Cement dust filter bags made of needle felt

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Cement industry-High temperature and corrosion resistance filter media

In the cement industry, our main products are polyimide series bag filters, aramid series bag filters, polyester series bag filters, glassfiber woven bag filters, MTS bag filters, which are used in many large cement plants inChinaand abroad.

We use different treatment according to the specific conditions of cement kiln


We pursue quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.

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Dust Filter Bags Used For Cement Kiln

Abrasive dust, high gas temperatures and aggressive gas composition are the most important points to be considered for the selection of a suitable filter medium. Continuous high temperature combined with active gas composition will cause the chemical corrosion of the filter material gradually. It is a big problem to avoid the hydrolysis and oxidation. We choose to use polyimide fiber made filter material.

Polyimide fiber can stand temperature from 220 to 260.and it has good resistance hydrolysis, oxidation and acids. It has irregular fiber cross section which is advantageous under aspects of dust filtration


We pursue quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.

When you choose to use the products of our company, you only need to call or write to the company, we will solve all you troubles and give you a satisfactory results.

Cement dust filter bags made of needle felt


Cement dust filter bags made of needle felt

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Q:Is the salt used for water purifier the industrial salt?
The cation resin used in pure water equipment is the softening action of water. When the ion reaches the saturation state
Q:What is the principle of industrial dust collector?
Filter type dust removing device including industrial dust collector and the granular layer of industrial dust collector, the former usually use organic or inorganic fiber fabric made of the filter as the filter layer, filtering layer and the latter with different diameter particles, such as quartz sand, river sand, slag ceramsite, etc..
Q:Could you tell me how to make the filter, and mine is also very delicious and urgent. Thank you
. The activated carbon filter layer is 10 cm on the line, not too much. The equivalent area of the former three layers to bigger as far as possible to reduce resistance. To ensure the airflow. After filtering the slightest no taste.
Q:What equipment is used for oil (cooling) in filtration equipment?
The three element system is a system consisting of three independent units, the three element phase diagram, or the phase diagram of the three element system
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. The function of filtration is to remove suspended or colloidal impurities in water, especially to remove micro particles and bacteria that can not be removed by precipitation technology. BODs and COD also have some degree of removal effect.
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Q:Can industrial oil mist filter be discharged indoors directly?
According to the international standard as filtration precision accuracy of PM2.5 (5um) can reach 95% to 99.95%, can be directly discharged to the interior
Q:How is recrystallization done in industry?
Solvent, I usually calculate all, add in, because at high temperatures, vacuum pumping will have great losses. Of course, it can be artificially supplemented, but it is more troublesome. Haha415 (station contact TA), in addition to the mirror + lamp can be observed, you can drop observation.
Q:The features of paper tape filter and disc vacuum filter?
A belt filter used for cooling in metal grinding or other processes. It is also suitable for cleaning the cleaning fluid, industrial water, organic solution and other solutions in the hair germ parts cleaning system.

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