weft   Tensile Strength


Warp   Elongation

<35%< span="">

Weft   Elongation

<45%< span="">

Continuous   Temperature


Surge   Temperature


Moist   Temperature



Singed,   smooth , stabilization

Chemical   Resistance:

Acid   good

Alkalis   fair

Oxidizing   Agents good


Polyimide media may be attacked by moist heat hydrolysis, strong acids, or strong alkalis. The PTFE scrim enhances the media integrity in these conditions. To avoid such occurrences, please operate in an environment in according with the above recommendations.

Polyimide Non Woven dust  Bag Filters for power cement plant


 Polyimide Non Woven dust  Bag Filters for power cement plant





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Q:What are the requirements of industrial dust collector for filter bag?
it is best to use the most commonly used also by polyester needle felt material produced by the filter bag, is widely used in industrial dust industry etc..
Q:What are the famous water treatment plants in China?
Water used in chemical industry, chemical reaction cooling, chemical agent, chemical fertilizer and fine chemical industry, cosmetics manufacturing process, water system.
Q:Which is a good industrial circulating water filter?
Then, according to the water quality of the circulating water, the filter suitable for treating the water quality of the circulating water is rationally selected"...
Q:What is the standard for quartz sand filter after filtration?
Can effectively remove suspended substances in water, organic matter, colloid, sediment and so on.
Q:What functions can screening equipment play in industry?
filtering, cleaning materials, simple is the impurities in the material will remove or substandard products to ensure the quality of products.
Q:Introduction of iron and manganese filter
the aeration device in the air of oxygen dissolved in water, and then the water Fe 2+ and Mn 2+ were oxidized into insoluble Fe3+ and MnO2, catalysis, adsorption and filtration combined with natural manganese sand will iron and manganese removal.
Q:What material is an antiseptic filter? Is there a detailed introduction?
cryogenic material in refrigeration and air separation production. Such as liquid methane, liquid nitrogen, oxygen and a variety of refrigerant
Q:What is the scale of industrial circulating water system and what method or equipment is used to remove scale?
The atmospheric dust continuously into the water, caused by the bacterium, will affect the cooling tower water velocity, reduce the heat transfer efficiency; cooling water from evaporation, splash, leakage, condensed to form salts of dirt, caused by network congestion;
Q:Principle of on-line self-cleaning filter for industrial water treatment and forced backwashing
And observe the anti washout nozzle whether there is anthracite run out, no anthracite run out as standard, backwashing 15 minutes
Q:What type of acid and alkali filter is used in corrosive filtration?
applicable conditions of FRPP: the highest temperature resistant to 70 degrees, the general acid-base resistance.

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